Why is my Baby Crying? Tips to calm your crying Baby

Calm your crying baby

Calm your crying baby: After becoming a mother, I started experiencing all new things in my life. Arrival of this new born was very thrilling. Her first cry was a sigh of relief and happiness that she is fine.

At that time, I had no idea that crying was going to be the main way of communication between us for the next few months.

If you have babies you will hear crying a lot because this is the only way they can talk to you. It would have been easy if each of their cries were specific to their needs and easy to understand but often not.

If your baby is crying, your heart throbs, blood pressure goes up and hands start to sweat. And if the cry happens at some adoc time where you are not able to figure out why the little on is crying. I have ended up crying with a little one, wondering what’s wrong with him.



Sometimes it is also quite natural to have a feeling that being a mother you cannot even do this very basic task to soothe him. First thought that bothers you as a parent is that there is some physical problem with my child.

Babies cry for a number of reasons and when they cry, they bring tears to the mother’s eyes. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the reasons and tricks to handle them. This can help both you are the baby to feel better.

calm your crying baby
calm your crying baby |

Tips and Tricks to calm your crying baby

We have put together a list of ideas how to calm your crying baby. You can try them very patiently and you can find out which idea works best for your case.

calm your crying baby

Keep record of feeding time

Keeping record of a feeding time will prevent your child from crying because of hunger. Try to understand his signs of hunger.

E.g. My nephew will move his head and will put hand in his mouth and start sucking. He will also try to search for my sister to get his belly filled with milk.

Also, I have seen that if a baby is very hungry, his movements are bigger. His screams are much louder and more alarming.

He lifts up and his mouth movements are more active. He has a very little stomach and he starts feeling hungry very quickly.

This hunger makes him cry. By picking him up and breast feeding him. You will be able to calm your crying baby. And he will be voraciously leaching on for milk.

Main Points:

  • Have a feeding schedule
  • Understand his signs of hunger

Burp your baby

Calm your crying baby by helping him to burp

If you have missed his feeding schedule and you get alerted by his hunger cries. And If you feed a child when he is very hungry, he will be forced to swallow it as fast as he or she can.

Just like how we adults grab food and eat quickly if we are very hungry and land up over eating. It’s the same for babies also.

Babies overfeed and becomes very uncomfortable. Its is also ok to stop feed if you have a hunch that the baby is drinking too fast and too long. To prevent over feeding.

To help baby relax post feed, have a habit of burping your child after he or she eats.

I have found the best way to burb a kid is to have his tummy rest on your shoulder bone and cup your hand and pat gently on his back.

A good burp relaxes him and he is most likely to settle back to routine than cry feeling uncomfortable.

Main Points

  • Don’t wait till the baby cries to feed.
  • Ensure baby is not over fed.
  • Burp Baby after feed.

Change the diaper

Check if the diaper is wet or soiled, change it immediately.

Some babies react very quickly when the diaper is dirty and they cry right away, while some babies do not react.

Also, my kids tend to have a bowel movement within half hour of being fed. So, it is easy to spot and clean before it gets uncomfortable to the baby.

Also, Baby rashes are also a common cause of crying, so it is important that you use a diaper of good quality and change it often.

Also uses rash cream every time you change a diaper and try to provide him some diaper free time. This will help a lot and will calm your crying baby if he was crying because he was uncomfortable or has a burning sensation.

If it is possible use cloth diapers. Yes, a bit of a work for the mother and a bit messy. But it is very good for your baby skin, health and hygiene.

Esp. for my daughter and my niece it was a mandatory cloth diaper during day time. Sun drying these cloth diapers after watching is the best way to naturally disinfect cloths.

Main Points

  • Check if diaper is soiled and change.
  • Check for diaper rash.
  • Use cloth diaper is possible.

Check the dressing

Check if your babies cloths are comfortable

Dress your kid according to his comfort. Maybe he is crying due to the uncomfortable dress.

Do not overdress your child. He just needs one extra layer of clothing than yours.

Choose a comfortable dress for him which keeps him warm. His dress should be according to the weather.

Too much wrapping also causes irritation and discomfort.

If you feel your baby is uncomfortable due to his dress. Remove one layer at a time and watch for his reaction. See if it calms your crying baby. Also check if any buttons or hooks are poking your baby.

Main Points:

  • Dress baby comfortably
  • One Additional layer of cloth than adult is enough
  • Dress as per the weather condition
  • Check for loose buttons / hooks.

Be close to your baby

Massage your baby to keep him calm

Babies like feelings of closeness. Sometimes when your baby is crying, he just wants to embrace you.

Put his head on your shoulder. He likes that you carry him and work.

He wants to see you all the time. You can use a baby carrier to move around with your baby.

He will love the sound of your steps and will remain busy in exploring new things.

I also noticed what worked like a charm for me is to hold the baby with his ears pressed against my left chest.

The rhythm of your heart beat is something babies are familiar with right from the time they are in the womb. That soothes your baby a lot and it usually helps to calm your crying baby.

Massage Time

One of the reasons for crying can be tiredness. They also try to fight sleep. Also, an aching hands and legs part of growing pains can be a trigger to cry.

