11 common cause of loneliness in your teenager

11 common cause of loneliness in your teenager

Do you know that people experiencing loneliness is in the upward trend? Reports state that 3 out of 5 Americans state that they are lonely. 

Infact experts state that loneliness is in Epidemic levels. When all this is based on adults. I can only wonder how more profound it can be for a developing teen brain. 

Here we will discuss some most important causes that can cause loneliness and isolation in teens.

11 common cause of loneliness in your teenager

1.Feeling of being Judged

The main cause of loneliness is feeling of being judged. Teens with low self-esteem usually don’t want to come in the fore front and get notice. Hence, they land up avoiding new relations and new communications. 

But there is some other reason also relate to this condition. Teens who don’t like their personalities or physical appearance usually want isolation from others. Such teens become afraid of being judged and criticize. For this reason, they never want to come out of their shells.

2.Social media

According to a survey; 21 % of social media teens report that they feel worse about their lives because of life styles of other friends on social media.

Nowadays teens spend most of their time on social media. Maybe they have a lot of friends on Instagram and on Face book. 

But in actual life they will have less meaningful relations and friendships. And over time this way they will get into loneliness without even realising.


This factor can come from parents and kids both. Parents who compare their kids with other usually encounter loneliness in kids. On the other hand, teens who compare their personalities with other also feel loneliness. 

This factor also relates to social media. Teens, who get inspired from other life styles and physical appearances, usually face low self-esteem and at the end fell in loneliness.

4.Personal values and Biases

Sometimes personal values, beliefs and biasness that the child carries can lead to social distancing or isolation. 

Example your teen might prefer to miss a Saturday night party with friends because he chose to wake up early for church the next morning. 

Or your teen has values not to indulge in certain behaviour and this value can stop your teen from socialising with the people who are not able to connect with. 

Sometimes it can be their own biases that they carry with them that prevent them from reaching out to everyone as normal and equal. this biasness can be because of their social standards they catch religion Creed sex colour etc. 


Bullying is also a factor of loneliness in teens. Being bullied can make a person week emotionally and psychologically. In bullying people often attack a person’s personality and insult them publicly or privately. 

Bullied has different forms like Cyber bullying, physical bullying or emotional bullying. Bullying leads teens towards loneliness and isolation.


Relationships are also considered as cause of loneliness in teens. For instance, may be your teens not fitting themselves in their friend circles or in personal relationships. Or may they have a breakup with someone. 

It can even stem from the loss of a loved and close one. On the other hand, your relationships with your teen also is a key factor.

7.Environmental Factors

Factors such as the covid-19 pandemic which is very recent in our memories. Other factors such as natural calamities, war, political uncertainty. 

It can even be harsh climate and weather conditions that cut off people from moving out and socializing with others. and when this happens for long-duration it may lead to a feeling of isolation and loneliness in a person. 

8.Family Rules

Families that are very conservative. Or families that have rules that are very restrictive or protective. Families which discourage or frown upon socialization. 

Families that generally keep themselves isolated from their surroundings. Teens coming from such backgrounds tend to have trouble in socialisation that can lead to loneliness. 

9.Physical and mental challenges

Children with physical and mental challenges feel constrained to reach out and socialize with others. This can also be because they need a little bit of extra care or attention and not everyone would be willing to render that. 

The likelihood of children with these challenges to feel less confident and insecure is higher. This will make them curtain themselves from venturing out. 

10.Being over worked or scheduled

When your teen is over burdened with school work. Or has a packed-up schedule of extra classes or extra-curricular activities. Or if your teen is having part time job and taxed with the work. All this leads to over exertion and less time for socialisation. 

11.Other Factors

Other factors that can trigger loneliness in teenagers can be temporary sickness, moving from one location to another, change in school etc. 


Loneliness is not something that as parents you can shrug off. Especially in teenagers because their need for social acceptance is high and at the same time their brains are still in the process of developing and maturing. 

So, to know the causes of loneliness is the first step you can take in understanding the issue your teen has. Once you are able to identify the causes then you can go about working with your teen to have a plan to overcome it.

God Bless!!.. 

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