17 ways to effectively baby proof your House

Baby proof your house

Baby Proof your house – Have you heard in the news, about a baby drowning in water? Have you had visions of your baby having a bad accident at your very home? Do you wonder how you can make your house free of hazardous accidents?

Well, you have come to the right page! 

All mothers want to keep their baby safe from all kinds of hazards and dangers.

It is normal for every mother to over think about the possible accidents their baby could have.

A baby between the age of 6 months to 4 years has a big chance of injuring himself or herself in the safe place called home.

Experts have further pointed out that a child less than the age of 4 years old can be killed by fire, drowning, choking, poisoning, or falls than by physical abuse from an intruder.

It is always nearly impossible for a mother to keep an eye on a moving baby all the time. Accidents at home happen within seconds leading to a rush to the hospital. The best way to avoid such mishaps is to brainstorm ideas from the stage of pregnancy itself on how to baby proof your house.


What does Baby Proofing your house mean?

The term “baby proof” means to keep your house safe for the baby to crawl and explore around.

It is not healthy to keep the baby bounded and give limited room for exploring.

Thus, parents should try their best to make their house safe to let their child thrive with maximum potential.

Why baby proof your house

Baby proof your house

According to the U.S Centers for Disease and Prevention, about 2.3 million children are accidentally injured every year and more than 2,500 are killed.

Research has emphasized the need to maintain a safe home environment for a cruising baby. Your baby needs to be in an environment where they can move around freely and explore their surroundings. By doing this they improve their knowledge, and this helps in their physical development.

If you would like to know more about how to boost your baby’s IQ and help in their physical development, do read our article 15 ~ Easy ways to Boost your baby’s IQ and Physical development, respectively.

Read on to find out how you can make your home environment healthy and safe for your baby.

17 ways to baby proof your house

Vacuum and Vacuum!

The floors of your home should be clean. A baby on the move can pick the tiniest little particle and put it in his/her mouth.

Vacuuming and mopping the floor cannot be emphasized enough.

Keep hazardous products out of reach (medication and skin products)

All homes have a collection of hazardous products like medications, cleaning products and skin products. Swallowing these products can lead to life threatening consequences.

The colorful product bottles are attractive to babies’ eyes. It is a responsible act to put locks on such cabinets or keep these products out of reach.

Just like other chemicals, the everyday medicines we have in our houses, like paracetamol, cough syrups, etc., can also be hazardous if baby consumes by accident. It may either choke your little one as they may not be able to swallow a tablet or it may become an overdose. Both these situations may be extremes harmful for your child. So always keep medicines out of reach.

As we speak about medicines, We should ALWAYS go by what the doctor says and not self medicate our little ones. Because self medication by the parent can cause lot of problem for a baby and at times become fatal. As parents it is important for us to know more about self-medication. We urge you to read our article – SELF MEDICATION for Kids – A MUST KNOW for every parent.

baby proof your House

Free your home from small toys

Your baby can swallow a tiny toy within seconds. Especially because it is easy for them to hold tiny toys and therefore making it easier to put it in their mouth. There have been many cases reported at the hospital of such incidents.

Toys are made colorful to attract children. If you have noticed you would see that many toy boxes are labeled instructing us to keep the toy out of reach of children under 3 years of age.

In fact, when our second son was in the crawling around stage, we would comment saying is something is lost. All we needed to do was to let our son crawl and follow him. He would find out the object.

You will be amazed at how babies have the knack to find objects from every nook and corner of the house. And, their first instinct is to put it in their mouth!

Thus, it is important to keep hazardous toys out of your baby’s reach.

Keep the electric sockets sealed

Curiosity of the baby could lead him or her to explore the electric socket holes.

This is very dangerous as it can cause electric shock to the baby. Babies’ little fingers can easily slip into the electrical socket holes.

There are electric socket plug-ins that are easily available in the market. If you cannot find one, you could just put a paper tape on the unused electric sockets temporarily. If your baby is still crawling around and just started walking it is very important to seal the electric sockets.

This might not work at later stages for the baby, as he or she can easily peel the paper tape with those fine little fingers.

Keep a cords-free home

avoid electrical cods on the floor

It is common to have many appliances at a home with bunch of unorganized cords lying around.

A crawling baby can be attracted to those wires and start to play. It is very easy for them to hold and pull the wires. This could lead a baby to tangle him or herself up. Even worse get an electrical shock.

Likewise, children who have just started to walk can easily trip over the lying cords and get injured. In this process, the appliance attached to the cord may also fall on your baby.

So, it is wise to keep the floor free of cords to prevent trip hazards. Better yet, keep cords out of reach of children.


There are many places at home you would not want a baby to explore. For example, a kitchen is no place for a baby to hang out.

It is vital to put a baby safety-door at the entrance of the kitchen.

Also, a baby has no business to explore the bedrooms where there are so many drawers where accidents can take place.

A baby could bruise its fingers by shutting the drawer on them.

The main area that baby needs to be able to move around is the common areas like living room, dining room, baby bedroom.

Rest of the places including staircase it is better to use Safety doors can stop many accidents. 

baby proof your House

Always keep the washroom doors shut

A baby can have the utmost fun splashing in the bathroom water. It is natural for every baby to enjoy playing in water.

But drowning is a very major hazard right under our nose. A baby can drown in just half a bucket of water.

Simple curiosity of trying to reach water in a bucket and toppling over can lead to drowning.

According to the U.S drowning stats, 42 children under the age of 4 have been reported of drowning in the month of June 2019.

Also, if bathroom is not spick and span and the baby can play with water on the bathroom floor.

This dangerous play could lead to diarrhea as the water is sure to go in the mouth while splashing.

Emphasize the need to keep the washroom doors shut in your family. All the time.

