When Baby starts crawling – Things to Watch out for

when baby starts crawling.

When baby starts crawling – Congratulations! Your baby has reached the milestone of crawling. It is a great feeling to see your baby move independently all over the house.

This milestone requires parents to put some efforts in providing a safe place for the baby to cruise around. Now is the time to put away fashionable unsafe items that may cause the baby to break and injure him or herself.

Do not worry Mamas this phase will pass soon, and your baby will grow up to be a strong independent toddler.

Right now, it is time to get into action to make the house safe as much as possible.

There is a lot to be done. First, get rid of those hazardous products.

Parents should work together to make the house overall safe for the baby to explore and develop mentally. It is important to let the baby be curious and do lots of independent learning.

Overall, mothers get ready for lots of cleaning and messes!



Crawling is the first step for a baby to become independent to move around. Till now your baby was expecting you to carry them around to show them things they can explore.

Now your baby becomes independent enough to go about and explore their surrounding on their own.

 Soon your baby will be walking on his or her feet!

There are different ways a baby can crawl. Some crawl on all fours (knees and hands). While others crawl like a military person by using the arms and drag the rest of the body. Still, others sit and scoot his or her bottom to move around.

However, keep in mind that it is also possible for some babies to skip the crawling phase altogether and start walking.

All ways are normal and should not be a concern.

The concern should be focused on making this phase for the baby safe as much as possible. Parents should work together as a team and make the home safe for the baby to cruise around.

If there are other siblings, then they also should be educated too help in this stage. So that your baby’s movements are not restricted but at the same time your baby is safe.

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How can you Encourage your baby to Crawl?

All parents want to know how they can help their baby help in reaching the milestones. Same question can be asked to encourage a baby starts crawling. There are many ways you can help in achieving the milestone of crawling.

I have listed below few ways which has helped me to get my baby starts crawling.

Have regular Tummy Time

Tummy time is good at all stages of your baby’s life during infancy. Tummy time gives them the needed strength in the muscles to move forward with their developmental milestones. Be it rolling over or crawling or later trying to sit and get up.

To know how to make simple everyday activities pleasurable and enjoy with your baby read our article 12 Everyday activities that WILL impact baby’s development.

Place them in hard surface

Place your baby on a hard surface. It is very difficult for baby to start crawling or standing in all fours if they are always placed in Soft mattresses or soft surface.

If you can maintain a clean floor it is best that your baby is left on the floor for few hours every day when they are active.

The floor well gives the needed support for your baby to push against the floor and stand on all fours. And slowly push forward and help your baby starts crawling.

Place few of the baby toys on the floor a little bit out of reach to motivate your baby to reach them. Do not overdo it and make the place cramped for the baby to crawl. 

Create space for crawling

When toddler starts to crawl baby proof your House

Crawling cannot happen if the baby is always in a crib. Or the baby is always strapped to a chair, or a stroller. For crawling the baby needs space.

When you can give a decent space for your baby. You baby movement is not restricted and will motivate your baby to move around and explore the space given.

Make sure that the space you are providing for your baby is clutter free, clean, and devoid of small toys.

The more space your baby has the more your baby starts crawling and crawl quicker. And this will add to giving your baby the needed physical exercise and strength to proceed for the next developmental milestones.

To know the other ways to help you baby in their physical development read our article How-To Improve Physical Development in Your Baby

Use Incentives to motivate:

We, adults, need incentives to make us preform action. A baby is no different. Babies need a reason to make those muscles move.

Developing curiosity is the way to make the baby starts crawling on their own.

This can be accomplished by putting colorful toys in around the baby to make him or move towards it.

It may take time for the baby to reach out for the toy in sight. They say, “slow and steady wins the race”. Have some patients and give your baby time to develop the curiosity and muscles to avail the toy.

All babies move at their own speed.

Also, when you are standing near the toy and making encouraging sounds. Coo-in and clapping hands. Your baby will feel more excited to come forward and reach out to the toy and to you. This is a good way to get your baby starts crawling.

If you are facing challenges or do not know how to baby talk with your baby article How- To TALK to your baby ~ Baby Talk It will help you with some easy and practical tips.

Massage those aching muscles

Improve physical development in your baby

Massaging can help immensely. In fact, this technique can help achieve all physical milestones. Be it rolling over or crawling.

Massaging a baby helps develop the muscles of the baby. The muscles play a crucial step in making the baby move independently.

There are many videos available on the web to teach you the steps of massaging the baby.

Although it may seem that massaging the baby is not giving an immediate result, but it will eventually develop the muscles of the baby. This method will not give you an immediate effect. Consistency and patience are the keys to success.

Apart from helping your baby to build muscles and relive aches and get your baby starts crawling. Massage also brings about a very strong bonding between How to Bond with your baby easily?n the parent and the baby. Apart from massage if you like to know how else to bond with your child reader article

Help them with practice sessions

Some of the practice sessions that I participated with my baby is to mimic crawling with me holding their hands. I would also be in all fours over my baby.

Hold my baby’s hands and move them forward gently and crawl along with them. But do not pressurize your baby. This can lead to baby feeling stressed and anxious. Read about anxiety issues in a baby. In our article How-To deal with anxiety in Babies & Toddlers.

Another way we can help our baby is by placing our hand as a support board that they can push upon and move forward. Our hands need to be placed firmly against their feet when they are in the crawling position.

When does a baby starts crawling?

A baby starts to crawl when various muscles are developed and ready to move. First, the head of the baby needs to become stable.

