15 ~ Easy ways to Boost your baby’s IQ

Boost your baby’s IQ

Boost your baby’s IQ- All parents have the desire to have a baby with extraordinarily high levels of IQ or in other words a genius baby.

I have known moms who have started to eat particular food to produce a genius baby right from the time the baby was in their womb.

Others including me have tried and followed a particular set of habits to boost our babies’ IQ after the baby is born.


What defines a high IQ in a baby?

baby brain Boost your baby’s IQ

You have probably heard comments from other people comparing your child with other babies of the same age.

“Why has your baby not started to crawl yet?” or “Why is your baby not walking at his or her first birthday?”

Questions like these make a mother very upset. Every mother should keep in mind the quote by Albert Einstein

“Every child is born a genius.”

That said, it is not possible to make your children the exact copy of Einstein. I don’t think Einstein’s mother could have made another Einstein.

So, what does it mean to have high IQ in a baby?

It is the mere concept of nurturing the baby with the best environment, love, and teaching basic habits from the very beginning.

As a result, the baby will grow up to give its best potential in life.

Research says that a child reaches milestones at his or her own time.

If your baby is little late in developing a milestone, it doesn’t mean that he or she will not excel in life.

However, it is your duty as a parent to provide your best to help to boost your baby’s IQ.

Boost your baby’s IQ

15 Ways to boost your baby’s IQ

We have outlined below some of the ways in which you can help boost your baby’s IQ. These are things I have tried while raising my baby and I have given real life examples and reasons to help you better.

Boost your baby’s IQ

Talk to your baby

Babies have the ability to understand words even before they start speaking.

Therefore, it is vital for parents to start communicating with their baby in the very first month. Talk to your baby as if he or she can understand you the way toddlers do.

Although, you will not get any response in the initial months, you will be rewarded greatly within a few months.

You can teach your baby little commands like “Clap your hands”, “Wave bye-bye”. These little commands are accomplished by repeating the same command over and over again. A day will come when your baby will respond to your command and it will bring tears of joy to your eyes, if you were like me, someone who had no clue what to do or how to talk to your baby.

Your mind says that it is a waste of time and you know that your baby is not going to understand anything you say. Let alone respond to you.

You might be asking yourself what is the point? Or if there is a point at all. How do I talk to my baby? Then I recommend that you read my article How- To TALK to your baby to encourage language development.

Play games with a lot of hand motions

Who wouldn’t love to hear some baby giggles?! Games like peek-a-boo or acting out nursery rhymes could be used to engage a baby.

There is this “Where’s the Baby?” which Diago plays with the little baby in ‘Ice Age’ movie. It’s just a different version of peek-a-boo.

I have tried it with all my 3 kids and my niece and no surprise it gets them to burst into giggles and they love it.

Playing games with a lot of hand motion is a lot of fun for both the baby and the parent. It is a good way to communicate with the baby.

Furthermore, it helps the baby understand the concept of hand motion and builds vocabulary.

Very soon, you will hear your baby acting out and singing the same nursery rhymes when he or she starts to speak!

Read to your baby

Tips for New Parents
Speak to Your Baby

Reading to your baby should be initiated as early as the first month.

Yes, at first it will seem very boring for the mother, but it will be a fun-filled activity within a few months. This will build the habit reading before bedtime.

If you are wondering how to read to your baby then our article How to read to a baby: 7 simple techniques. Will be of good help to you.

Parents should seize this opportunity to build a relationship with their child. Not only does this enhance vocabulary, but your child will start reading a very young age. Reading is one of the sure shot ways to boost your baby’s IQ.

Skin Contact

Cuddle with your baby

Research says that skin contact does wonders to a baby at birth. The benefits of skin contact don’t end at this stage.

A baby needs to be frequently caressed when changing diapers or at reading time and whenever opportunity presents. You can read our highly appreciated article 12 everyday activities that WILL impact baby’s development.

Skin contact builds a strong connection between the mother and the baby. Research shows that massage promotes growth in babies and gives them a sense of security.