A good massage can relax and calm your crying baby. Any baby oil can be used for this and if the oil is not available, even your gentle touch can fulfil the purpose.

Baby's Development

How to give a massage which your baby will love…

  • Gently rub his hands & palms
  • Move his toes and massage his feet
  • Massage his back from up to down
  • Massage arms and legs
  • Make circles on chest, stomach and belly button

In our Tamilian culture we used to use Castor Oil. It is a bit thing and pungent. We buy castor oil. Heat it and cool it down and store it. We use it to give baby a massage around 30 mins before bath. Castor oil is a very good moisturizer and also helps in combatting blemishes and keeps the baby skin smooth.

Even now for my grown-up kids. When they are in the mood and have patience to sit for a massage, I use castor oil.

Main Points:

  • Massage to relax baby
  • Massage with oil 30 min prior to bath.

Give him a bath

Sometimes babies are stimulated by baths with warm water. Once this bath time routine is set, it will help them enjoy this everyday routine of bathing and chilling.

My kids would rest better if they have a good evening bath with a little bit of massage prior.

Main points

  • Have lukewarm water
  • Massage prior to bath
  • Let baby splash and play

Bath is one of the every day activity that you can enjoy with your baby which will also help in your baby development. If you like to know the other activities that can help in your baby development don’t miss to read our article 12 everyday activities that WILL impact baby’s development .

Swaddle Your Baby

Swaggle your baby and wrap him up to keep him warm

Wrap him in a blanket so he feels cosy and sleep longer.

Sometimes babies want to put their hands out of blankets so they can suck their fingers or play with them.

Do not discourage this habit. They like it a bit hot n cold I suppose. And it is ok as long as it calm your crying baby.

My elder son liked to have a small cotton thread ball in his band. Which was the end of his blanket and hold it and sleep.

My Daughter liked to hold my arm and then sleep. So, leave it to whatever they feel is comfortable. Don’t get worried about it that they may form a habit. I have seen both my kids grow out of it by the time they are in preschool.

Shushing Sound can help

By doing so baby will focus on shushing sound and it will distract his attention from crying.

In this modern world we have many hand free options for fussing babies e.g. automatic swings and cradles etc.

But this age-old technique of “Ssshhhh..” “Sssshhh…” While rocking your baby holding him close to you works like a charm. Why don’t you give it a try?

Start singing

sing or play music to your baby. it helps in language development.

The voice of a mother is always very calming for kids. Sing him a lullaby. He does not know whether you are singing perfectly or not, he just loves your voice and this familiar voice gives him calmness.

He feels that whenever something bad happens, you are there to help him. By listening to your voice, he feels safe and sound.

Also, when you sing to your baby. You introduce his to the world of music, melody, tone and pitch.

I always sang to my kids. Songs that has been of comfort to me. And for each kid I had one particular song for sleep. When my kid hears that song he or she settles into a sleep.

For my elder son it was “No Never alone…”, My second one has a Tamil song “Nee sandu thungu chellam mai..”, My Daughter had “little eyes… little eyes… go to sleep”.

Even now at 18 and 16 yrs. When they give me a chance to talk to them before they go to sleep and I ask them if they want me to sing to them. It still works like a charm.

Main Points

  • Sing to your baby when he is crying.
  • Have a separate song for sleep routine.

Introduce new things

Record the voice of your crying baby and make him listen to this. By doing so he will forget crying.

Give him stuffed musical toys to divert his attention from crying.

My grandma would startle the baby a little bit with a loud clang of utensil or just a noise. The baby stops in its tracks and wonders what just happened. This will give a temporary diversion but not a sustainable solution.

But when the baby is crying just because he is bored this technique breaks a cranky chain.

Let baby be on his own

Turn off lights, give him a pacifier and put him in swings. Let him just be a bit on his own.

This will calm down the child because carrying him all the time is not a solution. Sometimes he just wants peace.

I have at times turned my back to the baby as he sleeps next to me so that he does not do things to get my attention when he looks at my face.

My second one easily used to calm down immediately when I do that and start playing on his own.

Go Outside

Take your baby outdoors

Fresh air can do wonders. Changes in temperature, light, sound, air and smells help to change the mood.

If the weather is not favourable and you cannot take him out then take a drive because this time it is essential to change the environment of a mother and a child.

If the location changes, the mood of a baby also changes. Taking him out relieves the stress of mother and a crying baby.

Also, you baby will reap all the benefits of exposure to sunlight. Know more by clicking on this link to our article 20 Astonishing benefits of sunlight for kids.

A word of caution. One of my nice made a habit of this and poor parents would take her out at odd times when she threw a fit. So that took some time to wean out.

Play with your child

Your baby wants your attention to grow emotionally and physically. Establish eye contact with him. He wants to talk to you.

Play with him because he also gets bored of his routine. Turn on some music, put some stuffed toys in front of him and enjoy.

