How to influence your teenager’s mental well-being

Influence your teenager’s mental well-being

Influence your teenager’s mental well-being: I don’t think any of us as parents, would want to have a child or a family member who is mentally unwell.

We do not wish to face such a situation and if by unfortunate turn of events, we must face we would give everything to ensure that our loved one comes out of such a situation.

A mental illness can suck the life out of an individual and the people who are around the person and the ones that care for them.

The World Health Organization defines mental well being as ‘a state in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.’ 

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10 reasons why you need to influence your teenager’s mental well-being

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You need to influence your teenager’s mental well-being because when your teenager has good mental health, they can reap the following benefits that help them flourish in life…

  1. Good mental health helps your child enjoy life.
  2. They can face and deal with problems more efficiently.
  3. A child with good mental health can get involved in all curricular and extra curricular activity.
  4. They can manage their emotions in a healthy way.
  5. They can deal and cope with stress better and face challenges in life with the right attitude. 
  6. Good mental health leads to good physical health.
  7. Teens with good mental health usually have good relationships with family and friends.
  8. They will be able to have a good balance between hobbies and academics, participate in activities that interest them.
  9. Have a positive outlook of life and hope for a good future.
  10. They make positive contributions to their environment and society.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health is an important part of your child’s over all well being. It is important for the social, physical, and emotional well well-being of teen.

Adolescence is a crucial period for developing and maintaining social and emotional habits that will last through the rest of a person’s lifetime.

So, you must take care and influence your teenager’s mental well-being w.r.t social, physical, psychological, and emotional habits, as they contribute a lot in your teen’s overall mental health.

Mental health problems that teenagers face when left unattended to

I have listed below some common mental health problems that teenagers face if their mental well-being is not taken care of or notattended to on time.

  • Anxiety and worry
  • Anger and Depression
  • Self-harm or Indulgence in violence
  • Stress
  • Eating disorder
  • Troubled relationships
  • Truancy or refusal to go to school
  • Uncontrollable Mood swings
  • Feeling of helplessness and low motivation

To be able to influence your teenager’s mental well-being, you must be aware of the problems teenagers face.  You can read in detail about most of these topics by clicking on this link -> Parenting Challenges Faced While Raising Teens.

4 Factors that contribute to your child’s mental health

Here I will discuss some factors that contribute to the well being of your teenager and how you can help and influence your teenager’s mental well-being.

  1. Social well-being of your teen
  2. Emotional well-being of your teen
  3. Physical well-being of your teen
  4. Psychological well-being of your teen

Social well-being of your teen

Social well-being is the central part of your teen’s overall health. It is the ability to communicate and make and sustain good relationship with others.

In fact, we can say social well-being is the ability of your teen to build a good network of friends. Social well-being is about your teen’s social stability.

Many aspects of mental illness are influenced by the social factors of your teen life. Social well-being affects your child mental health. So, it is important to take care of your child’s social well-being.

Social factors that affect mental health.

Friends play an important role in the well being of your teenager
  • Gender: Gender differences also influence the kind of mental illness one is susceptible to. Drug, alcohol, and violence is most common in male teens, while depression is more common in female teens.
  • Home: Inadequate housing or homelessness is a significant factor that affects mental well being in teens.
  • Peer groups: Mental illness also affected by the group of peers who surround your teen.
  • Family: Family factor contributes most in mental illness. Teens with good relationships with family are less likely to succumb mental health issues due to family reasons than teens who come from broken families or are exposed to domestic violence at home.
  • Socioeconomic status: People with low socioeconomic status are more likely to face mental health issues than people with high socioeconomic status as they struggle to meet basic needs due to financial constraints. This acts as a stressor.

What parents can do to influence social well-being of teen?

Start from experts opinion,watch the video what experts suggest for your teen mental health

As a parent, you can influence your teenager’s mental well-being by the following ways.

  1. First, start from your relationship with your teen. When there is a healthy relationship between child and parent, the child has a safety net to fall back on in times of need and bounce back with the needed support.
  2. Encourage them to have good friendships.
  3. Teach them communication skills. Guide them on how they can communicate effectively.
  4. Talk about the future about opportunities they have around.
  5. Talk about their interests and guide them in proper way.
  6. If you can’t give your child a high-class environment it is not a problem at all. Try to give them an environment which will keep them healthy physically and emotionally.
  7. Try to give them an environment of love and care. They reflect the love and care they recieve at home in their other relationships. This will enrich their social life.
  8. Work on giving a good social platform for your teenager. Take them with you when you participate in social activities.
  9. Enroll your teenager in classes that is of interest to them. This will help them get exposure to new skills and mingle with people of the same interest.

