How-To Make Picky Eaters to Eat More Food

Make Picky Eaters to Eat More Food: Does your preschooler dislike eating something besides chicken and wings? Do your kids create problems while eating?

Or on the other hand, would your little child preferably play over eat anything by any means?

In case kids’ nourishment is an irritating subject in your family, you are not the only one. Some parents and guardians stress over what their kids eat and do not eat. They always try to give their kids healthy food. But their kids do not like many foods. That is why they become weak.

Every parent wants their kids to eat every healthy food so that they can fulfill their nutrition. This article will help you with tips on how to make picky eaters to eat more food.



We see many parents who are worried and complain that their kids do not have any interest in food. They do not like many things. They just want to eat only their favorite things.

This is the biggest problem for every parent. And some desperately trying to figure out how to make picky eaters to eat more food. As we know that if we do not take healthy food, we cannot be healthy. And when we become weak, we cannot survive for a long time.

Food is very important for kids’ growth. When kids are born, they need healthy food and breast milk helps them with it. Parents have to be very conscious regarding their kids’ growth.

In this article, you will come to know;

  • Why is healthy food important for kids?
  • Why do your kids not like many things?
  • How can you make picky eaters to eat more food?

Why is it important for your kids to eat more and healthy food?

How your kids eat today can hugely affect their wellbeing all through childhood and adulthood. Eating food containing healthy supplements enables kids to develop. It is essential for kids’ best psychological and physical development.

By giving your kids a solid and healthy eating routine, you are making sure that they are getting all the basic nutrients. Below are few of the basics that you need to ensure that your kids are having.


This is very important for the best and normal growth of bones in kids.


Iron is necessary for cognitive development in children.

Vitamin D

You will need more Vitamin D to improve the immune system.

Vitamin C

To maintain skin clean and fresh you will need more of vitamin C.

All these supplements can be got when your kids are eating healthy and proper food. To make your kids healthy and successful you should follow new strategies and tips.

To know more about balanced diet and nutrition read our articles How – To Ensure Balanced Diet for Your Toddler and All you need to know about nutrition in kids.

What happens if your kids do not eat more?

Healthy kids’ site reports that what your kid eats during the day plays a vital job in his physical and mental development.

So, when you get to know what can happen if your kids regularly avoid their meal, you will have the information to get ready and give nutritious and even snacks. You will never compromise on their meal. And your will consciously make an effort to make picky eaters to eat more food.

Low energy level

The calories in your kids’ meals are important for their energy level. When your kids normally skip lunch, they will not consume the protein, fiber, nutrients, and minerals.

Without nutritious and healthy food, your kids may feel lazy and tired. They will not be able to complete a lot. Your kids will likewise feel hungry, which can cause weakness, irritation, and weariness.

Most of the time we as parents given the hurry, we have to get our kids ready and go to school. We sometimes out of time crunch miss out on breakfast for our kids. But it has huge impact on your kids. Have plan B (fall back) breakfast mine was (2 boiled eggs, 1 glass of milk and 1 fruit).

Lose Concentration in study

Concentration and attention in the classroom depend on the appropriate supplements your kids get from their food. Eating healthy food will help to power your kids’ minds. They can be fruitful at school.

In case if your kids do not have proper food, they might face deficiency with regards to the nutrients and minerals. Your kids need all these things for their brains to function properly.

In this way, your kids will be able to focus on their studies. Unhealthy nourishments can cause a lack of energy, which affects learning. Every grain, natural products, vegetables, nuts, meat, and low-fat dairy products are the things your kids need to have to improve their school tasks.

If you like your kid to be smart read our articles Want to raise Smart Kids? – Do this NOW!! and 21 simple ways to encourage your kid to play .

Physical weakness

If your kids do not eat proper food, they will have little inspiration or capacity. They will not participate in school exercises like sports and other physical interests. If you want your kid to be active, it is basic that you should give them proper and healthy food.

In this way, you can make them able to participate actively. If your kids are not active physically, it can cause weight gain. It will further hinder your kids’ capacity to take part in physical interests.

15 ways to make picky eaters to eat more food

Some kids miss a lot of food items. They do not eat or like many things. This is not their fault. It is the responsibility of every parent to give their kids everything in their childhood. In this way, parents can make their kids habitual to eat everything.

The choice of parent’s food also can rub on our kids. Eg. I hate few vegetables and I can see that all my 3 kids just don’t like these veggies.

It can create a great problem for their kids. Kids do not like many items when they reach adulthood.

Follow these tips to help your picky eater kids to eat more.

1. Eat with your kids

If you ask your kids to eat their meal alone, they will not eat more. They will not like to eat.

Eat together. When every member of the family sits together to eat, they eat more. Your kids will eat with you the whole time you eat. They will enjoy eating with everyone.

There are also other numerous benefits of eating together as a family. Know more from our article 15 Benefits of Eating together as a Family.

