All You Need to know about Chores for Your Teenager

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Chores for Your Teenager : Can you recall how your parents taught you to do household chores? Maybe back then, you mostly argued with your mother or father because you were lazy to do some household tasks.

Or maybe before you followed the instructions of your parents you come up first with so many excuses like “Sorry mom I can’t do it” or the usual excuse of the teenager “I’ll do it later”.

I wonder if you also missed the rewards that you can get from doing some basic household chores maybe an additional allowance or a leeway. Time really flies right?

Now you are a parent and it is your time to teach your teenager some chores that they can do.

You are lucky because your parents put some efforts to teach you some household chores. Imagine your life as a parent without knowing how to cook meals for your family or do laundry; Can you imagine how much struggle you would have had as an adult?

But, what are the chores that you can entrust to your teenager? What are the age appropriate chores that you can give to them?  Do not worry, in this article I will pen down the chores for your teenager.

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Chores for Your Teenage

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Why giving teenagers household chore is important?

Let us first discuss why you should let your teenager do and learn some chores. Isn’t it enough if you do it on your own since you are the parent?

One of the most important parts of parenting a teen, is to teach your teenager how to fulfill responsibilities. Your child’s development can only be achieved once they are fully independent. This can be achieved when you delegate chores for your teenager to do.

Independent means, they can stand and do things on their own even without your guidance. Knowing that your teen is independent can give you the assurance that they will be fine.

One thing that can help you raise your teenager to be independent is by making them do some basic household chores.

Things that they can do inside the house that can give them a sense of responsibility.

Teaching your teen household chores means helping them to be ready for the future.

It is like an informal schooling where you teach them real life skills that they can always rely on. This simple task can help them be ready and be more responsible.

Giving chores to your teenager is also very effective way to keep your teenager positively engaged. They say and idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.

So, when your teen is engaged there are less chances of your teen to engage in other risk-taking taking behaviours or activities that are hinder their growth. Such as sex, drugs and alcohol.

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Remember that it is your responsibility to prepare your teenager for the future.

You do not want them to be incapable of handling simple tasks and responsibilities. You want them to be a better citizen and someday a good parent.

That is why, it is important to know the chores you can give to your teenager so that you can make them a better individual.

10 Common chores for your teenager and their hidden benefits

Chores for your teenager
All You Need to know about Chores for Your Teenager
  • Chores like sweeping, picking up things and putting it back in their respective places and vacuuming helps your teen to develop patience, increases concentration and teaches them discipline to complete the job.
  • Keeping the bathroom neat and clean: learning to keep the bathroom clean instills the importance of personal health and hygiene and teaches cleanliness.
  • Chores like sweeping, picking up things and putting it back in their respective places and vacuuming helps your teen to develop patience, increases concentration and teaches them discipline to complete the job.
  • Keeping the bathroom neat and clean: learning to keep the bathroom clean instills the importance of personal health and hygiene and teaches cleanliness.
  • Washing or cleaning the family car, or removing snow from the driveway are chores that instill teamwork and service mindedness where you contribute for the benefit of others. It also helps in family bonding.
  • When teens are given chores like laundry and Ironing, or cleaning and tidying, you are increasing their self-awareness. They become more aware of the mess they make. They start appreciating and respecting members of the family when parents do this work for them.
  • Chores like shopping for family or having a yard sale or setting a lemonade store etc… can teach your teen money management and financial planning. It also kindles their entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them take part time jobs to earn some extra money.

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  1. When your teenager does the chore of removing, or picking up clutter, cleaning a mess or making their bed, it is shown to reduce anger, achieve goals and help them to be better organized.  When they see their clean space, they feel pride, and this boosts their self-esteem.
  2. I have read that chores like clearing the trash can help your teen develop better hygiene and become stress free, confident and make them feel useful and productive.
  3. Cooking: getting your teenager to help you with cooking helps them to learn to become independent and self-sufficient. Cooking is messy play for a teenager. They reap all the sensory benefits of messy play. 
  4. Chores like taking care of a younger sibling, or a pet or plants in the garden are amazing ways your teen can learn responsibility.
  5. When you entrust your kid with the responsibility to turn off electrical gadgets or lights, fan, AC when they not in use. It teaches then the importance of saving energy. It also teaches them the importance of money and saving money.