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Emotional well-being of your teen

Emotional well-being is the ability of your teen to cope with stress and ability to generate good emotions and feelings.

It determines how your teen reacts to fear, anger, stress or any other negative emotion that is thrown at them.

Emotional well-being is all about how your teen thinks, how they cope with stress and how your teens feel about themselves.

Emotional well-being influences your teen personality.

Factors that affect emotional well being

  • Self-esteem: Teens with good self-esteem are strong emotionally as compared to teens with low self-esteem. Self-esteem is all about how your teens think about themselves.
  • Self-worth: Teens who feel loved and accepted by relations usually value themselves more. This in turn has a positive effect on their mental health.
  • Self Confidence: Teens with good confidence and positive energy usually live life more happily than teens with low confidence.
  • Abuse: Abused teens’ mental health is at great risk. Abused teens experience mental illness very commonly.  Abuse may be physical, verbal, sexual and/or psychological.
  • Physical health: Physical health also affects a child’s emotional wellbeing. Teens with good physical health cope with difficulties in good way. While teens who are not so healthy physically teens to feel low and are weak emotionally.
  • Family relations: Your relationship with your family also has a great impact on your emotional well-being. When teens experiences loss, death, or separation of a loved one, it affects their mental wellbeing.
  • Self-identity: Teenagers who have low self-image and are aimless or confused with their own identity are more likely to have mental health issues. Teens who are not able to set their boundaries and call out their likes and dislikes are at risk of having mental wellbeing issues as it is difficult for people around them to understand them and keep them happy.

What parents can do for emotional well-being of teen?

Parents can contribute a lot to their teen’s emotional well-being. Emotional well-being is about how your teens think about themselves.

Influence your teenager’s mental well-being with love, care, and trust. This can give them strong emotional values.

  1. Teach your teens how they can cope with difficult situations, how staying positive through it is essential.
  2. Help them build strong self-confidence, strong self-esteem, and self-worth. You can do this by giving love and an emotionally healthy environment to your teens.
  3. Take care of their safety and security.
  4. Offer emotional support to your teen in difficult times.
  5. Take care of their physical health.
  6. Spend quality time with your teens and show them your care and love.
  7. Listen to your teens actively. Make sure you give importance and listen to their point of view. It will make them feel that they are important to you. Do not simply dismiss their opinions.

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Physical well-being of your teen

Physical well-being also contributes to good mental health. Physical well being means absence of physical ailments.

Physical well-being is all about following a healthy lifestyle. Food and health lifestyle improve your child’s physical well-being.

“A good body leads to a good mind’’

So, if you want your teen mentally strong, you need to start from their daily activities and habits, that contribute to the physical well-being of a person.

Factors that can contribute in physical well-being of your teen.

  • Environment: A good and healthy environment influences your child’s physical well-being.
  • Balanced diet: Balanced diet is a key to a person’s overall physical health.
  • Proper sleep: Proper sleep is necessary for your teen’s physical health.
  • Physical activities: Physical activities like exercise, gym and meditation will help your teen stay fit.
  • Sunlight: Children who have reasonable exposure to sunlight are said to be healthier than those who are always indoors.
  • Absence of Disease: Teens with no diseases are usually more fit than teens with any disease.
  • Puberty and physical changes: The biological changes that your teen undergoes also affects their mental well-being.
  • Bullying and abuse: If your child undergoes violence due to bullying or any type of physical abuse, including sexual abuse or abuse in the form of punishments, it will affect their mental well-being.

What parents can do to promote the physical well-being of their teen?

By caring well for your child’s daily routines and habits, parents can play their role in promoting a teen’s over all physical health.

Some ways in which you can influence your teenager’s physical well-being are:

  1. Physical activities are important for good health. Try to encourage your teen to do exercise and meditation.
  2. Encourage your kid to participate in sports.
  3. Ensure they get good rest and drink adequate water.
  4. Encourage them to follow A balanced diet and have a set sleep routine.
  5. Monitor their diet and sleeping pattern.
  6. Be vigilant and watch out for signs of abuse. Inspect bruises and cuts. Probe further till you are convinced with the answer.
  7. If you feel there is any problem in your child’s overall health, go for proper medical checkup.
  8. Try to build a healthy environment in your home.

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Psychological well-being of your teen

Psychological well-being consists of positive relation of your teen with others and self. It is about having a positive outlook to life.