2. Make it fun

When you are eating with your kids and they are not eating the meal. Then think for a plan to make it fun. My nephew is also a picky eater. He does not like to eat more. He takes one bite and leaves the meal. I always try to have fun while eating.

For example, I take four bananas and ask my nephew to have a competition with me. I give two bananas to my nephew and tell him that we will start eating at the same time. Let’s see who will eat two bananas fast.

I slow down my speed to make him able to eat faster and win.

In this way, he eats two bananas at the same time without creating any problem. I always try this trick for every meal. My nephew eats everything happily. Making eating fun is a good way to make picky eaters to eat more food.

3. Offer right quantity of food

As a thumb rule it is said that you can have 1 table spoon full of food for each age of your child. Give them each type of food. Even if it means just two pieces still fine. It will get them interested in the dish acquire new taste.

By stuffing your kids plate you will only be putting pressure on the little one. Plus, when parents guilt kids to finish all that is in the plate will eventually lead to food aversion.

4. Stop giving junk food

If you are giving your kids junk food they will not like healthy food. Stop giving them junk food every time. Or make a routine. Have it as a rarity, Maybe once a month. Try to make it a habit to eat homemade dishes.

Getting kids familiar with junk food is a sure shot way not to make picky eaters to eat more food.

5. Serve when kids are hungry

Do not force your kids to eat every time. If you are insisting your kids eat every time, they will not show interest in eating. They will not feel hungry.

Give them food when they are hungry. In this way, your kids will be excited to eat more. They will eat more when they are hungry.

6. Do not force to clean the plate

Many parents forget that kids have small belly according to their age. They always force their kids to clean the plate and finish everything.

But you have to tell them to be focused while eating until they feel full instead of cleaning the plate. Instead teach them to take food on their plate in small quantities.

7. Shop and cook with your kids

As we know that kids love to work with their parents at an early age. When you are going to shop, take your kids with you. Ask them to pick their favorite thing.

While cooking you can take your kids with you in the kitchen. They will enjoy cooking. In this way, you can develop their interest to eat more.

It is also an important life skill to teach. You can read ur related articles chores for toddlers and TEACH YOUR CHILD LIFE SKILLS: A How-To Guide.

8. Include your kids’ favorite dish

If you are going to cook, ask your kids to tell you what they want to eat for dinner. Always discuss with your kids while planning for dinner or lunch. They will tell you what they want to eat.

And in the end, if they do not eat you can ask them to eat because it is cooked at their demand. An emotional way to make picky eaters to eat more food.

9. Try 11 times

If your kids do not eat the first time you cook something try again. Do not stop giving just because your kids do not like it. Be patient. Give them another chance.

Scientists prove that you have to give 11 chances to your kids. In this way, they can develop an interest in something. Have patience and it will make picky eaters to eat more food in the long run.

10. Mix known with Unknown

Let they have the curiosity of the new dish along with the familiarity of the old dish. That way if they love the new dish, they can have an extra serving of it. And if they don’t, they can always have the old and families’ dish. Just one or two spoons is good enough for them to get started.

11. 5 finger rules

I always have a 5-finger rule. Any new dish the kids dip their five fingers and lick the. Usually just one finger lick is too little for them to taste and grasp the taste. So, by the time they finish liking they 5 fingers they get the full taste of the dish.

12. Interesting utensils

Serve the food in interesting cups and plates. I had three different plats and cups and spoons. So even choosing the combination of the utensils was fun and kids would choose. They get involved in the food if it is served in interesting utensils.

13. Appearance

Kids love appearance. Even a spinach leaves as bunny ears or broccoli as pigs’ nose. Can bring interest in the food for your toddler. Few dishes u might have to cook with shapes. But few u just need to spend few seconds and rearrange the food on the toddler plate to make it interesting.

14. Story

Make up stories for each of your dishes. Like where Mr. broccoli came from, how carrot got its orange color, why cucumber is happy.

You can also tell that potato and peas are friends so they like to be together inside your little one tummy. Such stories will make it more interesting for your little one and they are better conversations to have than the boring negotiations over eating.

There are also other numerous benefits of storytelling. Know more from our article Storytelling to kids – Popular Trend these day.

Storytelling also aids in moral value development in kids. You can get deeper insights into this by reading our article Surprising truth about Moral Values development in kids.

15. Interesting afterwards

It is always nice to have something nice after food. Need not always have to be an ice cream or junk food or dessert. It can be simple thing like you will tell a story after food, or play a game with your toddler.

Something that they can look forward to after completing their food. This will help them be motivated to quickly finish food without much of a fuss.


As you know that the physical and the mental growth of your kids depends on what they are eating. If they are not eating properly, they will not be strong. They will not be able to focus properly. It is your responsibility to help your kids to eat more.

Try these tips to make picky eaters to eat more food. So you can raise  a strong and healthy child.

God Bless!!..

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