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Groom your New-born – When my son was first born. And the first few days in the hospital the doctors and nurses did all they could to take care of my son. All that was expected out of me to feed the baby and take rest.

And then we came home. It became too confusing for me. I did not know where to start, or where to stop.

I had a lot of questions in my head and I was suddenly feeling ill-prepared to face the challenges of taking care or groom your new-born.

Some of the questions I had to battle with are as follows…

Now that the baby has finally arrived, how to make sure that this baby receives the proper ways of grooming?

How can parents keep those tiny body parts clean without causing any harm?

How can you make sure that this baby is well taken care when all they know of is to cry?

What is the best way to groom your new-born?

If you also have these questions. Not to worry Parents. We have got you covered!

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Proper grooming or hygiene is essential to raise a healthy baby. A baby needs thorough cleaning of all body parts just like we do as adults.  Since the baby is so tiny and helpless, the parents are responsible to maintain all grooming ways.

Lack of hygiene could lead to many complications like infections or illness. Doctors encourage parents to avoid this kind of mishap. There are some things parents should keep in mind to boost overall hygiene of their baby.

10 Ways to groom your new-born:

Baby Gums:

It is essential to use baby teething finger brush to massage the gums. It helps soothe and clean the gums.

Massage also helps in relieving pain your baby would have during teething.

If you are worried about teething and you have questions on the same. You can read our article 12 Baby Body Language that You SHOULD Know.

This can help you understand the body language that babies use to signal to you that they are in distress which is related to teething.  

When the baby has developed all the teeth, brushing the teeth should be encouraged to keep the teeth clean and healthy.

While you know how to groom your new-born. When they are toddlers, they should be encouraged to use a toothpaste with minimal fluoride to brush their teeth two times a day.

Parents should take their children to visit the dentist every 6 months or so to maintain healthy teeth.

Nose Cleaning:

Cleaning the baby’s nose will save you from handling a cranky baby. The nose passages are tiny of a baby. 

They can easily get stuffy and make your baby in a bad mood.

Unclogging the nose frequently with a nose bulb or normal saline spray gets rid of the unwanted mucus.

There was a time when my two months old baby was not breastfeeding and was crying non-stop.

We rushed to the emergency only to find out that the nose was blocked. It is essential to keep that tiny nose clean. This is an important part of groom your new-born.

Ask your pediatrician and go by their recommendation on what product or solution to use to help your babies nose block.

Nose block can make your baby very unhappy and the baby would resort to crying frequently. If you like to know reasons behind baby’s cry and how to pacify your baby read our article Why is my Baby Crying? Tips to calm your crying Baby.


nails groom your baby

Babies, especially newborns, have very fast growth when it comes to nails. Although, they look so tiny, it is difficult to see such ability.

When you trim a newborn babies’ nails, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. So, how do you groom your new-born nails?

The best time to cut a newborn babies’ nails are when he or she is snoozing.

However, if you prefer cutting the nails when awake, you can sing to your baby so that he or she focuses on your moving mouth and the sound.

This is a good way to distract a baby when it comes to cutting those tiny nails.

Proper baby clippers should be used to cut the baby’s nails.

If your baby’s finger starts to bleed, it is essential to apply pressure on the finger to stop the bleeding.

No need to panic. Babies can heal fast.  

Personal Example

In our culture we are not permitted to use Clippers for cutting our babies names till the time they are 3 months old.

So, to groom your new-born. We are encouraged to bite and take off the nail with our front teeth. By doing this, parent can feel the baby’s nails and be careful and the baby does not get injured.

Healthy or is it hygienic or is it the best practice I am not able to comment. However, I can assure you this. I have used this method on all my 3 children, my niece, and my nephew. And I can proudly say that none of them have experienced injury because of nail grooming in this method.

On the contrary I have also seen accidental cuts in babies and leading to infection around the names because of grooming through clippers

If you have older children, it is also advised that their nails are also clips and filed. So that they do not scratch the baby by mistake when they are playing with their sibling.

If you like to know the common hygiene that you need to teach to your children and wish to know how to teach them you can read article How to teach kids Personal Hygiene? And When?.

Hair Trimming:

This is a tricky part to groom your new-born. Cutting or shaving baby’s hair might seem like a complicated task. However, it can turn out to be a great experience with some techniques.

When shaving a newborn, the best time to do it is when the baby is sleeping. Wrap the baby nicely so that he or she has sleeps peacefully throughout the whole process. Make sure to hold the head firmly and let an expert or a parent shave the head slowly carefully.

Research shows that hair on a toddler’s eyes can weaken the eyesight. It is essential to trim the hair when it comes to the level of the eyes.

However, some toddlers give a rough time by crying their eyes out throughout the process of hair cutting.

The best way to make this process somewhat smooth is by engaging the toddler by giving him or a her a toy or a lollipop to distract.

Some hairdressers have baby seats shaped like a cartoon or a car to make the hair trimming pleasant. Others have a little TV to engage the child with cartoons.

Still, other hairdressers reward the child with a treat. All in all, with proper efforts, the hair trimming experience can become enjoyable.

My daughter school insist that parents keep their daughter’s hair cut short like a boy. Till the time they are 12 years of age. And maintaining short hair is not only easy but it also helps in wading off issues like lice and dandruff.

