15 Amazing tips to help you raise your toddler

Help you raise your toddler: After the first birthday, your baby will turn into a running and talking toddler. With the new freedom in movement and communication, the upbringing is also changing.

Parents have many questions in their mind e.g. When will our little one start understanding everything? How should we explain to him everything? Staying at home or day nursery, which will suit my child? Today we will provide you tips for raising toddlers.

15 Amazing tips to help you raise your toddler


I am sure you would have gone through this while you raise your toddler. Sometimes when parents are on the phone, kids keep on disturbing them and they have to hide in the basement for uninterrupted talk to someone. Why so?

Whether parents are on telephone calls or in direct conversations between adults, we hear this complaint from them very often that I cannot talk to you, my child is constantly interrupting me. How to solve the problem without being loud. It is a matter of attention seeking at a wrong time.

Parents should involve their kids in everyday life in a constructive way and a time will come when they will not feel any need for disturbing conversation.

For older children you can set clear rules but for toddlers you can gradually make them understand that it is a matter of respect to listen to others. So, they will have to wait until your conversation with the other person is over.

Secondly, they learn through the reaction of their parents, because they are role models. Parents can address the problem with concrete examples, if age allows, for example by asking the children how they themselves feel when parents constantly interrupt while they want to talk or play with their friends.

Thirdly, toddlers cannot remember rules. You can simply put your hand on his shoulder, continue the conversation. With just their hands-on top, the parents show that I perceive you, but stick to my conversation. That’s enough for most children.

You can get more detailed insights into this attention seeking behaviour from our article HOW TO deal with ATTENTION SEEKING behaviour in kids.


Whenever you are angry or disappointed, you should not say anything to your child at first, it’s a healthy way to raise your toddler.

Try to stay calm in this situation because if you start speaking immediately then your voice and tone will not be under control.

In anger you can be disrespectful to your child and as we know that children imitate us so we should be very careful in our statements. Parents can calm down by taking a deep breath or counting to ten and then talking to the child.


The toddlers have not yet learned to deal with frustration and disappointment in any other way than screaming out their anger. Usually parents also get angry and start shouting. How can parents be relaxed in such a situation?

The best thing to do is to count to ten inside and think to yourself that it is alright, everything will be fine. You have to be able to see the situation from the outside and not take it personally.

It’s not so easy but parents are the leaders and instructors. You need to be a little more sensible than your toddler when you try to raise your toddler.

It is better to hold small children in your arms and comfort them, after all they are overwhelmed by their feelings. Often, they then

Learn more about temper tantrums behaviour in toddlers from our article 10 Effective Ways To Reduce Temper Tantrums in Kids and also the benefits of hugging from the article hugging your baby.


As you raise your toddler you will find that your child does not immediately free the swing, the foot refuses to fit into the shoe, and there is no ice cream for breakfast either: in the parents’ eyes these may be small things, but for small children it is a breaking point. And their whole world stops.

Parents need to take their children’s feelings seriously. Mothers and fathers can empathize with their child’s emotional state.

Small children in the autonomy phase or defiance phase do not have an option to control their feelings. You have a plan and it must now be fulfilled immediately – otherwise the frustration and disappointment will be overwhelming.

You can also only resist temptations towards the end of the fourth year of life, when certain areas in the cerebral cortex have matured.

This is shown by experiments in which four-year-olds are left alone with a piece of candy on the table with the promise of getting a whole bag of candy if they don’t eat that one piece of candy. Most of them prefer to grab it right away.

Parents should know that toddlers do not consciously choose anger and tears, but that they cannot act any differently. They are just not there yet.

Anyone who perceives the helplessness and despair of the children at this moment will find it easier to remain calm themselves. It works for me all the time when I tried to raise my toddlers.


Parents should get their children to take off their diapers and tell them in good time when they need to go to the bathroom. Parents should learn tricks to make their kid diaper-free without stress. This makes their life easier for both.

You can read about this more in detail from our article 11 Simple & Effective Tips for Potty training your baby.


Rain barrels, pools, gardening tools and pesticides – parents should keep all these things in mind while designing any property.

