How to help your teen overcome smart phone addiction

How to help your teen overcome smart phone addiction

Help your teen overcome smart phone addiction : Smartphones have taken a roll in technology! It has become unthinkable to spend any time of the day without your phone. The addiction of a phone is impacting a great deal to our teenage generations they were raised watching the phones being used around them. 

Help your teen overcome smart phone addiction

The addiction has reached the level of pressurizing them at an intense level due to social media. While, at the same time, they use phones for utmost convenience of many things like asking for the h.w or searching up on a confusing topic etc.

The list of facilities through a phone is long. However, at times the addiction of the phone can take over. It is important to set some kind of limit for using the phone to maintain self-control. 

There are multiple ways parents can help your teen overcome smart phone addiction. Let’s look at some of them below.  

Help your teen overcome smart phone addiction

5 ways Help your teen overcome smart phone addiction

1.Talk openly

If you discover that your teens are addicted to use smart phone then you need to take their attention. Sit with them talk friendly and logically that and you can talk about following things.

  1. This is not a good thing for your health.
  2. You already missed a lot, also missing other activities.
  3. You ruin your creative mind by addiction of this junk.
  4. You loose your grades because of smart phone.
  5. It is a thing that lives last with you but the time you waste here, never come back.

Moreover, you can praise them, like you are genius, creative and a lot of fabulous things in can do in your life other than scrolling through your mobile. Tell them that use their smart phones but for limited time and take out some time for other activities as playing physical sport or studies or anything that makes your mind stronger

2.Be a role model

Just imagine if you show an obsessive behavior towards your phone during family gathering or on the dinning table then you actually tech your teens to act like that. What your teen will learn from this behavior? You have to be role model in front of your teen. There are following things that you should follow about smart phone usage in front of your kids.

  • Take out your time for your family daily.
  • Sit with them and never use your phone except when it is necessary.
  • Use your smart phone when teens are not around.
  • Don’t show obsessive behavior towards your smart phone.
  • Teach them indirectly that smart phones are not a necessary thing.
  • Teach them indirectly that there are lots of creative thing to do.
  • Discuss interesting topics and listen their point of view on it.

3.Encourage for physical activities:

Encourage your teen to get physical exercise like going for hiking trail and other physical games. Give teenagers a choice of activity which they like most and help to make it easily accessible for them. 

Tell them that in a friendly zone that why physical activities are important for life and help them to adopt these kinds of activities. Physical activities also enhance their mental ability and their creativity. 

Give your teens a quality time through some activities like tennis rock climbing gym and build their interest by showing them different kind of physical activities. Physical activities not only enforce time away from screen but are beneficial for your teen physically as well as socially.

4.Educate your teen

Give the education your teen about how smart phones have long time effect in their life. Show some cases of people who really effected from smart phones. There are following things that you should tell your teen about social media addiction.

  1. Smart phones are good for connect people and helping device for being social. But they are good only when used in a limited time.
  2. Don’t waste all you quality time on it. It could be harmful for them.
  3. From this smart phone addiction they can loose their grades and can’t achieve their goals and aims in life.
  4. It can ruin your creativity of mind which you can able to do by giving whole time to your phone.
  5. Health is most important thing for a human body and mind; you have to give your time to sports and physical activities in which you have interest.

5.Establish screen free zone:

 At meals, family gathering and social events, it is very difficult to talk with that teens who give all attention to their cell phones. This type of behavior leads to the negative effects on relationships. 

You need to set boundaries for screen use in your home for kids. It may help to enhance their abilities and build up their confidence. By establishing screen free zone it may help your teen to make conversation properly and share their thoughts and ideas with others.


It is important for parents to set up some ground rules to minimize the effect of addiction of smart phones. Let’s face it, smart phones have taken over our learning, socializing, and entertainment. It is becoming all-in one!

Now, it is crucial to control your teenagers in using smartphone more than ever. They have become addicting at a dangerous level. Due to this addiction, teenagers feel a lot of pressure because of the social media. The pressure causes many to go into depression and sometimes even leads to suicide. Parents should take a stand and stay firm with the above ways to keep control on the phone addiction.

God Bless..!!

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