How to prepare before your baby’s arrival.

How to prepare before your baby’s arrival.

Prepare before your baby’s arrival: Every parent wants to immediately bring their new-born home with them. This can be done if there are no significant health problems for the baby.

This moment must be thrilling, between joy and worry, considering that new-born babies are still very susceptible to infection with germs.

Calm down mothers, this is normal for every mother after giving birth, especially if this is Mother’s first experience.

So, before bringing your baby home, you should pay attention to the following things to prepare before your baby’s arrival.

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Items to have for your baby

Items for general use for your baby

Things that you need to have for yourself

Other items in shopping list

Home environment and other considerations


Introduction – Prepare before your baby’s arrival

The preparations that mother did at home before giving birth helps a long way.  

Among them are preparing various needs for babies from bedding, clothes, blankets, toys, toiletries to diapers or cloth diapers.

When giving birth to your first child, you do not always know what you will need and you have a slight tendency to fall for a lot of things, not necessarily all very useful.

So, we have brought about a small recap of what is totally essential for the first days of the baby and how to prepare before your baby’s arrival.

Items to have for your baby

Below are the items that you need to purchase or collect and have ready. When you are going about to prepare before your baby’s arrival.

Diapers and care products

Diapers are obviously a must-have from day one at home. We must therefore anticipate a little and quietly prepare a small stock.

If you opt for washable diapers, it is useful to provide at least 5 sets so as not to always have your nose in the laundry.

As for the care products, we will need a good dose of cotton and sterile compresses, but also physiological serum, suitable cotton swabs and of course a thermometer and a nail clipper.

It is also useful to remember to have a washing product for the bath that is used on the body and the hair.

And we should also buy wet wipes, very practical on the move.

Towels, Wipes, and bibs

When your baby is at home, you will understand that these are essential items. And you will be thankful that had taken care of it as you prepare before your baby’s arrival.

In addition to serving as a soft towel to wipe baby’s mouth, the bib also helps protect your clothes during burp sessions on the shoulder. Or when baby has a reflux reaction.

To know more about these new-born quirks and ow to deal with them. Read our article new-born quirks.

Practical baby clothes

As soon as a pregnancy is announced, we are already often swamped under adorable little baby clothes (and even shoes!).

But with practice, we quickly realize that putting dress and tights on a new-born is painful in addition to being frankly of little use.

We therefore put on a good number of bodysuits in several sizes (a baby grows very quickly) and comfortable pyjamas.

We add small vests in case of lower temperatures. In winter, we also think of a wetsuit to go out and / or a footmuff / blanket to put in the stroller.

A good choice of cloths also helps your baby in physical development as they will not be restrictive to your baby movement. Get to know more about physical development from our article physical development.

Baby Linen

Baby linen consist of all linen used for baby. Such as pillow covers, blankets, bedsheets, towels, or wraps. Etc.

Make sure that you have minimum of 3 to 4 sets of each. Since these tend to be a bit more bulky than adult linen. You will need more time for drying.

Baby Record book

Have a baby record book. So, you will be able to note baby progress such as baby weight, height, vaccination schedules, doctor appointments and medical records.

This will help you have all crucial information with regards to your baby in one place. And will help you during your doctor’s visit.

You might wonder why this is needed to prepare before your baby’s arrival. Well when you baby is born you will be bombarded with lot of information about your baby health.

It personally helped me to make a note and record of it right from day one. So, I did not have to keep remembering it.

Items for general use for your baby

Below are the general items that you need to purchase or collect and have ready as you prepare before your baby’s arrival.

This will help you in your day today activities and to be mobile.

A cosy bed and not too big

Among the first purchases when you are pregnant, the bed is obviously essential for a new-born baby.

Because a very small baby can obviously sleep in the cosy with which it is carried around everywhere.

Parents therefore should opt for a cradle that should be small enough for the baby to feel safe in it.

Baby Diaper bag

While any bag would obviously do the job, a changing bag is still handy. Already because it contains pockets to carry all the baby’s essentials (often even an insulated pocket), but also because it is offered with a diaper mat which is a precious ally when you are out.

And if the baby has his own bag, no need to spend time emptying it to fill it the next day. The changing table is also very useful.

A sleeping bags

Since it is not recommended to use blankets in cots, we opt for the classic sleeping bag. A kind of sleeping bag in which the baby is comfortably wrapped up to have a good warm night’s sleep.

The ideal is to invest in two sleeping bags because accidents are frequent and to choose them according to the season because there are summer and winter models.

