7 Effective ways to avoid body image issues in teens

7 Effective ways to avoid body image issues in teens

Ways to avoid body image issues in teens : It is normal to ask the question “How to avoid the body image issue in teens altogether?” I mean, wouldn’t it be great, if there was a way to skip this issue completely. 

Ways to avoid body image issues in teens :

The best thing would be to keep this issue in your mind and start working on boosting the self-image at a very early age of your child. Also, set your child’s mind into taking the social media lightly. Let them know its fake what they see on the TV. Drilling reality from an early age is important

Furthermore, you, as a parent, can try several other things listed below.  

7 Effective ways to avoid body image issues in teens

Ways to avoid body image issues in teens

1.Be a perfect role model: 

Our kids are listening us they are observing us, so it is the most important thing to portrait your image as a confident person. If you will say things like I am looking fat or I need to work on my skin, what kind of image your kid will take? 

Obviously they will feel you are unhappy with your body. In this case there are strong chances of kids for getting bad body image inspiration from parents.  

2.Teach them to focus less on physical appearances: 

The other thing you need to teach your kids is to less focus on others color or physical features. Tell them to judge other persons from attributes like honesty, sincerity and good ethics. 

Now the other most important thing you need to do as parent is never comment on other physical features in front of your kids. When you will judge other people, somehow they will think in same way. 

May be they think it it is normal way of judgment in people and they become unhappy with their body images. Or may be they think people will also judge us in same way.  

3.Encourage physical activities: 

The other thing you can do is encourage physical activities in your kids. Encourage them towards exercise and meditation. Moreover, you can also encourage your kid to take part in extra curriculum activities. You can motivate your kid in their favorite games and things. 

4.Encourage kids towards balance Diet: 

I will recommend you to deliver proper information about balance diet. In normal conversation guide them about healthy diets and its benefits. 

For instance, while cooking or shopping for groceries you can tell nutritional benefits of foods and vegetables to your kids.  When they will get good knowledge of balanced diet they will become more concerning about their diet and will focus on their fitness. These things will develop a teen with good body image.  

Moreover, when you emphasize healthy diet and physical activities they will become less conscious about body image and will focus more on health and fitness. 

5.Talk about social media reality: 

The other way is talk about social media reality. For instance, while watching any movie or television ad together tells them this is not reality. Tell them about fake beauty standards that our media promoting these days. 

Tell them in reality there are people of different weighs different colors and with different heights. This is the best way to discriminate between reality and fakeness of social media. In this way your teen will not get inspire from thin and fair models.  

6.Develop self confidence in kids: 

The other way to prevent teen from body image issue is give them a strong sense of self. According to me this is the solution of every problem that you can face during parenting of kid. Teach your kids to be themself. 

Tell them you are unique and perfect with attributes that matter more than anything. A teen with strong self confidence will never become a victim of body image issues in teens. 

7.Watch out for toxic relationships

When your teen is involved in toxic friends or peers or people it can cause a lot o unwanted influence on your teen. As parents it is our duty to be aware of the friendship that your kids have. And if you find them tangled in toxic relationship. You need to step up and help your teen overcome and get over the relationship. 


How to help my teen not have body image issues is common question a lot of parents ask. 

Let me tell you that this process is not a process of one or two days. As a parents the success is only one when our kids grow to be a stable and confident person. 

We sure need to play an important and vital role on this. And the most effective way is to do things that prevent your teen from getting into trouble. 

Hence, we have concluded that there is a possibility to escape the body image issue altogether. It takes a prepared mindset of parents to strive ways to keep their kids away from the harm of the body-image issue. 

Parents are inborn with the instinct to always keep their children away from any kind of harm. Body image issue is not any different. It is vital for parents to find ways to keep their children getting trap in the ugliness of body image. 

As a parent, myself, I hope you found the above pointers insightful. 

God Bless!!..

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