How-to help your teen overcome internet addiction.

How-to help your teen overcome internet addiction.

How-to help your teen overcome internet addiction

Help your teen overcome internet addiction : Nowadays, internet is a huge part of our society ranging from, business industries up to our home.

Everyone uses internet for various ways, like sending emails, watching videos and learning new things.

The use of internet without a doubt became part of our everyday life.

Internet provides a lot of benefits that is convenient for us. Communicating with others, no matter how far they are becomes easier because of internet.

It entertains us in any possible ways, from millions of videos that we can watch and billions of articles that we can access. Learning becomes easy.

Since your teenager are exposed to the internet. Living without it seems so unnatural for them.

Like the phase, “I can’t live without internet” or “how am I going to keep in touch with my friends!?” and a lot more.

It is of little wonder why local news in Waterford title as “Miracle Teenager Survives on His Own for Almost 6 Hours with No Wi-Fi” went viral.

Is it really impossible to survive without internet connection?

As a parent we don’t what our teenager to be frustrated when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

We don’t want them to be stressed about it because for all we care is there well-being. But what can we do to help teen overcome internet addiction and survive without internet connection?

Topics covered in this blog

  • Introduction
  • What causes internet addiction and dependency on WiFi
  • 6 Types of internet addiction
  • How to spot internet addiction
  • Why teen overcome internet addiction (Risk factors)
  • 8 ways to help your teen overcome internet addiction
  • Conclusion


Internet addiction disorder is a term that was actually said as a satirical joke by Ivan Goldberg, M.D. in the year 1995. But it seems to be a real thing. This is gripping our teenagers today. As per my research I find that it is not yet classified as official disorder by the US.

However China has acknowledge this as a clinical disorder and working out to help teen overcome internet addiction. Some study show that 3.7% of our teenagers suffer from Internet addiction .

China in fact has gone step further and has internet deaddiction centers to help teen overcome internet addiction.

So, is it a real thing or not can be debated but for me as a parent of a teenage son it’s very much a real danger that I see is gripping my son.

What causes internet addiction and dependency on WiFi

The symptoms of Internet addiction as you can see from the points about is very similar to that of substance abuse.

It is because the neurological footprint of both Internet addiction and substance abuse look very similar.

While you may argue that substance abuse happens because of chemical intake into the body that releases neuro chemicals.

But it is found that when it comes to Internet addiction it is the reward (such as level up in a video game, or ‘likes’ and follow incase of social media) causes the same neuro chemicals to be released.

And one gets addicted to “high” it brings them and they crave for more.

So, WiFi..

When you come back from work, what is the first thing that your teenager is doing? Let me take a guess, they are holding their phone browsing in the internet or watching videos.

Sometimes you will see them sitting on the computer chair playing some online games. And if, your son/daughter is responsible, you will see them browsing the internet for some school related activities.

Teenagers consider Wi-Fi connection as a necessity because of the benefits that they can gain from it. It provides what their needs whether social, academic or leisure needs. They can get it all from the internet.

That’s why you’ll hear them saying “I can’t live without Wi-Fi connection” but in reality they can survive without it.

They’re just having some difficulty to adjust because they’re so much used to it. Or they are addicted and you need to help your teen overcome internet addiction

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6 Types of internet addiction

Below are the different types of internet addiction that you needs to be aware of. So that you can plan on how to help your teen overcome internet addiction.

  1. Online sex or Phonography addiction

This includes everything from cybersex, sexting, Phonography etc. Frequent visits to such websites or chat rooms. Pay for these services or participate in it.

  • Online gambling addiction

It is just like offline gambling. Just that it is done online. This includes all types of online games where money is traded. Tis also includes participating in bid out of need to win. For products that are not of need or use to the buyer.

  • Online Gamming addiction

All types of games such as Online games, video games, Games that need online counterparts, games that can be downloaded and played etc..

  • Binge watching addiction

This is a new trend with the availability of serials and exclusive serials. Where they can be watched one after another without break. Leads to not only binge watching but also restlessness while sleeping.

