How can fathers’ bond with the baby?

Fathers’ bond with the baby

Fathers’ bond with the baby – Everyone talks about the importance of mother and baby bond all the time. What about the bond with the other parent? Doesn’t the father have a role of building a bond with the baby? Doesn’t the father have an equal share to the baby’s emotional growth through bonding?

The role of a father is equal to that of the mother. The father should work towards building a special relationship with the new arrival in the family.

This bond creates a special relationship which is beneficial for both the child and the father.

The bond between a baby and father could be a little tricky because the mother is primarily involved with fulfilling most of the baby’s needs viz feeding.

Besides, the mother and the baby bond had a head start before the baby was even born. So how can a father build a bond with baby?

Read ahead to find out.

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Bonding with the baby is crucial for a healthy development of the brain and the body. Both the mother and the father should put efforts to develop a healthy bond with the baby. There are many ways for both parents to develop this special bond.

Both parents can take turns to do various things with the baby. This way both parents can have breaks while building the unbreakable bond with their children.  

The Father’s worry

Fathers worry about various things when the newborn arrives. Many fathers feel left-out. Fathers’ bond with the baby is not like that of a mother.

The mother gets to keep the baby in the womb for 9 months and when the baby comes out, the mother and the baby are wrapped up in their own little world.

This might seem the case but there is a lot a father can do to connect with the baby.

The father should not feel that the baby is well connected to the mother only and that he cannot do much. The father should not feel like it is a competition with the mother. And mothers should help Fathers’ bond with the baby.

He should dive in and develop a strong connection with the baby and leave all his worries behind. Besides, this bond will also help develop a stronger bond among the parents.

There are lot of benefits of being an involved father. We have written a detailed article about the benefits a child gets. When they are grown up with the father who is in involved in child raising. Along with some published facts that back this claim. Read article our article 11 Amazing ways FATHER’S contribute to child’s success.

11 Ways Fathers’ bond with the baby

skin to skin contact for increased bonding.

Skin to Skin contact

It is a very common way for a mother to connect with the baby with skin to skin contact. However, it is recommended by doctors that a father should also have a skin to skin contact when the baby arrives.

Fathers should take off their shirt and put the baby on the chest and wear a cozy blanket to cover them both. This is a great opportunity to bond and benefit from the release of Oxycontin.

Baby a massage it also has the same effect. Try occasionally to participate in giving your baby a good massage oil rub. It will not only help in relaxing your baby but will also develop a good bond with you.

Singing to the baby

Fathers can pick out a song or two and sing it to the baby. The singing can start as early as the stage of pregnancy. Yes, you heard me right. Fathers can sing to their baby right when the baby is in the mother’s womb.

At first, it might feel odd but then after some time, he will get used to singing to the baby. It is beneficial for both the father and the baby. Fathers’ bond with the baby develops immensely though this.

In detail, the singing will help the baby in development Communication, vocabulary, and music sense. And for the father it can also be a good stress relieving activity where he can just sing his heart out to this new-born without being judged.

It is a win-win for both!

If you like to know more about the benefits of singing to a baby read the detail article Benefits of singing to your baby

Establish a greeting routine when returning from home

A father can also develop a special greeting when returning from work every day. Special greeting routine which only the father can follow when he greets is baby.

Example of simple peekaboo every time the father meets the baby after he comes back from work. Husband followed this.

And the little one when she started crawling, would almost rush to the door the minute she hears the car getting parked. Just to have the small little game played with her father.

This may seem a very small gesture, but overtime, the glee will show the baby’s face when that doorbell rings. Will start expecting this game.

The minute the father picks up the baby after coming home from work, he or she will be happy over the moon.

You do not even have to wait for the baby to become bigger and start telling you their happiness. Within few days you will start seeing that the baby is responding to this. And the babies body language would be proof enough for the fathers’ bond with the baby.

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Reading to the baby

Reading to a baby is another great way for a father and a baby to develop a special bond. It is beneficial for the baby as it helps in developing the first concept of reading independently.

By Reading the same book repeatedly helps the baby to get familiar with some of the words. With so many benefits of reading, why not jump in and create a special bond at the same time.

Reading is also one of the easiest and quickest way fathers’ bond with the baby. The benefits of reading a numerous and we have written a detail article about this. DO YOU KNOW HOW READING BENEFITS YOUR BABY?

And another article on How to choose a baby book and to read to your baby. How to Read to your Baby: 7 Simple Techniques.

Have a Schedule for One on One time with your baby

Father contribution to child development

Sometimes it is better to have a fixed schedule where fathers can have a one on one time with their babies.

It can be late in the evening walk. Or a weekend visit to the playground. Go for a drive on a Sunday afternoon. Or visit to a neighborhood shop/mall.

By having a planned schedule your baby will get used to the routine and will not get anxious with sudden burst of activity. And land up crying or feeling anxious.

