5 Common Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

5 Common Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens : The effects of body image issue can be profound! An individual can have multiple effects because of poor body image. They can range from physical destruction to mental instability. As a result, it can affect your overall health.

Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

This horrendous issue affects millions around the world. Victims can range from kids of 10 years of age to adults in both males and females. However, teenagers are the main victims of this self-consciousness of body image. Hence, it is important for all individuals to be aware of the consequences of poor body image to resolve the issue among themselves. 

5 Common Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

Body image issues will affect teens in different ways. Here, we will share some effects that you can easily observe in your teen. 

1. Eating disorder 

Eating disorders are common effect of body image issues in teens. Let’s take an example. When teens become upset with an instant weight gain, they forced themselves to throw up their food.  In this way they don’t take normal diet which has harmful effects on health.  

Moreover, you can see disturbed eating pattern in your teen. Sometimes you will feel they are eating a lot and some times you will feel they are not taking a bite.  

In addition to this you will feel over obsession towards their weight. You will feel sudden diet plans like suddenly they will start eating salads with no ornament, running miles each day, and taking purgative to keep their weight down. 

More than 90% of teens with an eating disorder are girls. On the other hand teen boys strive for the perfect body by doing dieting or excessive exercise. 

2. Low self Confidence 

The other main effect of body image issues in teens is low self confidence which can lead to negative moods and mood swings. 

Low self-confidence can be particularly hard for young people especially when they’re doing things like starting high school or college, and forming new friendships and relationships. 

Parents should keep reading to understand self-confidence problems that may come up for your teenager and choose certain ways to help the teens which feel better about themselves and their capabilities. 

When teens have body image issues they tend to avoid situations where they think there is a risk of failure, embarrassment or making mistakes or judgment. 

If body image issues not recognized and treated, then it may lead to more problems in teens like low motivation, negative moods or mood swings. In extreme cases they may involve in alcohol or drugs to feel themselves better. 

3. Lack of a Communication Skills 

The other main effect you can see in teens is lack of communication skills. Teen with body image issues will avoid directing talks or opening communication. They will avoid meeting with new people or may avoid making new friends. 

In communication teens receive on the spot feedback when they speak. They quickly learn if what they said is well-received, offensive, funny, or confusing based on how people react. For this reason, they will avoid as they have perception of negative compliments about their personalities. 

4. Anxiety and Depression 

Teens with body image issues are at the higher risk of depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression affect teens far more often than many of us realize. 

In fact, it is noticed that one in five adolescents from all walks of life will suffer from depression at some point during their teen years. 

Depression can activate and boost feelings of ugliness, shame, failure, and the quality of lacking value. In this way a teen with bad body image can severely suffer from depression and you can notice this easily 

5. Loneliness: 

The other effect you can spot out is loneliness. As teen with body image issue hate to be in gathering or avoid to meet with new people. You will find such teens all the time in their rooms or places of solitude. May be the spend most of their time with their mobile phones 

10 Common Signs of Body Image Issues in teens: 

Effects of Body Image Issues in Teens

Feel hesitation in communication 

● Fear to click on single button 

● Skipping meal 

● Loss of hair and nails quality 

● Dental cavities 

● Extreme weight change 

● Unusual eating habits 

● Feel insecure 

● Skin rash/Dry skin 

● Hyperactivity and take high interest in exercise 


The effects of poor body image are truly many. These effects can even lead to other serious consequences. For example, severe depression can lead to suicide. Likewise, even if the victim successfully overcome the body image issue, the effects can last longer and may even become permanent. 

It is evident that this issue should be taken seriously among parents to ensure that their teenagers quickly overcome the issue. Also, friends and relatives should reach out to the victim and help in any way they can.

God Bless..!!

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