  • Information seeking addiction

This involves people who google everything and anything. Check on facts to any normal conversation is substantiated by a search online. Right from trying to find latest news to checking out medical information.

  • Online relationship seekers

People who approach chats and social media to find companionship, find relationships. They maybe concealing real life identity. They also can be people who try and maintain many relationship to feel sought after and loved.

Being sufficiently aware is the first step to help your teen overcome internet addiction.

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How to spot internet addiction in Teens..

The next step to try to help your teen overcome internet addiction. Is to know how to spot the signs. Know the symptoms.

Just as the name says it is an addiction. So symptoms mirror lot with that of any other addiction . We have listed below few science that you can spot in your teenager that should raise concerns to you.

Same time you should remember that puberty and hormonal changes can do a number on your teenager.

So, when you see noticeable deterioration in your behaviour. And you see a noticeable effect of the Internet on your teenager it is time that you take action on that and see professional help .

  • If you sopt your teen always thinking about going online
  • Hooked on to a website, or game or social media.
  • Feels bored , irritable, frustrated when they are offline
  • Don’t know what else to do if they are not connected to the net.
  • Reduction in offline (real world) friends and social circle.
  • Sleep deprevation (Due to constant checking of phone)
  • Change in eating patterns.
  • Being tierd or dowzy all day due to lack of sleep.
  • Spend more and more time online
  • Missing out of obligation, chores and school work
  • Drop in school grades and performance.
  • Complaint of physical ailments such as Dry eyes, back issues, texting thumb etc..
  • Lying about the time spent on internet. Being secrective about it.
  • Disengagement from school, Activities, Hobbies, sports etc. Things your teen once enjoyed.
  • Disregard for personal hygiene. Body Image issues.
  • Indulging in risky behavior for social media gratification.
  • Is not able to cut down on the internet usage. Even after trying to do so multiple times.

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Risk Factors involved in internet addiction

Internet usage can lead to lot physical and mental problems. Hence it become all the more important for you as parents to know how to help your teen overcome internet addiction.

Physical problems such as..

  1. Dry eyes or burning sensation
  2. Weight gain / loss
  3. Insominia
  4. Body aches, Neck aches or back aches.
  5. Vision issues / problems
  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  7. Texting thumb. Or twitches.

Mental Problems such as..

  1. Body image issues.
  2. Aggression , Anger, backtalk
  3. Embarrassments and Mood swings
  4. Co-occurring disorders like Anxiety or depression or OCD
  5. Stress or self esteem issues
  6. Dishonesty
  7. Social Isolation

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8 ways to help your teen overcome internet addiction

Go on a trip

The main reason why your teenager is used on using internet connection is because they are so stick to it. Find ways to distract their attention away from it.

Try to go on a trip with your son or daughter. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious and expensive trip.

You can visit some family members on other city if you happened to have some. You can also invite them to go with you in a local markets and farms.  

Make it a technology free vacation or outing.  For me it was very effective to not only stay connected wit my teens.

To also make them aware that there is a beautiful world out there. And they can survive without internet.

You can also:

  • Do camping
  • Mountain climbing
  • Go to the beach
  • Visit their old friends or cousin
  • Go to arcades

Ask them if there is a place that they really want to go. If there is , then try to bring them there.

Because by doing so, you are shifting their focus away from the use of Wi-Fi connection.  Little by little you can help your teen overcome internet addiction.

These also help in building strong family relationships and emotional connection with your teenager.

You can get more information on these topics from our articles Family connections and emotional connection.

Do some physical activity

A physical activity has a lot of benefits: It makes our mind and body healthy; it relaxes us so we can be stress free and it helps us remove some negative vibes on our life.

Even a simple five kilometer jogging can gives you a lot of benefits

Help your teenager survive without Wi-Fi by doing some physical activities. Like, exercise, sports, meditation or yoga.

Not only it helps teen overcome internet addiction. And not to be dependent on the internet but it can also make their body healthy.

Make it a priority to tell that physical activities are a must and they must have it. Be their trainer if they want to go to the gym. Play some sports with them any sports that you think your son/daughter likes.

