5 Weird Things toddlers do that is Perfectly Normal

weird things toddlers do

Weird things toddlers do – At first sight, toddlers are adorable! Hugs from toddlers are too cute. However, there will be times when you want to pull out your hair!

Toddlers can be unexpected. One minute they are happy and jolly, and the next, they are crying and wailing on the floor. Other times, they will not listen to you and interrupt when you are in a conversation with someone. Let me assure you, parents, these are the weird things toddlers do and this is very normal.



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Every toddler goes through the not-so-pleasant phase. The phase includes crying, wailing on the floor, biting, yelling, not listening when told, and always answering with a NO. It can make you wild!

Toddlers have mixed emotions and feelings, and they cannot handle it well. As parents, it is crucial to take this phase calmly and with patience. Read on to find more into each type of weird things toddlers do to get a better understanding and insights to how to handle them.

5 Weird things toddlers do that are perfectly normal

I am going to address the most common weird things toddlers do. It can make you tear your head apart but hang in there it is only for a short duration. We all have gone though it and it will settle in soon.

1. Toddlers say NO to all the time

Toddlers are beginning to see the world as a kid. They are figuring out the new world. They are not sure on how much of limit they have in making decisions.

In other words, they are not clear about how much independency they can have. As a result, the quick answer to everything is NO. It is one of the most common weird things toddlers do. But then it is their way of trying to start becoming independent.

Parents and toddler need to adjust together. Parents cannot use logic to convince the toddler to not wear shorts in the snow.

However, parents can give the toddler limited choices. For example, they should ask the toddler “Do you want spaghetti or rice?” instead of “What do you want for dinner?”

Furthermore, when the toddler is stuck on a thing, it is best to distract him with other things. When the child gets away from the pestering of a decision, it is easy to convince the child to do what you want them to do playfully.

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2. Toddlers want to do things themselves

It is exciting for all toddlers to learn new skills like opening the doorknob or switching the button on and off. At first, you may become extremely happy to see your toddler doing such things independently.

Then, it can become quite annoying especially when you accidentally turned on the fan when the toddler wanted not to. The next moment he is on the floor crying his soul out.

The best thing would be to let him cry it out. Other times, park it under the banner weird things toddlers do and let go off some of the battles.

Try and let him do some of the safe things that he wishes to do. For example, he wants to cut a sandwich with a knife. Give him a butter knife to cut the sandwich.

3. They throw a fit or Tantrums

This is one of the irritating weird things toddlers do. It can even go to the point of embarrassment. Tantrums come in many forms. They could show tantrums through biting, yelling, and crying.

Children have just started to speak the language, and the communication skills are at the minimum.

They cannot express the feeling of being tired, frustration, or anger. Eventually, the speaking power will increase, and at the same time, the tantrums will decrease.

However, there are some ways you can do to help your toddler get through the tantrum phase.

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Show more positivity towards your Child

Parents should point out the positive things that the toddler does rather than the misbehaving. Praise and recognize the good things that the toddler does during the day.

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Keep off-limit things out of the Way

Keeping the off-limit things out of the way will only work in a controlled environment like your home. It is impossible to control the outside or someone else’s home.

Distraction Works Wonders

When the toddler is misbehaving, it is best to distract him to something else. It will make him forget why the little thing was bothering him in the first place.

Follow your Child’s Schedule

When your toddler is done for the day and ready for bed, it is not suitable to run one more errand and delay the bedtime. It will only make the toddler cranky because he is tired and wants to sleep.  

Choose your Battles Wisely

With so many battles during the day, it is best to let go of some of the small things, which will make the child less cranky and gives some peacetime to the parents.

4. Masters in interrupting all the time

Temper Tantrums in kids
Temper Tantrums

This is a very annoying weird things toddlers do. A toddler interrupting you when you do something, especially when you are having important or interesting conversations with others is not new at all. 

They all of a sudden would have something very interesting that they need to share with you immediately. And they would start to interrupt you and later on demand attention from you so that you can spend time with them and listen to what they have to say and share in their interest.

This behaviour of your toddler does not mean they are rude or uncivilized. They interact because they have still not yet developed instinct of how to regulate their impulse

 They have not yet developed to prioritise their needs or wait for the right time to bring forth their point.

Do remember that your little one at this stage cannot think anything further than themselves. what they want, what they like to share who they like to share it with etc… etc. 

