15 Easy Practical Parenting Tips – For New Parents.

15 Easy Practical Parenting Tips – For New Parents.

Parenting Tip: First, congrats on your newborn. I am sure you are as much excites as anxious on what lies ahead.

Being a mother of three kids I know this feeling and completely understand the overwhelming feeling a new parent goes through.

Do not worry, we have got you covered. We have tried to put together 15 simple, practical yet effective tips that will set up to make your day easier.

Topics / Tips

  • Parenting Tip #1: Nurse as much as you can.
  • Parenting Tip #2: You must get some sleep.   
  • Parenting Tip #3: Try redirecting your baby.
  • Parenting Tip #4: Avoid spoon-feeding.
  • Parenting Tip #5: Talk to your baby.
  • Parenting Tip #6: Respond to your babies

·      Parenting Tip #7: Keeping Connected with Your baby

·      Parenting Tip #8: Enjoy with your Baby

  • Parenting Tip #9: Read to your baby.
  • Parenting Tip #10: Sing to your baby and play music.

·      Parenting Tip #11:  Keep Your Child Safe and Sound 

·      Parenting Tip #12: Protect your child from Abuse

  • Parenting Tip #13: Keep Kid Active
  • Parenting Tip #14: Ensure Baby Gets enough rest
  • Parenting Tip #15: Enjoy with Your Baby and Enjoy your life
  • Conclusion:

So, why wait! Let us jump directly to the tips that is going to make your life easier and build a solid foundation for your little one.

Parenting Tip #1: Nurse as much as you can, for at least about 12 months.

Breast milk. It is truly the elixir of life. Noting can substitute or comes closer to breast milk. For the first 6 months of your baby’s life the baby gets all the nutrient that its body needs for its growth from breast milk.

The longer the baby nurses the more the chances improved and nourished health it has.

Also feeding lowers the mother’s risk of having breast cancer significantly.

The positive health effects of breast milk are that it contains antibodies which helps your baby to fight against viruses and bacteria, so you must nurse more so that your milk supply can be increase.

Breast feeding is the best way to connect to your baby in the initial days. A good tummy to tummy (baby’s tummy to your tummy) placement of baby and you and letting the baby take its time feeling will not only soothe the baby but also strengthen the bond between the mother and child.

Between 6 and 12 months of age, solid food can be introduced.

Parenting Tip #2: You must get some sleep.

Parenting can be really hard work. And initial months can be physically stressful too. For the welfare of both you and your baby it is important that you take care of yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

Many of the doctors recommend not to do night nursing’s when the child reaches teething age. because it increases the result of cavities in your baby teeth’s. In the begging it must be a challenge for you to make your baby sleep without nursing him but with patience this can be weaned off.

Do remember that childcare is stressful, and you need to be physically strong. Also, to enjoy taking care of your baby and feel positive about the experience you need to also take care of your mental wellbeing and feel good yourself.

Parenting Tip #3: Try redirecting your baby.

Now that your infant now has become a baby and every child like him starts exploring his surroundings at this age. You must remember that saying ‘No’ to all his actions all the time will restrict him from thinking something different.

Instead you must praise him for all his adventures and attempts at something new and novel.

According to a research too many No’s may lower your child IQ and may cause him to think only inside of the box.

Instead you must be Baby proof, try to think one step ahead, and Redirect.

E.g.: If you feel that your baby is touching something that can be potentially harmful. Or something that he or she should not touch. Try to distract you baby with gestures or toys there by diverting his attention to something else safe. Instead of startling him, screaming, shouting and say NO.

Parenting Tip #4: Avoid spoon-feeding.

The lesser you feed your baby without a spoon the better it is for his health. (Note: This is practiced in South India where I come from). We believe it build bond. Less stressful for the kid as there are no sharp edges and more hygienic cause we do keep our hands clean by washing.

As mentioned above try not to start solids items until six months, it is recommended by most of the doctors to avoid allergies.

When you feel the baby is starting to show interest in self feeding do let him/ her experiment with it. Let them use their hands instead of spoon and cutlery. I know it looks messy but there are many advantages to this.

Table manners, etiquettes and cutlery usage can be taught a bit later in life. For now, it is important that the baby eats and more so enjoys eating. This is important so that they do not turn into picky eaters later.

Parenting Tip #5: Talk to your baby.

Your baby has heard your voice even before you have earth there’s. Your baby can relate to your voice and will find your voice soothing.