To know more about anxiety issues in a baby you can read article How-To deal with anxiety in Babies & Toddlers.

Also, such planner schedule will help people in the family to prepare the baby for the Outing /Activity. Such as feed the baby and make the baby take rest so that the baby is active and not tired during the outing with the father. And this causes less stress and an enjoyable outing for both. And Fathers’ bond with the baby is richer.  

This does not mean fathers cannot have ado activities with their baby. Fathers can also steal the opportunities during a week whenever time permits, and your baby is active to develop a special bond with his baby.

These special little things will be cherished till the stage of adulthood for the baby.

Involve baby in your day today activities

You can involve your baby in your day today activities. You need not go out of your way to entertain your baby. But by having a baby around when you carry your routine jobs is good enough to establish bonds with your baby.

Fathers could carry on the routine for going out to bicycle like he used to before the baby arrived. Just pop the baby in the basket and enjoy. There are also other ways to exercise while spending a quality time with the baby.

The father can go out for a walk with the baby in the stroller. If they like gardening they can have the baby in a baby seat or stroller so your baby can watch you while you are tending to your garden.

If you have a pet, you can have your baby on your lap. In that way both your baby and your pet would feel equally important and gain your attention and be happy.

If you like to know more on how to prepare or introduce your back to your baby hey read article 19 ~ Amazingly simple ways to introduce your baby to pets.

Eye to eye contact

look into the baby's eyes when you talk to them

Some simple gestures with the baby will go a long way in development of building a bond.

A father can play with the baby, hold him or her, or just a simple eye contact and smile can do wonders.

These things may seem very small, but it will sure make the baby feel excited as soon as she or he hears the presence of you coming in the room.

Babies can feel each little thing. They can even recognize the footsteps of the parents when entering the room!

A simple direct eye contact with your baby when you are greeting your baby. Or you are smiling at your baby can make your baby feel that they can trust you. It will make the baby feel very secure and relate to you better.

Fun bath times!

The father can give the newborn a bath even. There is no tag that says that a mother has got to give the bath every time.

With proper precautions of someone helping in and out of the bathtub, he can enjoy giving the little one a bath.

From the time my kid was 3 months old till about 2 yrs. My husband would often help in giving kids a bath. This was one of the keyways fathers’ bond with the baby.

Keep in mind that a baby is very slippery when wet so take proper precautions.

Dressing the baby

Let us face it! A baby needs to be dressed at least three times during a day. A father can pitch in and dress up the baby.

This will create a special bond and it can also make the mother happy to get some help around the house.

Once your baby starts rolling over. Take the needed safety precautions to avoid an accident while nappy change or dressing up your baby. To know more about the safety issues that you need to watch out for. Read our article SAFETY WATCH OUT!! ~ WHEN baby start ROLLING- OVER.

This opportunity of dressing the baby will make both the mother and the baby happy at the same time while Fathers’ bond with the baby.

Feeding the baby

Yes, a mother can breast feed and develop the special bond. A father should not feel left out.

It is an excellent idea to feed the baby purees at the age of six months. Baby talking and feeding the baby that delicious bowl of food will sure make him or her giggly. This can be turned into a fun time for both the baby and the father.

If you do not know how to baby talk, we have addressed this in our trending article How- To TALK to your baby ~ Baby Talk. To get you started.

Play with your baby

father and baby playing together

Unlike mothers, Fathers have a unique way of playing with their baby. By nature, it is more physical thank how a mother play. This helps your baby develop his gross motor skills.

Sometimes I have seen my husband throw the baby up in the air and catch. Every time he does that my heart skips a beat. Yet my sons and my daughter have laugh away to glory when they had played this way with their father.

One of the other games that he loves playing with them is to pin them to the bed so that they wriggle themselves out of his clutches.

A little bit of a rough and tough way of playing is mainly how a man interacts, I guess. This is good for baby’s physical development.

There are other the ways in which you can help you baby in their physical development. Read our article How-To Improve Physical Development in Your Baby to know the same.


A baby comes into the world alone and helpless. It is the responsibility of the parents to make that baby feel safe and secure. The child should have someone to turn to when he or she is hurt or scared.

Mothers have a head start in building this special with the baby. Nevertheless, Fathers’ bond with the baby should not stop because of this. A father should not feel lost in developing the same kind of bond.

There are many ways to develop a strong bond for the fathers as well. It only takes some effort to build an everlasting bond. There are lot of simple every day-today activity that if done right will have a positive impact on your baby. If you like to know what they are and how to participate in these activities read our article 12 Everyday activities that WILL impact baby’s development.

The fathers can do simple things and consistently. These little things are the key in developing a strong relationship with the baby.

The baby will soon recognize these simple one on one quality time and will enjoy with giggles and laughs. When you do this right and well. The only thing you will need to worry about is that your spouse might get jealous when the baby chooses you over them.

God Bless!!

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