In our culture it is expected of us to tonsure our kids head completely 3 times by the time they reach 2 years of old age. And usually encourage during summer months when the climate is hot out here.

Cleaning the Ear:

A baby’s ear produces a lot of wax! At the same time, a parent can hesitate on how to keep up with the cleaning of a tiny baby.

It has been scientifically proven that deeply cleaning a baby’s ear with a normal cotton swab can make the wax go inside deeper. Parents should clean the outer ear with a baby cotton ear bud. Or just a soft wet towel. Do not forget behind the ears.

My grandma would always say that she can find out if we are grooming the baby well or not just by looking behind the baby’s ears. So, out of respect for her I have added tees as part of the ways to groom your new-born.

DO NOT use ear bud and try to take a wax out yourself. Also self-medicate your child with ear wax drops without ruling out other reasons from your doctor.

Exercise caution while you use over the counter medicines.

Read our informatics article SELF MEDICATION for Kids – A MUST KNOW for every parent. Before you take steps to self-medicate your baby or anyone.  

If you feel that the baby has an earache, you should visit the pediatric.

Bathe a baby:

bond with your baby and baby smiling

Thanks to a variety of baby bath seats, giving a newborn bath has become easy. Still, a parent needs to be very careful and gentle with the baby.

Doctors recommend giving baby a bath regularly. If the weather is cold outside, it is best to make the bedroom warm to dress up the baby after the bath.

A nice bath and a good wrap are the key ingredients for a good sleep and a healthy growth. 

Do check the water temperature and ensure it is not too hot before giving the baby a bath.

You can also make bath time very creative activity which is enjoyable to both you and your baby. While having a bath everyday activity no one said it should not be fun.

Read article 12 Everyday activities that WILL impact baby’s development to understand how one can enjoy common day today activities and indirectly impact their child development immensely.

Moisturize the skin:

Moisturizing the skin cannot be emphasized enough, especially if you live in a dry climate. Pure petroleum jelly is the best way to get rid of those dry patches on the baby’s body. A moisturized baby is a less cranky baby.

Some babies develop dry patches all over the body regardless of moisturizing regularly.

If this is the case with your baby, it is encouraged to visit the doctor to see if the baby has skin eczema.

Special formulated moisturizers are prescribed to control the skin condition.

Other oils such as coconut and olive oil also are good lubricants to help massage and moisturize your baby skin.

Diaper Change:

Parents are encouraged to change the diaper after every stool. Keep in mind that a newborn need around 6 to 10 diaper change during the day. As the baby grows, this number of diaper change will decrease.

Developing diaper rashes is very common. It is encouraged to apply pure petroleum jelly on every diaper change.

If the rashes persist, Funding cream mixed with petroleum jelly works wonders. However, if your baby is very cranky and the rashes are worsening, it is best to visit a pediatrician.  

If possible, use cloth diapers for some time between diaper changes. I have felt that the baby is more comfortable and much happier in a cloth diaper though it will be a bit of extra work for you.

To take a baby out and get some sun 15 to 20 minutes in a day.

Not when the sun is scorching hot but early in the mornings or during dusk when it is relatively pleasant.

When we are basking in the sun. We usually place children naked in a mat so that they observe all the good benefits of the sunlight which also is a natural disinfectant. And works wonder to prevent diaper rash.

There are lot of benefits when your child is exposed to the sun including growing taller. To know more read our article on 20 Astonishing benefits of sunlight for kids.

Sanitizing the umbilical cord:

To Groom your new-born will not be complete without this point. When leaving the hospital with the newborn, doctors emphasize on keeping the umbilical stump clean.

It is very important to gently wipe the stump with an alcohol swap on every diaper change.

Also, it is very important to keep the stump safe and not pull on it. Make sure that it does not get stuck to any kind of cloth like the towel after a bath. Eventually, it will fall out by itself between 7 to 14 days.

Do not cover the umbilical cord or put a plaster on it. It might look a little bit delicate but when it is exposed to air it dries out quickly and drops off faster    

Clean the dead Skin:

baby looking at you. do you understand their body language

Newborn babies develop a lot of dead skin in the first few months.

A parent should remove the dead skin with a dab of lotion on a piece of cotton. Gently, wipe the cotton back and forth to remove the dead skin. It is vital not to press too hard and inflame the skin.

Do not go out of your way to get the dead skin of your baby you might land up pulling out the new skin also.

Sometimes a gentle massage with coconut oil is good enough to help you in removing some of the dead skin.

Video Time: Expert opinion on grooming newborn


When a baby is born, many things should be taken into consideration when it comes to grooming.

Some things should be done consistently, while others are special for the initial few months of a newborn.

Adults needs to take care of their hygiene all the time. Same things apply to a baby.

Since the baby is helpless and unable to take care of him or herself, it is the duty of the caretaker or a parent to maintain proper hygiene of the baby.

Well-maintained and proper hygiene results in a happy and healthy child. Parents ensure good hygiene practice themselves and must regularly keep an eye on a baby’s hygiene and grooming. 

God Bless!!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If Yes, show us love by sharing the blog post with your friends and loved ones.

Do you have any specific method to groom your new-born? How did you go about? Leave your comments below.

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