Bushes to hide behind. A rain barrel that is great for sinking stones. And trees that are suitable for a climbing tour: a garden is a nice adventure playground for children.

But before the little ones are sent into the green, parents should look around carefully. Because not every garden is really child-safe.

Also, the main sources of danger are gardening tools and chemicals such as pesticides, paints and varnishes. They must never lie around freely, but place in a lockable storage place such as a garden house or a shed.

Although there is much talk about poisonous plants, deaths from consumption are extremely rare.

Parents should be aware of poisonous plants and they should convey this to children. Point to them and show them so your little one is more aware. All these little effort goes a long way when you raise your toddler.

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Parents should educate kids to conscious taste – and there should be reward for healthy eating.

Too much sugar, too much fat, too much meat – Parents eat poorly and offer the same food to their kids.

Many kids do not do breakfast and mainly eat sweet snacks, ready-made pizzas and chips during the day with their parents.

The consequences are that children are overweight, many of them suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes.

For this reason, people sharply criticize the food industry: it seduces children into munching on sweets and finished products and makes a massive contribution to malnutrition.

Read more about child nutrition and balanced diet from our article’s All you need to know about nutrition in kids and How – To Ensure Balanced Diet for Your Toddler.

Eating together as a family it brings about numerous benefits including helping picky eaters to eat better and also helps you to introduce new foods easily.

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With the sibling comes jealousy – and the suspicion that the mother or father might prefer the sister or brother. Often that is also true.

Many parents feel that their children cannot really be with each other, but neither can they without each other.

And comparisons are constantly made suspiciously: how long does one cuddle with the mother, how big is the portion of the other’s favourite food?

Parents should know when to intervene in case of jealousy among siblings and why this even helps the children to develop further.

We cannot say that there are siblings who are not jealous of each other. This feeling is always there.

Studies have shown that a child’s greatest fear is losing their parents. The second greatest is the fear that love will no longer fall on them. So, the jealousy observed how mother and father treat the sibling.

Our article How-To Help Your Elder Child Adjust with A New-born? will give you more insights on sibling rivalry.

Understand the reason for this better so that you can handle it better.

Small things are enough for the feeling that brother or sister are preferred: apparently bigger gifts, more attention or the other person always gets the food first. Parents think that by acting justly, they can avoid jealousy. But you’re wrong.

Because they have a different bond with each child. Parents see different types in their children who are sometimes closer to them, sometimes less close: the shy mother recognizes herself in the reserved daughter, the daring older one is essentially alien to her.

#9 Preschool / Day care

Choose a playschool or day-care that has value system that is closest to what you have at home. This is very important as you raise your toddler.

I have seen far too many cases where preschool or day-care is chosen based on brands and the child feels a disconnection with it. It only leads to more frustration for you and your child. And the joy of learning and socialising with other kids goes off.

#10 Have a Toddler Area setup

Have a toddler area set up. This is not only for your toddler to play but also for them to keep their prized possessions. Be it books or random stones that they find interesting.

Make them responsible for their area and all their things needs to be within that area and not elsewhere. Provide them with adequate space and baskets. You can even have inspection day or Decoration Day where they can show off their area to you.

Note that by doing this you are teaching them responsibility and also other critical life skills. To get more insights you can read our articles chores for toddlers and TEACH YOUR CHILD LIFE SKILLS: A How-To Guide

#11 Try to Coordinate Naps

See if you can coordinate your breaks and nap time. And if you have younger children then their breaks and naptimes also with that of your toddler’s schedule or your younger one.

In that way you can also catch up on the required rest and you will also be alert and active when your toddler is awake and active. A good mood sets both of you in the right direction to enjoy each other’s company.

Get to know more about sleep and its importance from our article Introducing Sleep For Kids In A New-light (17 Tips)

#12 Tell Your Toddler Stories

Nothing is more interesting for your toddler than listening to stories. Short one, long one anything is fine. Stories have numerous advantages right from helping your toddler build vocabulary to developing good moral values.