Interactive Toys

Different types of toys could be used to help the baby in achieving milestones.

In the first few months, attractive colored toys could be shown and put nearby so that the baby feels the urge to roll over.

Then, around 4 to 6 months, moving toys can be used to encourage crawling.

Make your home ‘baby-safe

boost your baby’s IQ

When your baby is up on his or her twos, watch out! This toddler will be on the move! Now is the time to put up the safety door in the kitchen.

Additionally, put tape on the sockets. Also, shut those drawers with child safety locks.

You might be wondering how keeping the home baby safe helps to boost your baby’s IQ.

When you keep your home safe. You will not be worried about your baby moving around in the house.

The moving around will enable your toddler to develop vocabulary, a sense of shapes, and mental maps of the house. The more he spots, looks, feels and explore things the more he registers and learns.

He also gets a chance to watch others move around and interact in the natural settings. He will also be able to sit and explore further things that catches his attention.

My elder son kept going to a particular corner of our balcony and sit there. We wondered why he does that. Only to find that there was a small hole in the corner where black ants came. This took his fancy and he spent weeks looking at them.

When your baby is naturally exposed to his surrounding and when your baby explores the same it will help in boosting your baby’s IQ.

Boost your baby’s IQ

Sing to your baby

 When the baby is in the womb, it develops an attachment to the tone of the mother.

Hence, humming to a newborn baby calms down the baby as it makes him or her feel safe.

Singing to a baby stimulates the baby’s brain. Likewise, singing with hand motion has greater effects. It is a great way to enhance fine motor skills.

Babies develop motor skills before they start speaking, so they learn to clap and wave. 

Teach the baby empathy

Babies have the ability to distinguish different tones. For example, if you talk to a baby in a crying voice, the baby will react by crying with you.

A mother and a baby have a very special relationship which starts way before the baby is even born. This feeling for others should be continued at the toddler age.

Teaching empathic responses and gentle courtesies connects brain circuits to make him or her a smart kid. Furthermore, it is a great way to enhance cognitive learning and positive emotional skills.

Teach ‘Sharing is caring

Any smart child should have the sensitivity to share with others. This habit should be introduced at the early stages of a baby’s life.

Read to the baby, story books which speak about sharing or talk in baby language that he/she should share with siblings.

They say “Monkey see,, Monkey do”, Not that I am calling any kid a monkey.

However, I found that my little girl got into the habit of sharing very very early in life because she saw her brothers do it.

Her brothers would come back from school and share with her any birthday chocolate they would have got in school.

Soon I noticed that when she was given a chocolate by someone. She would keep it and give it to her brothers in the evening and share it with them.

Such nature is very rare and will be highly appreciated throughout the kids life.

It is also our duty to teach the importance good manners to our kids. If you are wondering how, read our article How-To Teach Good Manners to Your Kids?.

Show Joy and Interest

A baby develops at his/her best when he or she is loved to the maximum.

This is best communicated by your body language and your enthusiasm through your shining eyes.

Give the baby your full attention. Praising does wonders to anybody. A baby is the same in this aspect.

So, praise his or her babbles even.

Engage the baby with fun-filled activities and lovable nature and watch your baby bloom like a flower.

The key is to show interest. Look into her eyes when you speak to her. Smile at her and greet her with enthusiasm.

Breast-feed your baby, if you can

Parenting Tips for new parents
Breast Feeding is the best

Exclusively breast-feeding a baby for 6 months and keeping breast milk as the primary source of nutrition for at least 1 year boosts the IQ of a baby.

Researchers say that breastfed babies have a significantly higher scores of cognitive developments than formula fed babies.

Furthermore, breastmilk contains Omega 3, which excels brain function in children.

Although this medication is available for children to take orally, it is best that a baby is breast fed as long as possible.

I know as a working parent it can get more challenging and difficult. I managed to tide over this for 18 months by using a pump and deep freezing the milk in dated bottles.