In addition, the baby can sit properly without any support.

Lastly, the upper muscles of the baby need to be functioning to achieve the milestone of crawling.

There is no specific time for a baby to start crawling. Mothers should keep in mind that a baby can start crawling between the age of 6 to 10 months.

Babies so where born premature can take a little bit more time. If your baby is slightly on the heavier side, chubbier and cuddlier. Then it might take a little bit more effort then. Then a baby of lesser weight.

Your baby needs to lift all their weight off the ground and stand in all fours and carry their weight forward. Give them a little time and they will eventually get to it.

Remember, all babies reach the milestones at their own pace. Also, and some babies do not even crawl and they get up get to directly sitting and standing and walking.

You can always consult this with your pediatrician during your regular check-ups.

When To be Worried?

girl baby crawling on the floor.

However, you should be worried when your baby goes back on the developmental milestones they have achieved. Such as your baby who was trying to crawl around suddenly does not crawl as much and get to lying down all the time. Or there is only one-sided movement. Or your instinct is raising an alarm bell.

I had this issue when I was an infant. It was due to lactose intolerance not being diagnosed. So, I started getting weak and from a running baby went back to becoming bed ridden and then post diagnosis and treatment re-traced all the milestones once again.

Benefits of crawling for your baby

Crawling gives many benefits to a baby’s body. It helps support neurological development which will help in reading and writing later stages.

Additionally, the pushing off from the palm of the hands and the knees gives the feeling of “body in space” awareness. 

Most importantly, crawling develops shoulder muscles which further develop fine motor skills to become more independent.

These skills include dressing independently and holding a pencil and crayon.

In conclusion, there is a lot going on when your baby starts crawling!

How can you make your home Safe?

baby crawling outdoors. baby starting to crawl

When it comes to safety, parents want to know how to give a hundred percent input. Some safety pointers are evident. Others require more efforts.

The best way to tackle all safety hacks is to see from a crawling baby’s perspective.

Experts tell parents to think and see like a crawling a baby on the move. It is most effective for you to get on your knees and hands and move around the house. Watch out for sharp edges, hanging things, wires etc.

There will be some places that are not safe for a baby to explore. For example, bathrooms and kitchen. These out of bounds places should have a safety door or make the habit of keeping the regular doors shut.

To conclude, there are multiple ways to make your home safe for the baby to explore its curiosity.

7 Ways to Make your home safe for the crawling baby

Watch out for those glass doors:

Do you have a big glass door in the house? This door could be hazardous for the crawling baby as it may cause him or her to crawl through it. It will give your baby a bump on the forehead.

The best way to avoid this kind of accident is to stick a big foam at the bottom of the door. This will stop the baby bump his or her head on the glass door.

Stop the climbing:

Babies love to climb. Make the habit of keeping the drawers closed after use. It is also very important to put a safety door on the stairs in your house. There could be serious injury if the baby crawls up or down the stairs.

Hide the wires:

It is essential to hide all the wires in the house. Babies can chew on them or even choke themselves while playing. And when it gets tangled around a baby’s limbs the baby to release them self from the tangles will pull on the wire. Thereby costing all items attached to the wire to fall right on the baby’s head.

Hazardous products should be out of reach:

Products are not friendly to swallow and may cause life threatening situations.

Babies crawl to reach out to objects that catches their attention and fancy.

And when they do reach out the first thing, they do is to explore the object. When I say exploring the primary way in which the explore the object is by placing it in their mouth.

All products that you believe should not be tasted by your baby. These products include cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, and medicines. Parents should either lock them in a cupboard or a drawer.

Get rid of the table mats:

A curiosity of a baby can lead him or her to grab the mat or table runner hanging off the table.

So now that your baby is becoming an expert in crawling your baby will instinctively try to move to the next milestone. Which is trying to stand up.

Your baby will seek for support to stand. And will try to grab anything that your baby can reach out to. So that they can practice trying to stand up.

Pulling on the mats can lead to falling of things from the table. It is a good idea to keep the mats inside the wardrobe for some time.

Keep those electrical sockets off limits:

Electrical sockets are very dangerous for a baby on the move. A baby can put his or her fingers in the electrical sockets and may get a shock. You can easily get some electrical socket coverings from the market. Make effective use of it.

Remove all small items from baby’s reach:

It is now a good time to hide the small toys. When your baby starts to crawl, you would be amazed of the number of things that your baby can find.

They can find things that you were not able to find for years. And all these things land up ultimately in your baby’s mouth.

If these treasures that your baby has found are small, they can even be swallowed. And this can lead to choking hazards. So regular cleaning of the space in which your baby will crawl is advisable.  And all small toys or items can be kept locked up for another year or so.

We have outlined above few of the major ticket items that you need to watch out for when your baby starts to crawl. To know more about how to baby proof your house you can take tips and suggestions from our article 17 ways to effectively baby proof your House

Video Time: Some Tips from expert on baby crawling


Although the crawling phase of a baby is a proud moment for all parents, it requires some efforts to make this phase pleasant and safe for the baby to explore.

Babies have high levels of curiosity and it can lead to an unpleasant rush to the hospital.

Parents should try their best to make the house safe for the baby to move around when baby starts crawling. While some things will be prominent, others might require you to get in the crawling position to see from a baby’s perspective.

All in all, parents should make efforts to make the house safe for a crawling baby to learn and develop naturally to become a strong toddler.

God Bless!!

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