These sleeping bags can be substituted with a good swaddle also. A comfortable sleeping arrangement will help your baby get good rest. A good rest means your baby will be less cranky.

Our article crying baby can be of interest to you.


It is hard to ignore the famous stroller that will undoubtedly accompany you for several months, even years.

Often expensive, it remains a must-have all the same and that from birth. The baby is well protected there, can sleep there, and walk quietly.

Baby sling carrier

Babies like to be carried close to the body of their parents. A reassuring position that also allows you to have your hands free to do other things.

Their baby sling can be worn in front so that the baby is safely and happy nested between the carrier and your chest.

Car seat

It is impossible to leave the maternity ward without having a cosy seat in your car. This is the only way to transport a baby safely.

A securely installed car seat is a must. Make sure you are following manufacturer’s instructions while installation.

Bouncy Chair

A bouncy chair to place your baby. So, you baby can sit and watch all that is happening around them.

They would soon start to enjoy the bounce of the chair as they watch your every action and move.

Baby Monitor and camera

A must have when you have a separate nursery for your baby.

This will help you stay connected with baby’s sounds or movements and you can attend to your baby in time.

Baby Bath Items

This is not just the baby bath items such as baby soap, shampoo, baby scrub etc. These are also items such as baby bathtub, bucket, mug, bath stool for you to sit, bathmat to avoid slippery floor and bath toys if you want to have.

Having an enjoyable bath time is a good way to bond with your baby. It is an activity your souse can also do occasionally to create that special bond. You can read our article on father bond. To get more insights.

A changing table

A steady changing table for diapering, Baby massage, Pat dry your baby after bath, changing baby cloths etc.

Will be added advantage if the table comes in with ample storage compartments for your baby items such as diapers, lotions, power, changing mats and towels.

All these are everyday things that you will do with your baby. And they will help you bond with your baby. Do not forget to read our article everyday things to get more insights.

Things that you need to have for yourself

Below are the things that you will be needing for yourself. Have them purchased or collected and have ready as you prepare before your baby’s arrival.

This will be of great help to you in your day today activities and keep you comfortable.

Nursing bra

Good nursing bras are a must. The best way to select a nursing bra is to have one that is one size bigger than the pregnancy bra that you were using.

This will ensure that you have enough room in your bra to hold the expansion in your breast size due to milk secretion.

Nursing bra also helps you to give access to your baby for breastfeeding. Without having to be all messy trying to ease your normal bra during feeding

House cloths comfortable for breastfeeding

In India usually nursing mothers tend to wear a long gown which we call a nighty. And these nighties have front openings so that it is easy to breastfeed the baby.

Since this gown is just one long piece from head to toe there is enough room for the mother to feel free and comfortable.

However hey if you are not used to the nighty concept then it is suggested that you wear loose fitting comfortable home clothes that have buttons opening in the front for you to feed your baby is easily .

Formal cloths for outdoors (yet comfortable for breastfeeding)

Invest some amount to buy some formal outdoor cloths that can be opened from front to help you breast feed your baby.

I sometimes had issues with milk overflow. A good nursing bra can help you a bit. But I always had a jacket or Stoll that came to my rescue during these embarrassing times.

A nursing pillows

This cushion can be useful to you from the start of your pregnancy, if you have chosen to breastfeed, to make you more comfortable.

It can be recycled later to support the baby when he eats, then help him to sit up. A real good expense.

Breast Pumps

A breast pump comes handy when you want to catch up a little bit of sleep. At the same time does not want your baby to get formula milk.

I have used breast pump for one feed a night. This feed my spouse would give to the baby while I catch on with my sleep.

I found this to be effective because with lack of sleep you get personally very cranky to handle the demands of the baby the next day.

Maternity Sanitary pads

The first few days after your baby is born. You would need maternity sanitary pads.

So, it is advisable to have one or two packs of it to help you along.

Milk storage and sterilising containers

If you are using a breast pump. Then you will need extra pair of bottles for milk storage. My lactation consultant mentioned that milk when frozen can last to 6 months. (Never tried though).

But having milk sored comes handy when you go for your check-up. Or to have go out on emergency and you like your baby to still be feed only breast milk.

Please also invest in containers that you need to use to sterilise the milk bottle. They need to be deep containers with broad mouth. So that all your items for sterilisation can be fully immersed.

Have couple of smaller containers to put in the items before and after sterilisation.

Medicine box for you and for your baby separately

Have medicine box separately for you and your baby. So, to avoid any accidental mix up with dosages.