There are many other ways to play with your baby without toys. We have outlined below some of the simple and common ways…

  • Cuddle with your baby by hugging him tight.
  • Kiss him lovingly. On his nose, totes, cheeks, forehead.
  • Talk to him with a lot of exclamation
  • Repeat doing things which make him laugh.
  • Find his tickle spots and tickle him.
  • Blow on his tummy and neck
  • Lift him up in the air. 
  • Clash utensils and make sounds for him to listen.
  • Use toys and hand or sock puppets and have a ventriloquism concert.

Messy play is also a vey powerful way of playing that will help in your baby development. If you like to know more to give the best to your baby read our article MESSY PLAY – Powerful benefits for your child.

Introduce him to siblings

Baby and his sister

Sometimes the sound of a toy, when siblings are playing around, also helps to distract the attention of the baby from crying. This also helps him to become familiar with his siblings.

My most common trick I used for my daughter is to give her to her brothers to hold. She immediately stops her cry and tries to play with them.

Sibling can be a lot of help to you to take care of your new born. The responsibility of engaging with your baby can be shared with the baby’s brothers and sisters. It also helps in a good bonding time for them.

Try colic excercise

A baby also cries due to colic. This is a sharp painful cry. And I have observed that the baby will try to pull his leg up to his stomach when he is struggling with colic.

 Few simple tricks I had used to avoid this problem are…

Lay him on your forearm on his tummy with his head on your hand. This will put pressure on the stomach and gas will be relieved.

Lay him on his back and push his knees up to his tummy for a few seconds, release and repeat. This will also help to get rid of colic problems.

In our culture we applied castor oil on the under belly of the baby to help him with stomach ach due to heat. A gentle massage helps in reliving the pain.

Note: If the problem persists then visit your doctor.

Calm him with white noise

If a baby is crying, turn-on vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or any other gadget.

I have seen parents switch on the TV or use mobile ring tones to divert attention of the baby and help her stop crying.

It does work. But my apprehension is that it is best not to get babies used to gadgets. Though they are very powerful in helping with temporary relief.

While you do have few more years to go before the baby can form a screen addiction. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you have time do glance through our article SCREEN ADDICTION IN KIDS – All you need to know with Tips.

Stuffy Nose

Calm your crying baby

Young babies can breathe with their nose only and if they have a stuffy nose they start crying.

Consult his doctor about the ways to clean his nose instead of cleaning on your own with the help of any gadget because veins of a baby are very sensitive.

Steam inhalation is something I have practiced for my kids. Just boiled water and place the bowl in front of you. And ask your spouse to you with a blanket while you are holding your baby tight on your lap.

Caution: Keep coming out for fresh air every 10 seconds or less so that your baby is not too hot. Do it just 3 or 4 times in a day. Not more than 30 c to 45 s in one sitting with micro breaks.  Also ensure your babies legs and hands are well within your clash and not loose.

Keep the place calm

This noisy world is new for your baby. He feels very uncomfortable in lights. To calm a fussy baby, turn off everything, and be calm.

This is especially helpful in the first few weeks of your baby’s birth. Because at that time everything will be new to him and can irritate him.

So in a calm, noiseless atmosphere your baby will easily get comfortable and this will help you calm your crying baby.

Few Notes to Parents


Your baby is not concerned about how much you love to hang out with friends or how much you love partying with them. Babies need a lot of sleep.

If your child does not get enough sleep, he or she may be irritable and may cry. If your baby’s sleep routine is often delayed, it may cause him to cry. Adjust your routine according to him.

Make sure he has his own comfort zone. His sleeping and eating timing are different from yours. Let him sleep properly and humbly request your guests not to be noisy.


Cuddle with your baby

Babies can get more agitated if they find you agitated. If you get worked up when he is crying. It is a good chance that your baby will cry more. Because she is now scared.

So, try to keep your emotions in control and appear calm to your baby. Your calm composure will be reassuring to your baby and will settle her down quickly.


Being patent with your crying baby is also a way of staying calm.  

However, Babies are clingy, sensitive, and irritable if they feel sick. When your baby is sick, he will cry in a different tone.

When he is sick. all bets are off… You will have to be only exercise patience and be loving with him as he fights to overcome his sickness.

Video Time: Expert opinion about how to calm crying baby


Basis my experience in growing up children and what I have observed others do. I have outlined above few tricks to calm down a crying baby.

There are also other many reasons babies cry. If your child cries for hours, look for symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea, rash and fever.

These are few of the possible reasons why your baby is crying.

If he does not stop crying despite your addressing these matters, and it feels impossible to calm your crying baby. And you are getting stressed out. You should consult with your babies paediatrician.

No one can understand him better than you.  If you feel uncomfortable or concerned call in for professional help.

I know while it is easy to dish out advice it can be difficult and frustrating at times to calm your crying baby. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that its only for few more months and not forever.

Do read our article on 15 Easy Practical Parenting Tips – For New Parents.

Let me assure u something. Just the way you forgot the horrible labour pains the minuet you herd your baby cry. You will forget the pain of this stage in no time and looks back at all this with pride and heart full of love.

God Bless!!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If Yes, show us love by sharing the blog post with your friends and loved ones. Together we can make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you have any tips or tricks how to calm your crying baby, please do share with us in your comments below. This will help us to make our blog better and above all your knowledge will benefit other parents also.

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