How to teach and make your kid be disciplined

Make your kid be disciplined: As a parent, one of our businesses is to show our kids to be disciplined. It is a responsibility that requires some time and patience. But it always helps to learn every good way of discipline effectively.

Every parent needs their kids to be cheerful, conscious, respectful, and respected by others. In this way, they will be ready to discover their place in society as well-disciplined adults. No one needs to be blamed for raising a rude and an indiscipline kid.

However, once in a while it seems that these objectives are miles from your kids’ present condition. And you will struggle to make your kid be disciplined. Find out all the reasons that are hindering your kids’ good behavior and discipline. So that you can solve all the problems that you and your kids are facing.


What is discipline?

Discipline is the way toward training your kids to what kind of conduct is good and what type is not good. In other words, discipline shows a kid to maintain and follow the rules. Perfect discipline utilizes a wide range of tools. It includes uplifting feedback and support of a well-disciplined and loving family.

Sometimes we also use punishment as a tool to teach discipline to our kids. But it is not good to say that punishment is the best and permanent tool to maintain discipline. But yet every parent gets disappointed at some point in time with regards to their kids’ behavior and discipline. To know and appreciate the difference you can read our article How-To effectively discipline your teenager.

The term discipline is used to make your child to a pleasant person. It is used to teach them how to manage things and problems. Discipline plays a vital role in the kids’ life and wellbeing. A huge difference can be seen between a disciplined child and the other who is not disciplined.

Why is it important to make your kid be disciplined?

Discipline is not just about giving children a list of instructions and consequences. Rather, it guarantees kids are picking up the behavior they have to become mindful and respectful adults. It is about making sure whether they are on the right way or not. If they are not on the right way then you will have to guide them to make your kid be disciplined.

Disciplined kids know how to manage their emotions

To make your kid be disciplined means to help them manage their emotions well. Kids tend to burst out and hit each other, they like to get away with this. Or they become angry, upset, shout, yell or even cry.

And effective correction as and when these occurrences happen and also telling them correct social behaviors when they are in a calm mood will go a long way in teaching them social discipline.

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Kids can be safe because of discipline

The main objective of discipline should be to protect kids. It also includes important security issues. For example, looking left and right before going across the street. There are bad outcomes when your kids do not follow the safety discipline. It can be risky.

Discipline likewise addresses other health dangers. For example, eating unhygienic food. In case if you let your kids eat anything they desire; they may face many health dangers.

It is important to set healthy points and offer instruction to enable your kids to figure out how to make perfect decisions. It will help your kids to be healthy when they will balance their diet.

When you tell all the safety rules and the reasons for your kids, they will be safe in your absence. They will follow all the rules if you are not present and that way you help make your kid be disciplined.

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Disciplined kids make good choices

Discipline teaches kids how to make the best choice in any situation. For example, when your kids go out with their favorite toys and lose those toys, they become sad. In this case, if you have taught them discipline rules, they will think this is wrong. They will not repeat it and will make another best choice.

Teach your kids how to manage in different situations. If they know this, they will make good decisions according to the situation.

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Ways in which indiscipline can hurt your kids

If you are wondering why it is important to make your kid be disciplined. Then the below is for you.

Many parents do not know why it is important to teach their kids’ discipline. They do not have any idea how it can be dangerous if they do not set limitations for their kids.

It can harm your kids in the following ways:

  • You will not have control over them.
  • They will not be able to save themselves.
  • Will face challenges in displaying good behavior.
  • They will not be able to differentiate between wrong and right.
  • In disciplined kids who behave erratically may not make the best decisions in life.
  • They can struggle to manage their life.
  • Can have difficulty maintaining good social circles and relationships.
  • Struggle with time management and lack punctuality.
  • Their overall happiness suffers.

A glimpse of how a well-disciplined kid behave?

On the other hand, those kids who are well-disciplined or the ones you have helped make your kid be disciplined have the following characteristics;

  • They have more control over themselves.
  • Do not spoil their routine.
  • They are very punctual.
  • They manage their life perfectly.
  • Your kids will be loved at by others.
  • They know what is good for them.
  • They have the confidence to make decisions.
  • Kids will be responsible for everything and every matter.
  • They are more confident.
  • They do their work on time.
  • Will have specific places for everything.

Main Areas to focus to make your kid be disciplined

To discipline is to do what is expected of the person to do even if no one is watching or reminding them. Below are the main areas you should focus to discipline your kids. They then would help in the overall wellbeing and development of your child. 


This is fundamental to have a healthy life. the discipline to take care of one’s own hygiene. Such as having a bath, combing their hair, presenting themselves neatly. These to be imbibed into the child’s regular routine. 