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Some ways by which you can handle this situation are as follows…

  1. You need to exercise patience. And understand their developmental stage. Understand that they still have not developed an understanding of “rude”.
  2. Reflect on how you are interrupting your toddler. E.g. If your toddler is deep into play and you want to give them a snack. Are you just interrupting them in their play and handing over the snack bowl or are you standing next to them patiently and politely asking them if you can interrupt their play and give them a snack bowl? 
  3. Set expectations: I had a do not disturb sign and kids were trained not to disturb me when the flag was raised. Don’t use it often so it loses its relevance.
  4. Make them your timekeeper. That way they feel they are participating in your activity. You can show the clock and tell them you will be busy till the long hand reaches 9. And they have to alert you when it reaches 9.
  5. Have a physical touch with your toddler: If they are interrupting you. You can place your hand on their shoulder. Or pull them close to you. Play with their hair or massage their shoulder as you go about talking. That way they feel your attention and connection. 

5. They run around a lot instead of walking

One of the tiring and exhausting weird things toddlers do. This is a common concern for most of the parents of toddlers. It seems like one day you were all excited that your child has taken their first step or walked on their own. And all of a sudden, they seem to have completely forgotten walking and all they are doing is just running around.

Even simple activities such as trying to grab water to drink makes your toddler stand up and dash to the table as if their life depends on it and grab the water rather than just walk up to the table and take it.

It gets all the more difficult in public places where your child seems to be simply incapable of sitting or standing in one place and constantly on the move and totally not aware of any dangers that are around them.

Remember these are very common and your toddler is a very very busy person. And the energy that they have which just does not seem to end. This in-fact is quite normal.

Your child is going through a phase where they are working extra hard to develop their motor skills. especially their gross motor skills that is why you find them running, climbing, jumping and doing all sorts of circus.

Don’t worry this hyperactive phase will not last very long. Slowly your children will start settling into a routine that does not include constant movement and running around.

Things you can do at this stage are

  1.  Have a toddler safe area so that your little one can run around and give out all the energy that they have.
  2. Take them to playgrounds which are the amazing places where they can not only use their motor skills but also social interaction skills.
  3. Buy them toys such as punching bags, soft throw toys, toy hammers, drums or xylophone or just your pillow and utensils. All that which would help them throw punches around and exercise their muscles. 
  4. Be clear with your toddler sleep routine. Make sure that they follow their sleep schedules properly. While they will be hyperactive and do not want to sleep and continue to play. Remember they also get tired and they would need good rest to not be healthy but also to be less stressed and cranky.
  5. Spend a little time with your toddler on relaxing activities. Like helping you with your cooking, listening to soft music or indulging in a craft. Letting them splash in the bathtub with supervision or giving them a good massage to ease the aching pains. Indulging in a little Messy play that will make them sit in a location and play for some time.

How to make Toddlers listen to you?

right words to speak to your kid

Toddlers are not the best when it comes to listening. Listening is a skill that all toddlers need to learn. For instance, you may be yelling ten times to pick up the toys. It might even come to punishment, but your toddler has no intention to pick up the toys.

So how to go about making your toddler listen to you. There are certain things you should keep them in your mind that you need to take note.

1.Get eye-to-eye contact

A parent should get on the knees and meet the toddlers’ level. Then, he should tell the toddler the instructions. Eye-to eye coordination lets the toddler listen to you more attentively and not let distraction will come in the way.

   2.  Read a book

This is a great way to develop listening skills in a toddler. Make reading interesting by adding different types of voice. It attracts the attention of the toddler and makes him listen attentively. Moreover, it’s a great way to end the day. A peaceful read with your toddler will surely build a great bond.

3.   Make mealtimes a family a time

It is hard for parents to squeeze in mealtime as a family after a busy schedule during the day. Nevertheless, it is crucial to take out some time for such an event. If every day is not possible, then go for a Sunday family mealtime.

The reason for taking out time for such a thing is to let the toddler hear the conversion among the parents. It is a great way to build communication skills in a toddler. Parents should set themselves a positive example for your child to follow.

4. Avoid Yelling

Yes, yelling can get the work done out of your toddler. But is that the right thing to teach your child? Yelling will encourage more screaming and tantrums in a toddler, which is what you wanted to get rid of in the first place.

The right way to get the work done is by asking the child to do something. Most probably, it will not work the first time you say it. The trick is to repeat it. When you have repeated several times politely, then go for a warning statement. When that doesn’t work, then a timeout would be a perfect way to drill in the concept of following directions when told.

5. Give the Motivation to Get the Work Done

Sometimes the technique of motivation does the trick. For example, say “Brush your teeth, then we will play with that new car.” Instead of “Go brush your teeth!”

It motivates the toddler to get the work done to play with the car. Eventually, with continuous orders, good habits will take over.


There will be numerous times when parents will ask themselves, is this normal for a toddler to behave this way. Other times, they will drive you crazy at a grocery store with continuous whining and wailing. However, these weird things toddlers do is a normal phase that every toddler has to go through.

The reason behind such weird behavior is that they are learning new things and building their muscles and exploring the world. The world seems like a new place for a toddler. So, mums, hang in there! This shall pass!

God Bless!!..

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