How to Facilitate Theme-Based Learning

How to Facilitate Theme-Based Learning

Facilitate Theme-Based Learning : As parents we like our children to be learn and learn well. We wish to give them the best of what we can possibly give.

As academic excellence is important it is best that it is done in a manner where the motivation to learn is intrinsic (from within). And the child is wanting and wishing to learn. 

Facilitate Theme-Based Learning


What is Learning?

Learning is a process of attaining, understanding, and getting abilities or skills with the help of parents or teachers or by the environment.

Types of Learning

There are four types of learning  

  • Visual: A visual learner learns through Images, Charts, & Illustrations. They love drawing, painting using different colors, design posters. They mostly learn from any visualizing objects like computers, Television, Videos, even form YouTube Rhymes Videos.
  • Auditory: Auditory learners have skills form learning things by Hearing & Listening. They frequently communicate themselves to solve problems related to study or something else.
  • Read and Write: They use traditional study methods. These type of kids loves to read their notes and rewrite them.
  • Kinesthetic: in this type of learning, kids learn through physical activities rather than listening to class lectures or visualization.

How to Facilitate Theme-Based Learning

The institute and teachers need to facilitate their students for their development and growth. Provide some useful resources, introduces new ideas related to mental or physical activities.

Here are some key points.

Physical Performance

Educators can motivate the kid to explore the material like Paint, puzzles, writing activities. By using those themes, their body actively involved in outdoor or indoor action should be utilized to enhance their abilities.

Personal Upswing

Permit children to comprehend the feelings of others, show concern the others, and recognize his behavior to build self-esteem. For this, encourage him to try new things with the collaboration of friends. 

Literacy Progress

Instructors help kids to use their communication skills for new learning concepts. They teach communication ways through Talking, Listening, Writing, and Reading.  

Social Evolution

Through Theme-Based learning classes, children build their social skills, vocabulary capacities, and self-peace.

Creative Abilities

As much as your learner explore things, ask questions, and puzzles play to improve their intuition skills. It helps a child to make a decision & solve the problem.

Ideas for Parents for Theme-based Learning

Facilitate Theme-Based Learning
  • Find a theme, capitalizes on the child’s interest to know more about his learning skills.
  • Parents should develop a sense of purpose in their kids to let them know why learning activities are crucial in life.
  • Communicate with them to figure out their learning process and plan your education accordingly.
  • Kid’s knowledge based on meaningful ways, so parents should pick one and discuss it in detail.

Note and Tips to parents

A theme-based approach is not something that needs to be only practiced at school.  You can also do this at your house. For example, I have listed below a theme-based schedule for the entire 12 months.

Yearly Calendar
Month #1Nature
Month #2Fruits
Month #3Vegetables
Month #4Plants
Month #5Flowers
Month #6Animals
Month #7Birds & Reptiles
Month #8Colours
Month #9Transport
Month #10Professions

The way you can go about it is that now that you know the theme for the month you can decide on outings during the weekend or books to choose for your little one videos to show topics to talk about stories to tell all related to the theme in that given month. 

In that way you are sure that you are aligning your child to the particular theme and your child gets to learn everything that they need to learn about the theme. It is a fun and interesting way to understand in totality things around the theme.

When you have the structure of the table given below then it becomes much easier for us to become creative around the theme that is given for the month. 


When children learn because they want to learn and not because they have to learn the quality of learning becomes very high. They not only have fun while learning when you facilitate theme-based learning but the want and need to learn comes from within them.

We all like our children to learn and develop to be happy and successful. and the best way to do this is to give them the right education that fits their needs by offering them education that is fun, engaging, meaningful, and also inspiring. 

God Bless..!!

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