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Our Purpose

Purpose of this blog is help parents better their parenting skills to have a positive impact on their children and help in building rock solid foundation for their little one.

Our practical and easy parenting tips, ideas and suggestions are aimed to make it easy for parents to face the challenges of parenthood head on.

And overcome it successfully and raise happy and healthy kids.

Our ultimate aim is to we make the world a better place for our children. One blog post at a time.

In Short about Our Blog

About Me..

Hi There,

I am Thabitha David (Pet Name: TooToo).

I am a MBA graduate. Specialised in Human Resources.

I have been in the corporate space right from after college till now. Almost a decade and a half of experience there. I have been a Human resource specialist all along.

Have worked in Tier 1 companies most of my working life. I have been quite successful at it too.

And then .. Slowly, months turned to years and years to decades..


When you working in corporate long enough you start feeling the grass is greener on the other side. To be an entrepreneur. working for own self etc.. I am no different some call it mid life crises.. I say it is coming in terms with myself.

Whatever be the reason, Here I am.

With last 5 years of hard work on myself to come in terms with a simple statement “I am Thabitha”.

Not the “Bla.. bla bla titles the corporate world has given me”. Which is what I was identifying myself with.

And finally I am able to venture out. To figure out who I am and my true potential.


So, I planned to run a playschool.

Being a mother of three amazing kids. And being a working mother all along.

I always felt the void in the playschool system where kids were not allowed to be just kids. To run along, play and enjoy each day of childhood.

I felt the current system has too much of pressure in terms of academic excellence and other peer pressures.

I painfully saw this almost kill the spirit of my kids.

I was almost helpless since I had to get up and go to work and leave kids at the mercy if the education system we had created.

I fully understood my plight and had the nudge to do something about it.

Create something where kids can be kids while they develop a very strong foundation that they can fall back on when they face life.

What happened?…

COVID Pandemic happened. Because of COVID situation had to put my plans on hold.

However wanted to continue with my plan. Hence started developing my schools website yellowplayschool.com.

One things is when you start an entrepreneur journey. you pretty much are the head and the tail and everything in-between to your business. No more fancy teams or reportees.

So, started working on my idea of how a ideal school should be and how to translate it to a curricula etc..

Then??…What am I doing blogging?..

I wrote so much content for my website that my website developer (Raja: rajapantham.com) said he won’t take the job till I trim it down. Ha..

But it was all my hard work., I cried.. He said .. then have a blog.. write what you want, share your experience and thoughts.

This will help in term of back-links to your school website. But more importantly it will help other parents.

And someone out there might just need that.

And …Viola! .. Here I am. An accidental blogger.

Who is the Yellow Team?.

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

No man is an island. We are a group of educators, professionals, teachers, friends, like minded individuals.

And above all mothers and grandmothers who work together with me inspiring , guiding and giving inputs as we address each topic.

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