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Healthy eating habits

Developing Healthy eating habits where the kid is disciplined enough to prioritise healthy food and junk food. They are always having a balanced diet and eating in the right quantity. It also means that the kid is trained to have 8 glasses of water a day. And stays hydrated.

If you like to know more about nutrition for kids you can read our article All you need to know about kids’ nutrition.

Sleep quality and routine

With increasing number of children getting blue 2 screens. and taking them to their best and watching them before they go to sleep as all played havoc in the sleep proteins and quality of sleep that our children get these days. To have a healthy life means one needs to have good sleep quality. good sleep is one of the major factors that influences to have a healthy body. Teach children the discipline to sleep and wake up in time. 

If you like to know all about sleep for kids you can read our article Introducing Sleep For Kids In A New-light (17 Tips).

Financial wisdom

Financial education needs to be started from a very young age. It is a very important part to make your kid be disciplined.

It can start from your toddler trying to give the shopkeeper some money for your purchase. Gradually it can move into allowances and handling money and other complex financial transactions.

Children slowly need to be trained about wants and needs so that they are able to exercise discretion when they are spending money.

Concept of saving is to be taught at a very young age so that it gets imbibed in them and as they grow into an adult and when they are earning their own living, they still follow these principles you had taught them. 

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Time management

Solid time management skills and discipline goes a long way to help your child be a successful adult. When you make your kid be disciplined to follow time and schedule, they can prioritise their work accordingly and be content with a fulfilled and happy life.

They are not always running behind time but can be relaxed and yet accomplish a lot in the time that is given to them. Be very cautious about the way you spend time, have a schedule and stick to it and lead by example so that they see how effectively they can use their time and be more productive. 

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Social interactions

Teach kids basic social interactions and ask them to follow it in all situations. It includes courtesy such as thank you and please.

Also, good manner such as not interrupting when others speak or getting distracted during a conversation. All these help in developing effective communication skills which will help you child in the longer. 

Good manners go a long way in helping kids build effective social skills. Know more about it from our article How-To Teach Good Manners to Your Kids?. 

Work and Study 

When your kid develops self-discipline such as chores that your kid needs to do. and follows them through without any deviation.

Likewise, when they have their studies schedule and homework and your kid follows that routine and thus not miss on this. All this indicates good work ethics that your kids will have when they grow up.

This will help them to be punctual to their work and be able to complete the task assigned within time and thereby be successful at it.

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Ways to help make your kids be disciplined

Have you ever wished to have magic wand so that you can make your kids be disciplined? I always did.

Many parents want to make their kids punctual and discipline. They want their kids to not face any problem in their absence. You will need some useful tips that can help you to make your kids discipline. Follow these tips and make your children successful.

Guide properly

Teach your kids the right lesson from the wrong things. Guide them on every step. Be a model for your children if you want them to be like you.

Give your kids enough time

Kids need time. If parents do not give time to their kids, so parents can observe when indiscipline creeps in, then they will be effective to make their kids more disciplined.

Give your kids time. Listen to them very carefully. In this way, you will come to know what are the reasons that are stopping your kids to be disciplined.

Create boundaries

Creating boundaries is very important. Tell your kids about what they should do and what not. If there is no boundary your kids will do every good and bad action. 

Explain the consequences

It is very important to give your kids consequences. Tell them what will happen if they behave in the wrong way. For example, tell your kids that if they do not put their toys in the right place, they will not be permitted to play with them. When your kids know the consequences very clearly, they will be alert and not get into the wrong side to be punished.

Praise your kids if they are being good

Be alert and notice your kids. Tell them when they are being good and when they are being bad. Encourage your kids for their good behavior. If you do not tell them that they are doing good or bad they will not be able to differentiate between good and bad.

Create a good way

To make your kids discipline you have to create a good way. You can maintain everything at your home and tell your kids to follow this.

For example, you must have an exact place for everything. Tell your kids that do not place things everywhere. In this way, they will not spoil things. They will place the thing in its exact place.

Do not punish every time

Tutor with pupil. Little girl studying. Private lesson.

Punishment is not a solution to every problem. Choose different ways to take your kids to the right place. If all the time you are giving punishment to your kids, they will be habitual to be punished. They will not be afraid of punishment.

Give your kids second chance

Everyone wants a second chance to improve himself. If we do not give them another chance it will not be good.

When your kids have done something wrong, guide them politely and give them a second chance. Ask them not to repeat this mistake in the future.


As we know that discipline is a way to success. It is important to lead a successful life. And we as parents would want this for our children.

Discipline should not be confused with punishment. Though punishment is a type of discipline. It is not everything. Discipline can be progressive and helpful to the kid’s growth and wellbeing.

I strongly believe that if you truly love your kid then teaching kids discipline is one of the ways in which you can show your love for them.

God Bless!!

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