How-To stop kids from using a mobile phone?

Kids using mobile phones

Stop kids from using a mobile phone: We are now living in the 21st century where the usage of mobile phones is essential for the survival of human being. The usage of mobile phones has both pros and cons in certain ways but if we look at the positive use of mobile phones, it is just like a miracle for us.

However, the question to ask ourselves is how is mobile phone harmful for us? Does it affect intellectual functioning? How does a person become an addict to a mobile phone? How much time we should use a mobile phone? And how to stop kids from using a mobile phone.

In this blog, I am going to tell you all facts about the usage of mobile phones.

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Nowadays, people of every age are having a mobile phone for different purposes. Some must run their businesses and others must work online.

Some children need to talk to their friends for long hours, while others play games without having any concern about time.

If we talk about the children using mobile phones, statistics show that around 30% of the children of age 9 own a smartphone, and the number rises to 90% at the age of 16 (Mascheroni & Olafsson, 2015).

Another study in the UK shows that 1 in 8 children have mobile at the age of 8 (Aviva, 2017). Anything in excess is a issue. Be it even a seemingly good things like studying or excessive usage of mobile phone. These facts only show that we need to stop kids from using a mobile phone

Stop mobile usage in our kids

Frequent use of mobile phones effects your child

Mobile phones may be one of the easiest ways to distract children. However, to motivate you more to want to stop kids from using a mobile phone. You need to know the below several side effects which include the following:

Low academic performance

Most of the children keep their phones at school. Chatting with friends or playing games during the class and in the break time, is increasing rapidly.

As a result, children cannot put attention to the studies and missing out on the lectures that affect their academic performance.

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Impaired brain functioning

Smartphones function on electromagnetic waves. The brain also has its electric impulses that communicate through the neural pathways.

In children, these electromagnetic pulses can easily travel through to the different parts of the brain and disturb its normal frequency of waves that may cause impairment in cognition, memory, and concentration.

Long term use of the mobile phone near your face and put your phone under the pillow while sleeping can cause your brain cells to turn in to cancer cells.

This is an important motivation for me to stop kids from using a mobile phone.

Exposure to inappropriate content

Same as other gadgets, the mobile can also be used for wrong purposes. Children could involve in wrong messages, images, or texts that shared across the world using the internet.

Another risk is that they can find their ways to pornography at an early age that is harmful to their development of mind and body.

Mental health problems

Children using social media involved in the contact of bad people who bullied them over the internet. They may feel ashamed and worthless inside that leads to the major psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and other personality disorders.

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Medical problems

Children are stick to the phone in their free time and do not get involved in any kind of physical activity and stay at home. They do not get fresh air and lack of physical activity leads to many medial health problems like diabetes and hypertension.

Disturb immune system

Have you ever noticed, how much your screen contains germs? Your mobile screen contains more germs than found on the toilet seat. These germs directly attack your immune system and make you sick more often.

Problem with eyesight

No matter how expensive the phone that we use is. There is still radiation that happens through the phone and the blue light is not effectively filtered.

When kids keep watching search bright screens for prolong period, sometimes even without blinking. This not only leads problems like dry eyes but also vision related issues.

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Problems with posture

I personally feel that God had not created us to have our heads looking down for long periods of time.

When we keep looking into our mobiles our entire backbone a neck and head posture is incorrect. Leading to pain and issues in these areas.

Sleep disturbance

When you have a mobile in your hands and you stick to it playing games, chatting, watching movies on Netflix, why would you ever want to sleep?It has become more difficult for teenagers to sleep according to the scheduled plan.

When you are addicted to using a mobile phone, it makes you feel fatigued and restless and decreases your need for sleep.

Sleep is so important for our kids to grow heathy and that can be done when you stop kids from using a mobile phone.

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Impaired your cognitive abilities

Have you ever noticed that you become dependent on the gadgets? You need an assistant with a mobile and internet in every aspect of life.

For example, you must do something and the first thing you do is that you google it on the internet. Our brain works like a machine, if you stop using the specific feature it becomes older, faded, and damage.

So, if you do not use your brain for proper work purposes and relay on the gadgets it will minimize your cognitive abilities.

More prone to accidents

While this may not be applicable to kids. But still, recent researches show that the usage of mobile phones increased the number of accidents every year.

People use mobile phones while driving cars and bikes, it diverts their attention from the road to somewhere else that leads to horrible accidents.

There are numerous campaigns made by government to stop kids from using a mobile phone while driving. And we also need to enforce this for our kid’s safety.


Have you ever heard the term “nomophobia”? It is defined as the fear of being out or away from your phone. It may lead to cause chronic anxiety and may cause panic attacks as well.


It is a syndrome that causes the sensation of vibrations even when there was no vibration of the phone. You might check your phone every minute to see the notifications without any proper reason. It affects your cognition and makes you feel anxious.

Loss of hearing

Listening to the music in loud volume cause impairment in your hearing ability. You may talk on the phone for hours that make you sick and you become an addict of holding your phone near to the ear.

It also leads to skin allergies because your phone contains plenty of germs more than the toilet seat. It leads to cause many illnesses and skin problems that may lead to serious consequences.

11 Way to redirect and to stop kids from using a mobile phone?

You cannot stop kids from using a mobile phone unless you intentionally make it a point to get kids to stop using their phone.

To do so we have listed below few ways you can help and redirect you kid from mobile phone usage.

Have a Schedule

Set a fixed time and a time limit for mobile usage. Give your mobile only during this time. Also have discussions with your child on what they like to watch. Do you keep an eye on their online activities?

Engage with your kid

When your kid comes to you stating that they are bored. The easiest thing to do is give them a smartphone and let them engage with it.

