Our Blog and the Blog’s Purpose

Shades of Yellow logo. Shades of Yellow is a Parenting blog addressing day to day parenting challenges parents face.

Blog Purpose

The Blog Purpose is to help parents in their parenting Journey.

This will in turn help them better their parenting skills to have a positive impact on their children.

While will help in building rock solid foundation for their little one.

Why this blog purpose ?

With children being our future. It is our small attempt to make an impact to make the future a better one for our children and their generation.

The blog concentrates on day to day parenting challenges which we as parents face. With simple and easy ideas, tips and suggestions to help us along the way.

The challenges faced by parents at each stage of their child raising are different and we understand that.

Hence we have categorized them age-wise so that you will gain maximum out of our blog. On the challenges you are currently facing with your child.

Our Categories are ..

We also have special categories for Parents and for New Parents.

For general tips for a healthy child development. We have categorized topics under our category Child Development.

I hope and pray our tips and ideas are useful to your. And we live up to our Blog purpose.

Happy Reading!…

God Bless!!…

P.S: If you want us to research and write about any specific children and parenting related topic.

Which you feel you we have not addressed in this blog. Feel free to leave in your comments below. We will surly look into it and see how to help.