Chores help teenagers to be successful in life. It helps them with their self-confidence and also teachers them discipline. To know in detail about these topics you can read our blog How to develop self-confidence in your teenager and How-To effectively discipline your teenager respectively.

Few fun facts about chores

  • 87% of Children do chores
  • 96% of children complain of chores
  • 82% of adults who did chores as kids have only 28% of their own kids do chores. Based on survey conducted by Braun Research. 
  • 55% of children prefer play than doing chores
  • 91% of parents think children do not do enough chores.
  • 28% of kids get allowance doing cores
  • 20% reduction of stress and anxiety when we engage in moping floor just of 20 minutes. As per British journal of sports and medicine
  • Average age of starting chores is 4.5 yrs.
  • Top chores children do is Picking up things around the house
  • Chores children least resist is taking care for pets, helping with cooking, or setting the table.
  • Least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom
  • Most common chores parents give are doing dishes, laundry, and vacuuming.

(Picked from; Cozi family insights, 2012)

Chores for your teenager make your teenager smart. To Know others ways you can help make your teenager smart read our article How to Train you teenager to be smart

Classification of chores for your teenager

You must put in mind that teenager needs guidance or supervision from you if you want them produces your expected output.

They need to be instructed first or ideally you must demonstrate how to do a specific chore so that your teenager will learn how to do it.

There are different classifications of chores that you could teach your teenager, we can classify them into different categories, and these are:

Self-care chores for your teenager

These chores are basically referring to tasks that any teenager must learn. As your teenager grows up, they must be self-aware, and they must build self-responsibility.

Chores for self-care are any chores that related to the wellbeing of your teenager.

You must teach them about self-care because it has a great impact on their overall development as a teen.

To be specific self-chores are tasks that they can do inside their room and it also includes some good benefits on their personal hygiene.

  • Fixing the bed every morning.
  • Changing the pillowcase and bed sheet once a week.
  • Sun drying their undergarments and Socks weekly.
  • Fluffing pillows and bed and rugs and sun drying them fortnightly.
  • Organizing books in the bookshelves.
  • Vacuuming or mopping their own room.
  • Putting away garbage out of their room.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of their personal things.
  • Putting their laundry in assigned places.
  • Removing dirt and dusting their windows.
  • Cleaning their bathroom sink and toilet once a week.
  • Arranging their school materials such as bags and portfolio into proper places.
  • Folding their cloths and Organizing their wardrobe

These are just some of the self-care chores that your teenager must learn, to be a better individual. These are simple tasks and your teenager will not have any problem about it.

All you need to do is to make sure that these chores are being implemented by your teenager.

Self care chores for your teenager makes your teenager reap benefits of being physically healthy. Which is very important for the over all mental wellbeing.  Know in detail about mental well being in our article How to influence your teenager’s mental well-being

Chores for your teenager that teaches family responsibility

Motivate Your Kids

Aside from chores for self-care, teenager must also learn chores that teach family responsibility.

Meaning to say, it is not just about their personal obligation inside their room. These are important chores for a teenager, to learn to be responsible.

Give your teenager a task or chores inside the house that is mandatory for them to do.

These will make them realize that they also have an obligation in the family. But do not worry, these are task that any teenager can do.

Here is the list …

  • Scheduled washing dishes.
  • Doing laundry.
  • Cooking meals or preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner (2 meals a week).
  • Wiping or cleaning tables and chairs.
  • Helping in cleaning the backyard or garage.
  • Helping siblings for school assignment.
  • Watering the plants/garden.
  • Feeding the pet and cleaning the pet.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Vacuuming the living room, dining room, hallways.
  • Changing the carpets.
  • Checking the mailbox/ picking up mails.
  • Arranging/ organizing the dining room.
  • Babysit siblings.
  •  Cleaning surfaces/ dusting appliances

These are just some of the chores that can teach family responsibility to your teenager. Make sure that you are assigning chores that your teen can do.