But as responsible parents it is suggested that you speak to your child nudging them to answer simple questions like what they want to do.

Do make it clear that phone outside the allocated time is a strict no no.

Sometime simple conversations Such as asking the kid about the day. To talk about their best friend. Happenings in school. Etc. Etc. These can effectively redirect your kid from asking for a phone there by help stop kids from using a mobile phone.

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Make work a priority

If your child has homework pending force them to complete his/her work first and then as a reward he/she will get a mobile phone.

Don’t demonise homework and make them feel that they have to get over the toucher of homework to be able to enjoy. Use your words carefully to help them get their priorities right.

Set Password

Almost all smart phones come with passwords, fingerprint, and face recognition. Make effective use of these features. This will act as a deterrent for a kid and reduce temptation.

The kid needs to understand that only during the schedule time the kids can use the phone. And rest of the time the phone would be under a lock.

Do not use before bed

Make a schedule for your child that he/she may use the phone under the limit. For example, he can use a phone for games or calls for just three hours in the afternoon. Do not set up a routine for using the phone before bed.

In our house we also have a rule that all phone are left in the living room and not taken to their respective bedrooms.

Agree with your kids does and don’t’s

It is wise to lay out the house rules regarding the usage of mobile phones. Lay out the rules and the consequences. And follow though with it after couple of warning to emphasise the sanctity of these rules.

Make these rules along with your kid so that you have your children’s buy in.

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Reduce using hours

The best way to stop an addiction is to slowly get away from that thing. In this process, you must slowly decrease the using hours of your child.

Redirect with an Activity/ Hobby

Do watch your child closely and observe the periods of time when they get bored or act cranky. Which leads them to demand for mobile phone. Try and decode this pattern.

Proactively engage them in some activities or enrol them in hobby classes. Or collaborate with other parents in the neighbourhood and schedule some group activities or playtime during these periods. These distractions will effectively help to stop kids from using a mobile phone.

Be a role model

Children look to up look up to us and mimic our behaviour. The simplest way to help your child avoid phone is by you avoiding the phone.

Spending time with family, being present in the moment, listening attentively to them and engaging with children. Have has immense benefits for your child growth and for your family is wellbeing.

When you trade all this by browsing your phone, reading forwards, or reading a blog like this to help your kid. No matter how good your intention it is still not worth it.

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Involve your child in your daily activities

There need not be a structured set of activities that you need to have. You can ask you child to help you when you are cooking. Take out the garbage if you are doing cleaning. Fold clothes along with you if you are doing laundry.

Any activities around the house or even a short trip that you take to a nearby store you can have a child along.

By doing this you get to spend quality time with your child and your child also forgets all about the phone in your pocket.

This also helps your child pick up important life skills they need. To know more read our article TEACH YOUR CHILD LIFE SKILLS: A How-To Guide.

Educate your child

Make a child aware of the concerns you have when it comes to phone usage. Talk to them on the effects of access to phone usage. Discuss all this with the child. Try to solution it with them so there is some buy in from them.

7 Effective tips to help stop kids from using a mobile phone

However, for reasons best known to you. You feel your kids needs to use the mobile phone for unavoidable circumstance.

Then the following tips can at least help parents by shielding their child against the harmful effects of mobile phone.

  • Prevention is better than cure. The best way to stop kids from using a mobile phone is by not buying them a mobile phone.
  • Do not buy your children any gadgets of their own. But for safety reasons if you are pushed to buy one do by a simple push button phone which serves the purpose of being connected on demand. Also, these push-button phones which hardly cost anything and protect your child from accessing the internet without parental watch.
  • Do not encourage your child to keep seeing videos and learning from online. Though it might appear that they are just seeing videos for self-learning purposes for example DIY videos. Even without our knowledge we are nurturing addiction of screen time in our kids.
  • Rather it is better to encourage your child to invent their own games and keep themselves engaged. This will foster creativity while avoiding all effects off mobile usage.
  • Invite friends over so they can form real life connections. That way the need to always stay connected virtually with their friends reduce. And real-world connection being a lot more meaning than virtual ones.
  • Make your home interesting for them to be engaged in the activities of their house. E.g ask yourself if the things that are in your home enough to keep your kid engaged.
  • Be creative with your allowance. I had my sons get 2X allowance if they do any chore (apart from their normal chore) during phone time.

Note to parents

The harmful effects of usage of phone in children is not really a surprise too many of us. Yet we deal with it as if it is a necessary evil that we cannot live without.

Generations have lived without a phone and have been successful. We ourselves are good example of it. So, there is no reason to believe that kids cannot grow without mobile phones.


When things get to an addictive stage and harmful effects starts manifesting and magnifying. We know it is time to take drastic measures. Remember while that appears common-sense it is advised to do it gradually. 

Unfortunately, we are in an era where this is one of the prime evils of these times. Like any challenge in life it needs to be faced head on. There are no shortcuts. Except when the family is united in combatting this menace and to save our kids from getting devoured by these phone monsters. 

If it is possible, set family rules. Family rules are where everyone in the family needs to adhere to. Rule such as no gadgets while eating. No gadgets after 10:00 PM. Gadget free weekend (once a month), WhatsApp free evenings, etc. Etc.

Such rules might sound annoying and difficult to follow in the beginning. You yourself might face withdrawal symptoms. But trust me if you can find it in you pull through the initial few days or weeks gradually you would find this very rewarding.

Your bonding with the family will start increasing and get better. You will also find a marked positive deference in your child’s attitude and behaviour.

God Bless!!

We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If Yes, show us love by sharing the blog post with your friends and loved ones. Together we can make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you have any other idea or tip on how to redirect our kids from mobile phones, please do share with us in your comments below. This will help us to make our blog better and above all your knowledge will benefit other parents also.

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