Research shows that teens with higher psychological well-being are more likely to live healthier and successful lives in the future.

Psychological well-being has a great impact on your teen’s mental health and overall, well-being.

Psychological well-being happens when your teen can balance both the highs and lows in life and move forward wiser.

Some of the factors that can affect Psychological well-being are…

  • Abuse and violence at home: When your teen comes from a family that has any kind of abuse that they are exposed to at home, it affects their psychological well being and how they look at life.
  • Friends with mental illness: When close friends or influencers in your teen’s life are struggling with mental illness. This could turn out to be a positive or a negative experience.
  • Early responsibilities: When teens are entrusted with responsibilities early on in life before they are mature enough to handle it. Can be due to irresponsible parents or sickness or death in the family.
  • Families with low moral values: Teens who come from families that are outcast by law or have trouble with law, have questionable value systems or moral values.

What parents can do for teen psychological well-being?

  1. Encourage your teens to identify their real strengths.
  2.  Encourage them to be more confident about their goals and work towards it.
  3.  Motivate teens to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can increase happines, dedication and resilience.
  4.  Encourage them to show gratitude about things and opportunities they have.
  5. Guide them about their future goals and positive thinking.
  6. Teach them good communication skills and how to maintain relationships in a balanced way.
  7. Watch out for bad influences and remove teen from the environment, or be there and protect them.

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20 ways parents can influence their teenager’s mental well-being

Fathers deal with teen sons. family photo with two sons
  1. Stay connected with your teen
  2. Be an active participant in their life
  3. Be present and available and give them adequate guidance when needed.
  4. Respect your teen’s opinion and value their contributions.
  5. Accept and appreciate their individuality and uniqueness.
  6. Allow your teen to make mistakes and learn from them. Do not be judgmental about it.
  7. Teach your kids resilience. Appreciate the effort they put, not just the results.
  8. Give teens clear expectations and freedom to follow their own course.
  9. Encourage and set up a learning environment. Talk about issues and indulge in knowledge sharing.
  10. Create a family environment that is progressive in nature.
  11. Trust one another and make your home environment safe and secure.
  12. Keep yourself updated on problems faced by teenagers so you can spot signs early and nip it off at the bud.
  13. Take notice of any changes especially when they are sudden.
  14. Educate… Educate… And Educate… Your teen on issues.
  15. Sound body leads to sound mind. So, take care of their physical health.
  16. Choose a school that focuses on the overall well-being of your child and not just academics.
  17. Have a loving relationship with your spouse.
  18. Set and be a good example.
  19. Motivate teen to participate in volunteer work that can bring a sense of gratitude and responsibility.
  20. Love your teen unconditionally.

Important Note to parents on when to seek help

Researches show that mental illness is very common in teens these days and often not addressed. But the sad reality of our society, we do not show any concern to mental health.

But as parents we should be aware of mental illness and disorders that might affect teens. Mental health is as important as the physical health of our teens.

We should be concerned about mental health just as we are about the physical health of our child.

During teenage years, teens go through hormonal changes, physical changes, and even social changes. It is common for them to be stressed out for normal things.

But if teens become unable to perform their daily activities actively, or if you feel sudden changes in your teen’s behavior, this might be a sign that something is off and you need to reach out for help.

Similarly, if you find questionable bruises or hurt and subsequent behavior changes. Seek help.

If you feel your teenager is in risk of hurting themselves or danger to others, rush immediately to get help.


Mother and daughter. Emotional connection with your teenager

By being aware, you take care of teen’s emotional well-being.

If we focus on the physical well-being, emotional well-being and psychological well-being we can prevent our teens from succumbing to mental illness and can positively nfluence our teenager’s mental well-being .

Teens with good mental health live a happy and successful life. When you make a conscious effort and try to do things in advance. There are good chances that your teen will blossom to be a happy and content adult who will flourish in life.

God Bless!!…

If the article has been of help to you. Show us love by sharing this article with your friends and loved ones.

Let us know how you influenced your teenager’s mental well-being. Leave your comments below.


I would like to make a disclaimer here. I am not a medical practitioner and you can read more about me, my qualification and experience or that of my team in the About Us page.

However, I am a mother growing 3 kids. Am a concerned parent.

I like to share my knowledge with the hope that it will be of help to someone somewhere and make a difference to a very worried parent.

I have written this article, based on my experience, my talk with experts in this line and research on this topic.

Also, I would like to emphasize that this is only for knowledge sharing and information purpose.

If you wish to know more on our disclaimer, you can find the link in the footer of this page.

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