Parenting Tip #6: Respond to your babies

Most of the communication your baby will try to have with you through sounds crying, smiling, squealing. Listen and Respond positively when you child makes attempt to communicate even if it is just gesturing, sounds or funny looks. Additionally, if you can mimic your babies sound and add on words it will not only reassure him but also teach him sounds of language.

Parenting Tip #7: Keeping Connected with Your baby

Babies flourish when they feel connected to their parents. It is very important. And the development of their brain depends on it.

Whenever possible cuddle or hold your baby. Your baby will fell cared for and very secure. Play with your baby. Speak gibberish back to him/her by mincing their sounds. To get maximum effect do it when they are active and alert.

Keep in mind that being connected with your baby is not something which you can do in your leisure time. Be there while your baby needs you.  Try your best to avoid anything that takes away your time.

Parenting Tip #8: Enjoy with your Baby

Human beings enjoy in groups. Take your baby out. I am sure he will enjoy exploring the world with you. Join some music and playgroups, if it is possible so try taking your baby everywhere you go. This will improve your bond with the baby and your baby will enjoy it too.

Going outdoors and exposing your child has immense benefits.  So, whenever opportunity presents make use of it.

But after all this busy schedule do not forget to get some time for yourself.

Parenting Tip #9: Read to your baby.

This will help her develop and understand language and sounds. We already established that the sound of your voice will calm your baby. Adding to this advantage when you read to you baby. You baby will start recognizing voice modulations and will start associated the habit of reading as a positive experience activity.

Parenting Tip #10: Sing to your baby and play music.

Most of us would have experienced this firsthand where our parent sings to us a lullaby to put us to sleep. For those who have experienced it, you will also know you found that voice just beautiful. No professional singer’s or a highly trained voice can beat to it.

Parenting Tip #11:  Keep Your Child Safe and Sound 

Safety of your child always comes first. Start with baby proofing your home. Make sure you audit every corner of your house to ensure that it is baby proofed.

Parenting Tip #12: Protect your child from Abuse

Most of the parents would do anything for their children.  It is obvious that the parents cannot protect their children everywhere. Esp. when they must go in for work to bring the best for their children and the child is left to the care of nannies.

Babies cannot vocalize abuse. It is left to us as parents to to be vigilant and look for science for of abuse. The most common and the most accurate giveaway is your child’s reaction to the caregiver or the place where you leave your child to be taken care of.

Parenting Tip #13: Keep Kid Active

It is important to keep your baby active. This is how they exercise their muscles which is needed for them as they grow. While you baby may not be running around in jumping play big kids but keeping them in a safe place with enough toys to simulate movement is good enough for them to keep waving hands and legs there by improving gross motor skills.

Since we spend considerable amount of time with technology it is only natural for our baby to watch us and want to imitate us. It is advised not to encourage when babies ask for screen time. Instead it is better that you leave your phone down engage with your child in some activity that does not involve any gadgets so to avoid screen addiction later in life.

Parenting Tip #14: Ensure Baby Gets enough rest

While it might sound surprising our little one needs 12 to 16 hours of sleep in a day.

I know one of the main complaint new mother always has is lack of sleep. Can you see the irony that a kid is awake only for 8 hours in a day? Yet the mother complaints of lack of sleep lack of sleep. No worries here. It happens to all of us. I did the same for my first born till I started following my baby and slept while he was sleeping and woke up when he was awake.

Sleep is very important for our baby to grow. We should ensure that our baby gets the require amount of sleep.

Parenting Tip #15: Enjoy with Your Baby and Enjoy your life

Your child will soon be in school before you know it, and you be only left with memories of this precious time. We encourage you to stay as much as you can with your baby so you can make this event memorable for you. Try to capture moments with camera so that it looks beautiful to you especially when you look back in the past. Even if you do not its still fine. If you and your child are making happy memories and love is in the air. It is all ok.


This article provides you with few parenting tips that will help a new mother. These are recommended and what your baby needs to get a sustainable growth.

Your time with your kid as a baby is only for 12 months. As mentioned above get the maximum out of it so you have lasting memories of this stage. Do not forget that while you build good memories, your child will build good strong foundation to be a happy and content adult.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. Do share it with your friends and loved ones so together we can make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you have any other idea or tip do share with us in your comments. This will help us to make our blog better and above all your knowledge will benefit other new parents also.

God Bless!!

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