Demonstrate it first to your teenager. Especially complex tasks such as cooking a meal. Because it takes time and practice to learn to cook a meal.

So, show the process and share your knowledge about cooking and then if you think that your teenager can do it give her/him a chance.

Supervise them. Because for sure there is some process that still needs your presence. Do this for couples of times until your teenager is used to it.

The next list is chores that can teach social responsibility to your teenager. These are tasks that involve other people or socialization. This is important to develop the communication skill of your teenager.

Family responsibility chores for your teenager helps in building emotional bonding with family members. This bonding is very critical to help your teen overcome teenage related issues such as anger outburst, mood swings, back-answering etc..

Read more about these issues in our articles..

Social responsibility chores for your teenager

All You Need to know about Chores for Your Teenager

Before you let your teenager do these chores, make sure that they are ready, and they know how to do it.

Teach them first or demonstrate it to them.

  • Buying groceries.
  • Paying bills.
  • Paying tuition fees.
  • Picking up siblings.
  • Attending school meetings.
  • Taking the pet to veterinarian.
  • Washing or vacuuming the car.
  • Throwing garbage.
  • Gardening work such as trimming bushes, weeding or mowing lawn.
  • Help in redecoration or landscape work.
  • Pick unused items and arrange yard sale
  • Clear driveway (leaves or snow)
  • Clean and dust outdoor items.

These chores can help them develop not only their sense of responsibility but also their communication skills because it requires them to get in touch with another person or family member.

For example, when you let your teenager buy groceries, they will have to learn how to interact with other people.

Chores for your teenager that inculcates social responsibility helps your teenager form good social circles and social connections . Good friendship and social circles help your teen develop better as a person.

You can read about how to help you teenager choose the right type of friends in our article How-to help your teen to choose right friends.

5 Effective ways to get your teenager to do chores

Also I know that it is not easy to let teenager do chores, most of the time they will argue with you. Because some teenagers don’t want to do household chores. So there are some points that you have to remember to help teach your teen some household chores.

Points to remember

  • Set your expectations very clear. Make sure that they know what their responsibilities are. Also, ensure they have time for chores. Try to make a schedule and stick to this schedule. Do not give them chores in a haphazard manner it only will lead to resistance and a lot of negotiation. Also ensure that your teenager has time in their busy life to do these chores. Do not overwhelm them and in turn cost stress and anxiety.
  • Explain to your teenager the importance of learning a certain task. Let them know the value of the task that you want them to do. The more you explain the reason to your teenager, the better they can understand it.
  • Teenagers do not agree with anything about chores especially in the first try. So, be patient and train them. You will have to teach your teenager a couple of times before they can do it on their own. Help them when they are struggling. So that they do not get demotivated and give up all together.
  • Encourage your teenager. Simply saying “Nice job!” or “nice try” can make your teenager feel better. No matter the outcomes, make sure to acknowledge the efforts of your teenager. And give them the needed praise.
  • Your teenagers deserve some rewards if they have done something good, right? Rewards can give them motivation to do chores. You can give them additional allowance or a leeway. Or give them something that they really like.

Read article How to Get your Point Across to Your Teenager to know effective ways in which you can communicate with your teenager.

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As teenagers grow up, there are certain things that they need to understand and learn. Your teenager must learn some useful things that they can use. Teens must learn to be responsible individuals so that they can give something to the community.

You can say it to your teenager all over again, but the best method to teach useful skills and instill a sense of responsibility is by giving them chores. Give your teenager chores that they can do inside or outside the house.

Also, Chores for your teenager helps your teenager in many ways and it is one of the solutions for many teenage related issues. You can browse on teenage related topics using the link give -> Parenting Challenges Faced While Raising Teens.

I am sure you do not want your teenager to be a lazy and an incapable individual right? You want them to be a good and capable person.

So, Even if your teenager argues and nags or negotiates with you, be gentle but firm that it is something necessary for their life.

And soon, in very short years you will be rewarded by having one independent and self-confident adult who has all the needed skills to face life ahead.

God Bless!!

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