All about Body Image issues in teenagers

All about Body Image issues in teenagers

Body Image issues in teenagers: Body image is a picture of us in our minds. You can say a picture that describes how we look. We all have some kind of image in our minds. Same like in our teens also. 

Have you ever seen a movie or ad where the model or actress has over weighted and with ugly face? Or have you ever seen any movie hero who is under weight or with ugly features? Probably, you answer will be no. 

The reason is we are living in era where we have definitions of perfect body image. Like us thorough social media or social gathering our teens also encountering such so-called standard of perfection. 

So as a parent if you are facing body image issues in teenagers then it’s not surprising at all. Like you there are thousands of people who are tackling with these issues in kids. 

Body Image issues in teenagers

Why teens are so touching about their body images?

At teenage phase kids have immature mind and they usually attract towards fascinating things more. In teenage phase, teens usually not able to differentiate real and fake things at social media. 

Furthermore, our teens are spending maximum hours with their mobile phones watching movies and shows. 

Imaging what your teen will think of if they are slightly on the plumper side and has a dark skin. And they see their peers in social media faulting a lighter skin and 6 pack abs? 

Most probably if they lack high self-esteem or confidence they can become victims of body images issues on how their personalities and looks are. 

They can land up thinking they are not perfect like others. Or maybe they may start to compare their bodies with others. If so then your child self esteem and self confidence is at stake. 

This condition is worse if your teen is already dealing with low self esteem and low self confidence issues. Let’s take a look at what is bad body and healthy body image in teens…

Healthy Body image in teens:

Healthy body image is most important part in the overall growth of your teen. A healthy body image is crucial for your teem mental and social well being. 

A teen with healthy body image tend to be more stable in their personal and social lives as compare to teen with body image issues.

Bad Body image in teens:

According to a survey out of ten 1 teen somehow going through body image issues these days. Usually teens who get over motivation from beauty standards and body images have more likely to hate their personalities. 

Teens with bad body image want to change their body and features. They usually criticize their looks while comparing with other looks. You can say they hate their selves. Sometimes you can feel this, in some cases you can’t. 

Comparison of body image issues in girls and boys:

Our teen girls usually most victim of low self-esteem and bad body images these days. According to a survey in UK 60% of women’s and girls in UK have low self-esteem issues for their bodies and figure. Girls with skin issues or with weight problems go through body image issues usually. On the other hand, 39% shows confidence about their body image. 

However, we are not saying that only teen girls have body image issues. Boys are also suffering from issue to follow perfect body image of handsome men. Mostly teen boys with underweight body issues more likely to have body image issues. 

An important Note to parents:

We try to give an over view of what are body image issues in teens these days. If you are a really concerned parents and like to know more about these issues, then follow up our next blog to find causes of body image issues in teens.  

God Bless..!!

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