Keep things out of reach

be careful of table linen. so that your toddler does not reach it

A baby can grab, push, and pull just about everything without a delay of a second.

It is important to keep crockery, utensils, hot drinks, and table mats out of reach.

Table covers, especially those that are aesthetically pleasing and flowing down beautifully from the table can be a minefield when you have a baby.

The baby loves to hold and play with those loose pieces of cloth and there by pulling all the items on the table down with a clash.

But it is more dangerous when there are sharp objects or hot items on the table. Such things falling on your baby will lead to a major accidents.

Especially at family mealtimes, parents should be careful not to let the baby grab and pull things from the table.

Remove decoration items and secure beaded curtains

Yes, it is not easy for a passionate mother to lock the decoration items and get rid of posh looking beaded curtains. It is better to be safe than maintain a good-looking home.

A baby can push, pull, or break decoration items. Especially those items that are attractive to your baby. Your baby can also injure him or herself from the shatter of glass made objects.

This is the time to keep your hobbies aside and let the safety of the home become priority.

Lock the windows and doors

baby and pet can be best friends

A baby’s curiosity can lead to life threatening situation. Keep the windows and doors locked.

Especially, the door which leads to the swimming pool in your backyard or the front porch or balcony.

Make sure that your window grills are firm and not loose and there is no space for baby to slip through them.

Also watch out that your little one does not end up climbing on the grills. I had my son giving me a tough time by climbing on the window grills.

Smooth sharp edges

It may not occur to you but those vicious corners of the coffee table in your living room may give your baby a nasty cut.

The sharp corners can leave a scar for a lifetime or God forbid, a paralyzed child.

The nerves on the head controls the function the whole body, so an injury on those nerves can leave a lifetime damage.

To avoid this, go around the house and inspect for sharp corners and either remove them from the area your baby has access or use corner guards wherever possible.

After my experience with my boys, when my daughter was born, I went out and bought two dozen of these corner guards and used them everywhere possible. Side rails of bed and crib.

 A moving baby is on the move as soon as those eyes open. With this said, it is a must to put safety bed rails on cots and beds to stop the baby from falling.

There are a variety of safety bed rails available that are convenient and easy to latch on.

Also read our informative article on things to keep in mind when your baby starts rolling over. We have written about baby crib safety and sleep safety.

Keep your furniture intact

ensure furniture are steady

Furniture in your home should be stable to avoid tripping over on your baby if pulled or pushed.

For example, a side table with both open drawers could topple over and thereby injuring your baby.

Moreover, a table lamp could fall on your baby if he or she pulls it.

Also, it is advisable to remove or repair all wobbly furniture to avoid such furniture from toppling over on your baby. Because babies use furniture as support to stand up.

Just have a look around your house for such objects which could lead to possible mishaps, and safely keep them out of reach. 

Keep all safety appliances in case of emergency

When there is a baby in the house, parents should now think about keeping the home as safe as possible.

This includes to keep fire extinguishers, intact smoke detectors and a first-aid kit handy.

Above all, add emergency contacts and medical information on your phone. 

I would even suggest that you make a list of emergency contacts and paste it on the door of your medicine cabinet. So that anyone in the family can have access to emergency numbers when needed.

Look out for curtains and curtain blind cords

Many accidents have occurred with blind cords. They are hazardous for little babies as they can entangle around your baby’s neck and strangle them within minutes.

Blind cordS come with a bead in the bottom for easy grip. And this dangling thing attracts your baby to play with it.

Replace them with cordless window coverings to avoid any possible accidents.

Also, my son would go and hang in the curtains. One instance he pulled the curtains along with the rods. Luckily, he escaped with no injury.

After this incident we ensured that we knotted the curtains at a slightly higher level, out of reach of the baby, during daytime. Yes! aesthetically not very nice. But better for the safety of the baby.

Plus, all the sunlight that creeps in is only beneficial for everyone in the family and helps in disinfecting the floor.

To know more on the benefits of sunlight. Do read our article 20 Astonishing benefits of sunlight for kids.

Additionally, it is a good idea to keep the baby cot away from windows.

Nails and Cloths

Make sure that your nails and babies nails and the nails of anyone who handles the baby are neatly cut and filed. This will prevent us from accidently scratching or poking the baby.

Cut and filed nails are also important for hygiene reasons as unkept fingernails accumulates a lot of dirt. To know more about personal hygiene and how to introduce it to your kids read our post How to introduce Personal Hygiene to Kids and When?

Also, the clothes that you put on for your baby. Make sure that they are comfortable and not torn or have a loose button or string.

This will prevent the baby from picking on the button and accidently swallowing it.

Loose hanging cloth will pose as a trip hazard for your baby.

Ask guests to do a safety audit

May be this is a habit that came to me because of my corporate experience. However, it proved to be very effective and I highly recommend it.

I would ask close family members / friends (like grandparents, and buddies) to do a safety audit of my house. And let me know if they spot any safety issue for my baby.

I can comfortably say that every time I requested and had one safety audit done, I learnt one or two improvements that I immediately did to keep my house baby safe.

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When toddler starts to crawl babyproof your house

Parents should brainstorm and research for the possible accidents that could occur at their home as early as the pregnancy stage.

This will minimize the possible mishaps that can occur when a baby is on the move.

Statistics have proven that it is vital for all homes with babies to take proper actions to ensure maximum safety of the house.

It only takes seconds for a baby to injure itself. Sometimes it is a minor injury. Other times you will need to rush to the emergency.

All in all, it is the responsibility of parents to maintain a safe environment for the baby to explore and cruise around.  

God Bless!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If Yes, show us love by sharing the blog post with your friends and loved ones.

Together we can make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you have any other ideas or tip on how baby proof your house, please do share with us in your comments below.

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