Here are list of activities you can do:

  • Sports related (basketball, volleyball etc.)
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Gym
  • Simple walking

Give them responsibilities

Give your teenager a sense of responsibility. Any responsibility will do. It doesn’t have to be some heavy task. It can be the simplest task inside the house.

In this way, you are helping them to disengage their self from using the internet.

Let them know their responsibilities as a teen. It is also important to develop their sense of responsibility especially at this stage.

Give them specific task that they must do inside the house. For example, you can assign schedule for them to wash the dishes for example, they must wash the dishes every night or morning.

You can also give them the responsibility to wash their own laundry every weekend. Think of a task that you can give to them

This implicitly helps them to disengage their self away from the use of internet and in the long run teaches them that they have some responsibility as your child.

Nothing teaches responsibility like chores. Know more about it from an article chores.  Also it is wise to teach them financial wisdom. If you are wondering how our article financial wisdom will throw some light.

Invite their friends to come over

 Allow them to invite their friends to come along and hang out at your house. This will allow them to socialize and communicate with others which is a reason why teens are so attaché with internet.

Ideally, it is better for their friends to come at your house than letting your minor son/daughter to go over in their friend’s house.

Tell to your teenager that they can invite some of their friends to come over. You can cook some meals that they can share with.

He/she for sure will appreciate that you are accepting his/her friends.

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Enroll them for a workshop

Enroll your teens into different workshop that they like. This will make them a lot busier which can make them not to think on using internet. Make sure that the workshop is something that they’re interested in.

For example if they like to do some acting, enroll then on a drama or theater workshop. This will keep them engaged and away from internet.

Set schedules/ rules about the use on Wi-Fi connection at home

If you want to help your teenager survive without Wi-Fi connection then you have to set some rules.

Rules are important to set limits on your son/daughter. They get to know their limitations. It is not wrong o set some rules when it comes to Wi-Fi connection.

 Set a time where they are allowed to use it, for example, they are only allowed to use it from 10:00 am (after they finish their entire chore) up to 9:00 pm only (to make sure they have enough sleep).

You can also set restrictions like; every Sunday is family day so Wi-Fi connection will be turned off.

With this, they will realize that they can still survive without Wi-Fi connection.

Play games

If internet connection is not available, you can play games with your teenager. Games are not restricted to online games. You can play a game that doesn’t required internet connection.

For sure this will be a new and meaningful experience for your son/daughter. He/she can have fun without internet connection.

You can play some classical games that can be bought on some stores.

Like, card games, Chess, snake and ladder, Jumping rope, and a lot more.

Classic games are still much more fun to play than video games especially if you get to play with your love ones.

Here are games that you can play with them:

  • Relay Games
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Ball Games
  • Water Balloon Dodge ball

Volunteer work

Instead of staying at home without internet connection, you can invite your teenager to be a volunteer. Look for an interesting but meaningful activity.

Search on the internet the nearest charity or non-government organization that you and your teen can help.

Invite her/his to spend a day to volunteer and help someone in needs.

They will be happy to help other people for sure. Aside from that, they can learn something from volunteering.

It can make them realized how blessed they are they will be thankful on everything.

You can volunteer in different place like:

  • Animal Rescue Shelters
  • National Parks
  • Local Libraries
  • Art Museums


 It is a big deal or a serious problem for a teenager to not have an internet connection especially nowadays, where it is becoming a necessity in daily life.

Due to its convenience even, adults are relying with the use of internet.

It will be really challenging to help your child disengage with the internet fortunately there is always away for you to help them.

Helping them survive without Wi-Fi can cause two positive things.

The first one is, you make them have a healthy mind and body and the second benefit is it opens opportunity for your teenager to relate to you and connect with real life friends.

While yes technology today is the best baby sitter. And can take the load of entertaining a kid off the parents back. With added advantage of your kid sitting like a potato on the couch. Like a lump of clay.

It does all harm than good. It is best that we intervene before it is too late so that our teenagers can move on to have a healthy and balanced life.

God Bless!!..

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Do let us know what you think of internet addiction in teens. Leave your comments below.

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