You can read more about them in our articles Storytelling to kids – Popular Trend these day and Surprising truth about Moral Values development in kids

#13 Technology – Screen time

There is really no needed for a toddler to use technology or have screen time. The best way to raise your toddler is to not give in to these whims and fancies.

Yes, agreed that technology is the best babysitter. And can restore peace in your house within minutes. But it is also a slow poison and leads to no good. And a sure short way to kill creativity in your child.

To raise your toddler with the help of technology and screen time is the single most dangerous way to raise your toddler.

You can read our articles SCREEN ADDICTION IN KIDS – All you need to know with Tips and FREE PLAY – A unique way to raise creative kids to get further insights.

#14 Invest in having a pet

There is no greater gift that you can give your toddler than the company of a pet.

Pets and children are a winning combination and they complement each other. Your little one learns a lot of things from a pet including responsibility and empathy.

Pets like dog bring a lot benefits to your toddler and are better babysitters than your phone screen in the long run.

Pets also help in bringing about social skills in your toddler and make a good playmate and companion for him.

#15 Less of toys and yet more of play

They say play is work for the child. I can’t stress the importance of play enough. Especially when play happens not because you got them a toy but because your child created their own game and started playing. And to raise your toddler by engaging in play is a very right step to real development in your toddler.

These are free play. My favourite type of play is messy play and loose part play. And they have immeasurable benefits to your little one.

Motivate them to indulge in such kind of play and you will reap loads of benefits. If you are wondering about these play types read our articles

Things Parents of Toddlers need to watch out for

As you raise your toddler safety should be your top concern. Your little one is very active yet does not have fully developed reasoning ability to know which is dangerous and risky and which is not.

They will run to and try everything that meets their fancy.

Toddlers are bundle of energy and they are very curious. They love to explore the world. This coupled with the fact that their motor skills are also not yet fully developed make them wobbly when they walk around.

As parents we need to be cautious of the below mentioned dangers…

  • Fire and burns hazard: Kitchen without an adult in it should be off limits for your toddler. Don’t encourage your toddler to climb on the counter and look into the pot what is cooking. Also try and avoid having any hot items passed over the toddler’s head or body. No matter how strongly you are gripping it.
  • Chocking hazard: Chocking is not just through the mouth but it can be through the nose also. Make sure you remove small items away from your toddlers reach. Also make sure that you cut the food you give to your toddler into very small pieces to avoid chocking hazard. 
  • Accidental Poising issues: This is a very serious issue. I know of my neighbours’ kid who was a year old succumb to accidental poisoning. He took the mosquito repel ant and sucked it thinking it is juice. Be very weary of all items that are suspicious around the house. Keep them under lock and key or better still give them away if they are not of immediate need or use.
  • Falls and bumps: These are pretty common and happens to the best of us. Still the first step to combat this issue to baby proof your house. And always be vigilant.
  • Drowning: A toddler can drown in as little of 2 inches of water. So, ensure that bathroom doors are kept closed all the time. And your toddler is not using it without supervision.
  • Self-medication: this is a hazard we as parents expose our toddlers to unintentionally. This is because toddlers are more prone to catch a cold or have nausea or diarrhoea because they are out there exploring the world. And we out of our experience self-medicate them when they do. Read our articleSELF MEDICATION for Kids – A MUST KNOW for every parent to be more informed about self-medication.


Toddlers want to explore the world. And you will soon find it as you raise your toddler. They get frustrated very quickly. But they are the best imitators. They copy their parents. If we want them to behave properly, we will have to set an example first and they will do the same.

So, all we need to do is take a good hard look at our ways and lifestyle, manners and eating habits and make the necessary correction and life will be real fun and stress free for both you and your toddler.

God Bless!!

Thabitha David

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend. She is a MBA Graduate specialized in Human Resources. She is a very proud mother of 3 Kids. (2 Teens & 1 Tween). She is a keen Observer of Life and is a blogger. She writes these articles based on her experience (Success and Failures). She does this with hope to help and ease the pain of at-least one parent as they face the challenges of parenting. Read more from the About Us Page

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