How-to effectively teach kids to respect others

Teach Kids respect others

Teach kids to respect others: What a wonderful site it is to see or talk to a kid who is well behaved, mannered and respectful.

And what a sore sight it is to see an ill-mannered and disrespectful kid.

Which of these kids will your kid fall to? Mine belonged to the first category till they were mid-teens. Then a lot of things changed.

However, I still can say they are by and large able to try and revert back due to the training and our house rules we have from the time they were young.

  • Do your kids not respect others?
  • Do you want to tell your kids why to respect others?
  • And want to teach your kids how to respect others?

As it is said that respect is about to give and take. When you respect others, they respect you in return. When kids are born, it becomes the responsibility of every parent to teach kids to respect others.

How to respect their parents. In this way, your kids will be respectful to others in the future.

In this article, you will come to know all you need to know about respect and how to deal with kids when they are disrespectful. You will also find many useful tips in this article.

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Introduction-What is respect?

Respect is how you treat or think about someone or something. If you respect your teachers and treat them well, you appreciate them and praise them.

Having respect for somebody means you appreciate him/her about who an individual is or how he/she acts. You can have respect for other people, and you can have respect for yourself.

Showing appreciation and respect to somebody means you act in a way that shows you care about their emotions and wellbeing.

Giving respect to others includes things like not calling individuals names. Treat individuals with kindness. Think enough about yourself that you don’t do things you know can hurt others.

Teach Kids respect others

When we respect others, we do follow;

  • Appreciate others
  • Obey our parents
  • Treat elders kindly
  • Should not resort to name calling because we care about them
  • Do not hit others
  • Do not hurt others
  • Obey our teachers
  • Do not point out others

Why is it important for kids to respect others?

Teach Kids respect others

It is important for us to teach kids to respect others. When kids respect others, they get a good reputation in society. They become good people for others. People like them and treat them with respect. If kids do not know what respect is or why they should respect others, and we don’t teach kids to respect others they cannot be respectful in the future. For example;

If you are sitting in a gathering. There are many kids who do not know how to respect others. These kids are shouting at their elders. They are not obeying their parents. They are not listening to their parents.

How will you feel about those kids?

How will their parents feel in front of others?

Definitely, you will think that their parents did not teach them how to respect others. You will not like those kids. On the other hand, the parents of those kids will feel embarrassment because of their kids’ conduct.

But if there are few children who respect others and obey their parents. You will like those kids. You will prefer to talk to them. Their parents will feel proud of their kids.

We can say that when kids give respect to others and treat them in a good way, they create a way to success and wellbeing.

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20 ways to teach kids to respect others?

Teach Kids respect others

We frequently forget that kids aren’t brought into the world with a feeling of respect for other people. We need to teach kids to respect others. Our kids should be taught to be respectful.

When kids are born, they do not speak. They just cry to communicate with others. They learn everything from their surroundings and parents.

But as children get older, it is our duty as guardians to encourage them. It is our responsibility to teach them every good thing and teach kids to respect others.

Unfortunately, many parents do not teach their kids how to respect others. That is why we see many adults arguing with their elders. They use bad language and attitude. This has become common in our society.

Follow these tips to teach kids to respect others;

Start teaching at an early age

Many parents do not start guiding their kids at an early age. They do not teach them good habits. They thought that their kids would learn by themselves. But this is wrong. Start teaching them at the very early age of your kids.

Start telling them what is good and what is bad. It will be difficult for you to teach later. Start guiding them at an early age.

Teach them responsibility and honesty

When your child is taught responsibility and honestly, they will behave responsibly. With responsibility comes manners and respect automatically.  Know more from our article How-To raise a responsible child

Introspect and Judge yourself and your home life

Before starting to teach your kids, examine yourself. Make sure that you are using proper language and respecting others.

Check the environment of your home. Make sure that all the family members are respecting each other. Your kids will learn from you and the other family members. Know more from our article How to build positive family relationship with your teen.

Respect your kids

If you want your kids to respect you and respect others then firstly respect your kids. Be a role model for your kids before you teach kids to respect others. When you respect your kids, they will respect you ultimately. Know more from our article 20 Important Things Children Learn by Observing You.

Use proper words

When you are talking to your kids be careful about the word choice. Choose proper words. Do not speak any foul word in front of your kids.

Sometimes in anger, parents do not care about words selection. This thing greatly affects your kids. Know more from our article words you speak.

 Apologize when using foul words

If by mistake you use any wrong word in front of your kids then you have to say sorry on the spot. If you do not clear it, your kids will adopt the same language.

Stay patient when your kids are being disrespectful

As we know that love is the best weapon to treat with your kids. When you think that your kids are being disrespectful be patient. Do not start criticizing your kids. Treat them with love. Tell them that this is not a good thing.

Teach your kids listening skill

To listen to others carefully is a part of respect. Teach your kids to listen to others with interest when they are talking to you. Tell your kids that if they will not listen carefully the other person will feel bad.

Set limitations

To teach your kids important ways to respect others you have to set limitations. Give proper instruction to your kids about what they should do and what not.

Set up a competition between your kids

After you have told them what is wrong and what is right you can set up a competition among your kids. Give them a period of a week. Tell them that you will notice everyone this week. At the end of the week, you will give a gift to someone who will not make any mistakes throughout the week.

Do not be over-friendly with your kids

You are parents, not friends of your kids. Maintain some distance between you and your kids. If you do not maintain distance, they will get over you. They will not bother that you are older.