The caretaker would use FIFO (First In and First) to feed my kids. And two feeds at night and 1 in the morning, I would feed directly.

(Disclosure: Till the little ones got teeth and started biting me). Then it was all pump and bottle till 18 months.

Every cry means something

Babies should be heard for their needs. Their cry is a way to communicate a certain necessity. It could mean comfort, hunger or diaper change or in initial months, colic.

There is no such thing as spoiling a baby by not letting him or her cry it out.

Attending to a baby’s cry makes the baby feel secure and build trust with the parents. It sends the message that I am valued in household as a proper person.

But yes, I understand that pacifying a crying baby can get a bit overwhelming.

I have outlined based on my experience, practical tips and tricks on how to pacify a crying baby in my article Why is my Baby Crying? Tips to calm your crying Baby.

I can assure you it will be worth your read.

Convince your child that he or she is smart

Psychologists say that conveying the message that their child is the smartest will always be a great way to boost your baby’s IQ.

Parents should talk and praise the baby in a positive way.

Research has been performed and the outcome was very convincing.

Babies who have been raised to think that they are very smart have performed well academically and socially.

I can vouch for it firsthand. I would always say to my first son that he is as intelligent as the character Daniel in the Bible.

Similarly, I used to keep telling my younger daughter “she is a smart kid”. Till date years from the time they were infants or toddlers they repeat it. They also believe and they act so.

On the contrary. I had done this naturally and sub consciously. My second one got overshowed by the first due to the close age gap.

And we did face less motivation issues and a complex that he was not as smart as the others. (Even though he is by far the most talented person in our entire family and larger family).

Develop sense of humor

baby cuddle for Baby's Development

Making your baby laugh is the first step towards developing sense of humor. Babies love to laugh when tickling the toes or making funny faces.

Also, they love to hear different tones of voices. Singing the same song in high pitch is a great way to initiate laughter and a beautiful bond with the baby.

For me, a simple “How are you?” said in a deep tone, followed by a “How are you?” in a squeaky tone. And then telling it in a normal pleasant tone does the trick for my daughter. She finds it funny and bursts into laughter every time.

Let the baby explore

Give your baby alone time with lots of different toys, soft books, and textured material. This is a great way to boost a baby’s brain to develop high level of IQ.

Also, let the baby play with his food and feed him or herself. This stimulates brain activity and has a very positive result.

Any thing that helps in stimulating brain activity will helps them learn and this helps to boost your baby’s IQ.

Messy play is also a very powerful way of playing that will help in your baby development. If you like to know more to give the best to your baby read our article MESSY PLAY – Powerful benefits for your child.

video Time: Expert opinion about how to stimulate healthy brain in kids


Raising a baby requires a lot of efforts from both the parents.

Yes, you heard me right. From BOTH the parents. IF you are a father and wondering how, then you should read our article 11 Amazing ways FATHER’S can contribute to child’s success.

Parents should spend a lot of their time with the baby to develop the baby’s brain to its full potential.

Children are born with a certain IQ level and we can help in boosting our baby’s IQ through some engaging activities and good communication skills.

While you are at it. Do not compare your baby with other babies. Do not set high expectations or feel disappointed if your baby falls short of it. Each baby is unique so appreciate the uniqueness.

What we have outlined above are based on our personal experience which we like to share with our readers and we do hope it helps to boost your baby’s IQ.

This is not a do all and end all list and there are many more ways to boost your baby’s IQ.  Don’t limit to only this list. We encourage you to experiment what works best for your baby as your raise your child.

Remember: It is the responsibility of a parent to enhance confidence, intelligence, and knowledge. But it is a higher responsibility of the parent to create a secure and comfortable environment with lots of love and acceptance.

God Bless!!.

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If Yes, show us love by sharing the blog post with your friends and loved ones. Together we can make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you have any tips or tricks on how to boost your baby’s IQ, please do share with us in your comments below. This will help us to make our blog better and above all your knowledge will benefit other parents also.

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