E.g. A paediatrics paracetamol is different from an adult paracetamol. So, hold separate box for your baby and yourself.

Talk to your doctor on the items to have and stock.

Other items in shopping list

Below are the other optional items that you purchase or collect and have ready as you prepare before your baby’s arrival.

To this list of essentials for baby, we can obviously add the famous pacifier that reassures baby (and it does not cost much to have one in case), bottles and powdered milk if you have chosen to do not breastfeed.

Some colourful stuffed animals to awaken baby from the first days. Musical toys and mobile to help you when you play with your baby.

Not essential but often appreciated by babies, a musical mobile to hang on the bed can be useful to help the child to fall asleep calmly.

A night light, to help you during your late-night feeding. Or diaper changes.

Home environment and other considerations

The list to prepare before your baby’s arrival will not be complete

Parents need to pay attention to few important things before bringing the baby home from the hospital:

1. Make sure mother’s health condition is improving

Before going home from the hospital, you must make sure that your health condition has improved, especially if you have a caesarean section. If so, do not forget to ask for a haemoglobin level test.

Many mothers do not take this test and when they get home they are overwhelmed by the pain, dizziness, and fatigue they experience.

If your haemoglobin level is low, your doctor will recommend a blood transfusion. But if you do not want to do this then you must eat lots of nuts, dragon fruit, beets, and chicken liver to increase the number of red blood cells.

2. Cleanliness of the house:

As we all know, new-born babies are still very susceptible to disease because they are very sensitive. Therefore, cleanliness of the house must be a concern that should not be underestimated. The activities of sweeping, mopping, wiping glass and furniture must be done so that the condition of the house is clean, comfortable, and free of dirt.

Before delivery, you can also order vacuum services, especially for mattresses because your little one will use them shortly after birth. Vacuum on furniture can suck out dust and mites so that your little one will be safe and comfortable. There should not be the smell of paint in the baby’s room.

3. Smoke free home:

If parents have a smoking habit, make sure not to smoke in the house. This is because second-hand smoke can be attacked by various toxins and diseases due to inhalation of cigarette smoke. If parents love their little one, of course they will not endanger the child’s health, right?

In addition, socialize that people who have just smoked should not approach, let alone carry your little one if they have not showered and change their clothes first. This is because cigarette smoke can stick to clothes and the hair and body of the smoker.

4. Mentally prepare the first child

Parents love all their children. However, whether we realize it or not, a little bit of jealousy arises in the minds of the first child because for 9 months you are preparing yourself to look forward to meeting your child who will be born.

For the first child to become a good brother or sister, parents must remain attentive to him by spitting out words of affection and love every chance he or she gets.

Mother should play with children when she is not too tired. When your younger child is born, give quality time to older children while your new-born is asleep.

That way the child will realize that mother also loves him even though a new sister is present in the family.

Make sure that you have involved and prepared your older children for the arrival of the new-born. A good preparation will help you avoid jealousy or sibling rivalry to a large extent.

It will also save you from temper tantrums and other attention seeking behaviour from your older kids if preparation is done well and in advance.

Get more details about how to go about doing it from our very popular article Elder child jealousy.

5. The safety factor must be a priority

There are various types of mothers who want to sleep in the same bed with the baby or separately using a baby cot. Whatever the choice, make sure your little one’s safety factor is guaranteed.

When a baby sleeps in the same room with his mother, it will be easier to monitor him. But if your little baby sleeps in a separate room, install a CCTV or audio monitor to monitor your little one’s movements to keep it monitored and safe from harm.

If you have a pet, be sure to master your pet’s obedience. If he is listening, you can more easily ask him to go to the basket if, for example, you find him too close to the new-born. If your pet tends to jump, it is also essential to settle this bad habit which could prove to be risky for your child. Put the bans in place as soon as possible.

Read more about it from our article baby proof.

6. Pet preparation

Make sure you have prepared your pet for your baby arrival. That way you will have a pet all excited to receive your baby. And not feel jealous and left out when a new-born arrives.

Get more details about how to go about doing it from our very popular article pets.


Bringing home a new-born is joy for the whole family and it is celebrated in different ways in different cultures.

If all above mentioned points are followed, you can make this special occasion a happy, relaxing and hazard free for your baby.

God Bless!!

If this is of help to you. Share it with your friends and loved ones.

Do let us know if we have missed any points or items to help parents prepare before your baby’s arrival. Leave your answers in the comments below.

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