Stories and examples

Teach your kids respect by giving them stories and examples. Examples can be from your life what you have experienced. Or from people around whom your child is also known to. You can also read stories about respect to your child during bed time or any other time. Know more from our article Storytelling to kids – Popular Trend these day.

Moral values

Build a moral value system in your child. This would be the guiding principles for your child and they will help your child develop respect and appreciation for everything around them. 

Know more from our article Surprising truth about Moral Values development in kids.

Manners and habits

Good manners and habits.  Bring about the needed pleasant behaviour in social settings and there by children being more respectful and appreciated. Know more from our article How-To Teach Good Manners to Your Kids?.

Teach them to respect belongings

When you teach kids to respect others it should not just be on people. But also respect for their belongings or things of themselves and others. Explain the value of things and the efforts that go into earning or making the thing.

Don’t over indulge them with things. Given them their needs not their wants. Teach them that they need to respect even if it is not their own things. And be grateful for what they have. 

Respect your husband/wife

Kids notice the way their parents treat each other. Before pointing out your kids you have to make sure that you are respecting each other. If you do not respect each other your kids will not respect you.

Work as a team

Teach Kids respect others

You and your spouse need to work as a team. There should be complete alignment between you and your spouse on what is acceptable behaviour and respect double standards.

In that way you will be passing down clear messages to your children. It will be counter-productive if one holds a higher standard of expectation and the other counters to it.

Use positive reinforcements as a tool

Appreciate and praise your kid when you find them behaving with respect. Highlight the times that they have behaved well and they have shown respect and be proud about it.

In that way it acts as a positive reinforcement on the behaviours that you expect them to display and they will end up making a practice of it.

Avoid personal opinions and biases

Be very sensitive to the fact that your personal opinions and biases will be mirrored by your child. If you are someone who disrespect another person based on gender, caste, Creed, social status for any other reasons. The same biases have high likelihood to be carried on by your child. And their respect for that individual based on these biases will be shaken.

Set clear expectations

The message of what is respectful and what is not needs to be set very clearly with your child. Be it the language, the vocabulary, the tone, the mannerism and anything else that belongs to this category.

 All needs to be spelt out to your child. So that your child understands the behaviour that is accepted and expected out of them. Also set clear consequences should your child not display this behaviour.

7 basic social interaction kids to teach your kid

To teach kids to respect others means you also need to teach them the needed social skills. If your kids have learned how they should respect their parents then tell them respecting others is also important.

Following points will help you to tell your kids how to interact with others;

  1. Greetings: Ask your kids to greet others with a smiley face.
  2. Do not call names: Tell your kids that they should not call anyone’s name if he/she is older.
  3. Do not argue: Arguing with someone is not a good habit. Teach your kids not to argue with others
  4. Do not hit: Many kids have a habit to hit others without any reason. Stop your kids if they are doing this.
  5. Do not hurt: Tell your kids that hurting someone is a bad thing. They should not hurt anyone at any cost.
  6. Give a seat to the elder: If your kid is sitting and anyone is older than your kid, ask your kid to give the seat to that person. It will show great respect.
  7. Obey others: Teach your kids to obey everyone if they are asking to do something. For example, sometimes when elders ask any kid to bring them a glass of water, he/she ignores them. It is a very bad habit.

10 Things to do when disrespectful behavior occurs

Teach Kids respect others

Just because you teach kids to respect others all will not be a bed of roses. There will be times when your child can be rude or disrespectful. I such situation do the below 10 things to ensure that the message is landed clearly to your kid.

Correction and discipline are also a way to teach kids to respect others.

  1. Hold your kid responsible and accountable for their actions. 
  2. Correct your child then and there when this respect happens. don’t keep it for a letter day and expect your child to remember the behavior.
  3. Avoid power struggles. Make your point and correct them but don’t let your egos or anger get the best of you. If the situation is going sideways withdraw and address it when you both are calm. 
  4. Take time to introspect the reason for the disrespect. when you are able to detach yourself from the problem and looked into the reason for the disrespected you will be more effective in your solution full
  5.   you can also ask your child why they act the way they did. It will stop in that way you will be able to understand their perspective and take it into consideration.
  6. Work with your kid to give them tools to problem solve their situation. you can name their emotions and give them ways to handle or cope with these emotions better.
  7.  talk to them and revisit the incident when both of you are calm and relaxed. in that you will be able to talk calmly to your child and make your child understand the issue at hand and help your child with the coping or problem-solving solution that you have.
  8.  If the behavior is a repeated one. Then you will have to follow up with the consequence that you have outlined with your child. Be very clear of the repercussions and follow it through. do not pull up punishment out of the blue without any prior warning and the time for your child to act.
  9. Reiterate the limits and boundaries. Also, the house rules and consequences when thighs are calm. No amount of repetition is too much. It is for the wellbeing of our kids. And we can do it.
  10. Be sure not to take your child’s behaviour personally. Or also go on a guilt trip if they behave disrespectfully. There are many reasons by which a child can get to become disrespectful. It does not only point to bad parenting. 

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Keep in mind that if you did not start telling all these things at an early age of your kids, you can begin now. If your kid is continually showing bad conduct, you can start stepping in. Start setting boundaries for your kids.

Children truly need limits. If there is no limit for your kids then they will do what they want. They will not bother about what is wrong or what is right.

Teach your kids every way to respect others. In this way, they will be respectful in the future. They will get a good reputation.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you. Follow these tips and make your kid a good person.God Bless!!

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